This is not a game, many imagine it to be until they are screaming around a mental institution. What should you expect when your third eye is open? You will see other life forms in your "visible reality", this is very strange at first and sometimes frightening, however, it happens gradually so there is actually a "small" threshold for adaptation. You will also secrete more DMT into the hippocampus. This makes you feel like you are an introvert having some type of internal union or natural ectasy, this energy should be breathed into the stomach and held to stir up chi force to bring power into your manifestations. Avoid using this energy in a overly provocative way, it always spells trouble. This is as much warning as I can give you and it is from experience not from books. Fear is the mind controller your Guides are with you. 7

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hi Sevan im new here thanks to had let me in and join,now you warned us about leaving the baggage and only use the technique,my question is this process about the third eye and open yourself to this way seems to me that is the way to get lost down the way of the snakes!after all if we read about all the occult groups out there they all talk about that third eye opening,,,,,im not new to this and i can speak from my point of view but it seems to me that as human we have a lot more power then this third eye ,,,,why third anyway? where is it coming from? when people reach that level where do they go really?ive been there contless times got a lot of info but for what?to be trap there again ? i think these concepts are part and still there to trap the part of us human that are trying to connect some how,,,like the most venturous of us will go this way for a period of time to finnaly figure out its just another trap!what im saying is now we have to go way far back and a long long time ago way before all those techniques where developed by those who invaded our minds,,,in order to be free we will have to come up with our own ways ,,put it this way most if not everything we read was written and set up to enslaved us,,,,
This is one of those things nobody can really comment on unless they have the experience itself. Let me give you an example. I've watched people try to do something difficult that another can do with ease, with no success. Then the next thing they normally do is insult the individual that has the ability to make themselves feel a little better. Its the same thing with the "eyes" because there is more than just three, but most are still on that right now.

If you watch the movie Jumper you will notice that once the guy figures out he can jump he realizes he no longer has to tolerate his life as it is, he has discovered his ability. When you look at the volumes presented here it is about opening consciousness beyond the New Age fluff, not just the third eye. This is one post and tis true the third eye is coveted because it gives those that open it the ability to not only see things as they really are, but also how to take a vivid look into the spiritual work, see the shapes and the machinations, and even move them around. Is it a trap? Well that depends upon the strength of the mind. For many coming face to face with a Demi-god or various Apparitions that inhabit the planes equal them bowing down and go in service. Imagine the gap between seeing the other planes and not seeing them. There is a lot in between. Imagine what it does to your mind when all of what you have thought is going on and how you thought things were put together dissipates in an instant.

Make no mistake though most of the common men and women are also bowed down and in service to something they have yet to see for anything beyond just a moment or "experience". There is also a third Ear called the Holophonic Ear, beware, you will find a post about that also but unfortunately no instruction on how to turn it on. The Earth is a little shy of discoverers right now, fear is still the mind controller. There is no limit to the ability there is however a limit on the minds.
thank you guys for bringing me back a little bit i must of got carried away a little too far good it happens sometimes to be here ,,i cant believe you are talking about the holophonic ear! i never earded about it but experienced it a lot for a while to the point i had to go really deep in the woods and got rid of it cause there is way to much waves or sound or vibrations for a lack of a better word to describe it,,i think cause of the density of human activities,,,,i can explain to the ones who would like to experience this,,,but i think its not the time ,,,it is really hard to handle,,,when you can ear your neibhours talking, or when u have this buzzing non stop in your whole body,,now the worst was just driving with my car and you feel all the crack your driving on all inside of you,,,,there was no where i couldnt go without feeling all the sounds very deeply with my entire body,,,now when there is no more electricity that will be our tool i assume to communicate but like i said at this time its really annoying to say the least
Indeed I heard about the holoponic ear before I actually had a real experience with it. My first was during a meditation in which I went unconscious then when I came back there was these very loud sounds, I mean really loud. When I finally balanced back out into the Plane I discovered the sounds where coming from insects. It's the dog whistle thing, the loudest things are somehow not detectable by these "physical" ears. Which also lends credit to that not much is in perception of these two "physical" eyes.

The next time I had the experience I believe I was using the complete holophonic ear. I had this experience when taking a short nap. When I awoke partially I could here this orchestra of sounds like an actual song that was so complex it could not be repeated or even hummed. This happened during my first week of taking MMS. It actually happened twice so I know it wasn't a fluke. I did inquire to the Source about what it was and the response was the sound that keeps everything together because it is the sound of everything together. (?) Tell me about it, the Source requires one mostly think for themselves, but I get it.

The Chaos is much more than what people think is going on. Chaos is when the dimensions rip.
The minimal perception abilities of our physical ears and physical eyes are astounding. Our eyes 'observe' much more than they 'see.' Considering that what we observe could be compared to the full view of a camera, but what we see is what the camera focuses on....we still observe the entire scene...but miss so much in the processing because the brain only focused on a portion, and filters out the background, and that winds up being what we 'saw.' Through my growth towards innerstanding and fully remembering self, I want to be able to access that full observation of the physical eyes, as well as awaken the Third Eye. It's in there, just not much we see but do not see...

As well as hear, but do not hear. Is it possible that the 'dog whistle' could possibly be the frequency at which the Earth is vibrating at that moment I hear it? And at that moment, I just happen to be on the same frequency? Sometimes, the 'dog whistle' is more like white noise and in the midst of a noisy crowd, the silence is deafening....and all I hear is nothing.....ever experience this?

Any info/ideas on this would be greatly appreciated....
hi i like the term innerstanding!!!lol hahaahah cool first time i see that word awesome!! thanks guys!! ok my innerstanding so far as today (might and prolly change tommorow lol!!) is this,, the light reach our eyes coming to it in a cone shape,,,maybe not everybody will agree on this one but that is how i understand it,,now how the sound reaches our ears?it travels like the light,but we will agree that it travels a little slower no?so in order for the light to travel faster we will agree again that the only way to travel faster is to be lighter(light =lighter lol i like that too hahah)) in other words sound is heavier ( aye it should be sound=sounder no?? lol hahaha geeez!!))then light right? now if the sound is slower and more heavy then light that gives us more room to play with it then it is to play with light?,,,well exactly! we play a lot with sounds in our daily lives,,phone tv radio and all the likes as for the light its a little more complicated,,,,she is a little harder to catch!!! wonder why!!ok enough fooling around!we know sound travel slower cause its more heavy now how can we make sound travel faster or more slower?is it possible to bring sound to a point so fast it will turn into light? i assume,,,is it possible we bring sound so slow it will turn into matter ? i assume,,now comes the thing how us human can get eighter more sound or more light?when we look at someting we assume we see it right away right?you look at a bottle well the bottle is there no way around it,,now with the sound its a little different in a sense,,,proof of this is this if i say to you something like aye this dude charlie(hope nobody heres name charlie lol!) so i say to you charlie is a dummy just no freaking good for nothing! then u tell one of your friend the same ,,,and so on till it reach charlie a month down the road then sound can travel really slow we will agree on that hahahahh,,,but if charlie is in front of me ill bet you i wont tell him that in is face cause its instantly too fast hahah lol!!we have someting figured out by now in order to go to light we have to understand sound!!! we as human we always want to go to fast hahaah we have sound we play with it like crazy but we dont want to take the time to understand it!(and listen) we want to go to light right away its better, faster more shinny heheheh but we miss the point im glad the person who have this site came up with sound im shure that when we understand(or listen lol) better we will be able to go faster(light)lol,,,how is that for a start!!

I get the 'dog whistle' thing going on quite often and feel like i'm downloading information from the matrix so find it quite exciting to be receiving like an inner knowledge. Think Eric Pepin describes this as hearing 'the tones'.  Also became aware of  hearing white noise quite recently and just put it down to a heightened awareness - as I've been seeing what I would describe as white noise for as long as I can remember, it seems logic to finally hear it!  Recently heard Seven talking about the third ear on one of his youtube broadcasts on the 'Alchemy of Money' and would like more information on it including it's physical presence (if it has one) as  the third eye is located in the pineal gland.  As your post was in 2010 I'm hoping you may have collected some info to share now!

I hear very high-pitched sounds often...whether i am sitting in silence or in the car with music on...out of nowhere, i hear them. It sounds like when you get your hearing tested...that's the best comparison I can make. I imagine it is what a dog whistle sounds like because it seems someone must be blowing it somewhere since the times it happens to me are so least that is what i used to tell myself. Would you say these are sounds I am hearing via my Third Ear? And what would they be sounds of?
thanks ayzik you are right about the love but it seems utopic at this point,,maybe ive been alone for too long lol,,???? or just that no one said it was going to be easy lol!!!but i can relate to what you reffer to,,

I did a 3 day creation workshop this past weekend and it was about getting into a state of innocence... then using LOVE to guide you to an image, then use your inituition to interpret this image... Wow the technique is pretty good.


The innocence part (fresh eyes approach similar to a child-like open-eyed-ness), I feel is to bypass the first 3 levels of brain: reptile, insect and Bird brain which doesn't allow most to get the heart LOVE space part of the brain.


Lots of doing what you love :) and on the way to work this morning I had a good speedy drive ... wow that opened my kundlini channel, followed by playing music too and singing on way to work :)


I am hoping to learn opening my third eye to its full potential and controlling my chi



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