Saw a "blinking star" and have no clue what it is.Does anyone know about a blinking star after sunset when your looking approximately towards the south? Thanks

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You would need to get a star chart specific for the time and your location (lat LAN) on the earth :)

I'm not sure about blinking.. like on and off?? ::que eery music::


I've read somewhere that stars appear to twinkle because of what happens to the light as it enters our atmosphere, we don't see this with the sun of course.

Me and a colleague were watching the sunset on a beach. He notified me of a blinking light in the distance that was hovering but when I looked it appeared to be moving normally as a plane. I disregarded it, but less than a minute later I saw the same flashing light flying the opposite direction at a speed much faster than a plane.

WHOA.. I just seen one last night. I had a whole experience with it too. The discussion is pending but maybe you have some insight because what I seen was in the south eastern sky it seems. The plot thickens..or

It's a Brilliant one - it certainly is! Aldabere(All-da-berry) is it's name.  I have been following the stars- heavens for 3 years. My realizations of the constellations and other civilizations was set in stone when in 2011-2012 the skies were filled with "other worldly" things. I have seen these moving stars- fleets at a time of solid objects- triangles, bubbles stacked upon bubbles, hexagons, and orbs... you name it. I have had close encounters right above my head- checking me out it was! but most of these other worldly activities has "stopped" because they were here for a reason and once 2012 was over- they left. And no- I don't know the reasons but it can't be for "us" - probably taking the GOLD with them- and thanks to Sevan's teachings I think that's a solid conclusion. Don't get too hung up on the others' flying around if you do see them because they are nothing more than a distraction and those who are "contacted" get really distracted- because we humans are impressed with their powers- I have yet to see or hear anything good from contact other than my friends handing over their bodies and these entities speak double speak (just listen to a channeled entity).  A great friend of mine actually put his mom in a nursing home because he was told too. It's a whopper of a story but suffice to say that nothing I could say to him made him reconsider - so he plopped her in one and moved 2 states away and she now has no family. No judgment on my part- except he was very close to his mom and the sudden change of him and his detachment - for a 64 year old man was a bit shocking- and over night too!  Sorry for the length= I am not a person of few words!



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