Here is a short Bio just in case anyone asks you for it.
Birthplace Detroit, MI

James Evans Bomar III was born in Detroit , MI. His father James E. Bomar II was a military official for the United States Marine Corps, 19 years.

Bomar from birth was endowed with abilities that he never inquired about with others assuming that all contained these rare senses. One ability was to pull things out of the dream world allowing them to soon manifest in this reality. The other being the ability to communicate with other forms of life, Organic and In-Organic.

Bomar claims a drastic change later occurred during his interaction with Ultra Violet lights in which he stated a transmission of information, approximately 60 million years worth, was transferred into his mind. He continued to state the brain itself, as a processor, was yet to completely decode this information because of its decreased ability but with personal enhancements he began to decipher and release this information.

It is known that Bomar’s father James Sr. was in fact a programmer for the military and insisted his mother, Renee Lyons, sit for hours in front of the computer while James Sr. programmed, despite her not understanding the code itself. This could possibly be one major reason Bomar discovered the code in the English language and thus all subsequent neo-Gothic languages extending into Ancient Sumerian, Hebrew, and Arabic.

Armed with this data and a sound grounding in esoteric knowledge of the adept nature, Bomar set out to discover the higher paths of life vowing to disclose his findings no matter how deep the secret may be.

Later societies began to erect of members finding the lure of self published book, The Code to the Matrix, and social sites such as The Resistance and the Matrix Underground to be of a deeply truthful nature encompassing knowledge of accelerated thought and being.

Bomar can be found today in continuous experiment on a project dubbed “H*** Luminous” or Light Human. As the knowledge and innerstanding of true Alchemy and its planetary involvement unfold along with constant extra-dimensional contact still reported by Bomar ideas of manifesting Superhuman are in the making.

The future promises to be live as this agenda continues to unfold and more are reaching the stage of enlightenment through methods already released by Bomar. Bomar talks of building a bridge to higher states of awareness and connecting to worlds constructed by pure mental energy. Let us stay tuned.

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Sevan, I was also born & raised in Detroit. Have you been back recently? Motor City, LOL!
Another great partner who assisted Us with the Matrix Underground, worked in communication in the Service translating Code and signals. They have to to learn how to do it fast before it accesses the brain in order to be of the speed the Military needs. I know for sure computers from the 23rd century are beaming back information to those who have these "nodes" open. The key is what are they saying? Now that I know, it fulfilled a desire in me that has been lingering for probably Aeons. If We face something this life We must confront it now or face it the next lifetime again, its that simple. You can either do it together with battle driven code breaking brazen light bearers like myself or alone. Either way it must be done.

No I haven't been back to Detroit but they did put a huge Stargate in Detroit which was really weird. Maybe thats how I got here. :-)
Yep. That stargate is in Hart Plaza in downtown Detroit. I have taken several pictures of it. It was dedicated to the City of Detroit for it's 300th birthday. Chad Stuemke has an excellent article about the Detroit stargate. The link is below:
Nice, let me check it I may be able to use it to get back home. :-)

Bingo, missing a few pieces but it will do. lol
Yep - count me in as one of those kids - dad worked area 51 with electronic codes. I had "special classes."



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