Someone recently asked me what I am aiming for on my spiritual journey. I wasn’t prepared for that question and reflecting on this question later on, I realised that I have never really thought about any actionable goal I would be aiming for. I have been carrying this question with me for some time, not being ultimately sure about my answer given at that time. My answer to the question was ‘balance’ and funnily enough, while it came out without deep thoughts, it feels right now and it re-established my faith in not-thinking J. The Supreme Nature possibly only manifests if one is in true balance and in-tune with the Supreme. So in that sense, establishing balance would be a preparation for being able to receiving this supreme bliss and eventually manifest it.
Thinking about balance, it often appears to be a rather fragile equilibrium, and our nature is shaken by external circumstances in one or the other direction. We either get excited or depressed. While balance expresses itself mostly as beauty and truth, an imbalance often leads to the opposite. It is easier to be balanced when things go well and people and circumstances are pleasant. When things go not so well and everything seems to work against you, your balance and focus is challenged. We all know these “if only…” daydreams that possibly are a mental response to rather unpleasant circumstances of our reality. Mine would certainly be this barrelling right-hander point break that I would be living next under some coconut trees, with no crowd, mild climate, and financial indecency. And this tempting solution of shaping the external conditions in a way so that it would support one’s balance, may also be the reason why many spiritual schools have created these hide-away-places, these monasteries and ashrams: It is easy to be balanced when things go well and people and circumstances are pleasant; however, it is when they are the opposite that the wholeness of the balance can be tested, reinforced and made perfect. No matter how unpleasant the circumstances, however disagreeable the conduct of others would be, wholeheartedly welcoming them as a lesson to learn, to grow and strengthen ones calmness, quietude and balance helps to maintain a positive mental attitude towards the most unpleasant circumstances. Receiving them with balance and without disturbing reactions prepares the ground for the supreme bliss. These things are the real test of true and ultimate balance and, therefore, a blessing!

Seeing that I was working these days on bringing this standpoint in the front for myself again, I thought it would be worthwhile sharing with the family as well.

Wholeness, BALANCE and vibration!

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