This is not a game, many imagine it to be until they are screaming around a mental institution. What should you expect when your third eye is open? You will see other life forms in your "visible reality", this is very strange at first and sometimes frightening, however, it happens gradually so there is actually a "small" threshold for adaptation. You will also secrete more DMT into the hippocampus. This makes you feel like you are an introvert having some type of internal union or natural ectasy, this energy should be breathed into the stomach and held to stir up chi force to bring power into your manifestations. Avoid using this energy in a overly provocative way, it always spells trouble. This is as much warning as I can give you and it is from experience not from books. Fear is the mind controller your Guides are with you. 7

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I read Drunvalo's book Serpet of Light and there he states the the serpent has found its new home in Chile (being in Tibet prior to that)
thank you!!!
Hi just like to share somthing with you guys, very powerful, activation of third eye while meditating..
So powerful I was gettting a burning sensation in between my eye brows!
Really some thing I would like you guys to share as I cant explain.. But powerful..
Here U tube vid..Supreme Third Eye Activation - Kriya Yoga Initation!
Initiation into Kriya Yoga direct from the tradition of Mahavatar Babaji and Lahiri Mahasaya.

Run it and check it out.. Really some thing..

Love and Peace 2010 Namaste

sevan what do you now about sprink's of light moving around my vision everyday
I see these also Manny like little pin tops of bright light that blink real fast than disappear, I was told they were white holes and thats how some Beings travel in and out of the Spacial. Welcome to the Resistance by the way.
Sevan what about seeing purple orbs of light floating around the room, then changing shape to a curtain?
thanks to all..
Good point to make. 11 dimensions to be exact, in this brane. Once assended there are an infinite number of branes each with their own unique number of dimensions to explore.
I found this post about 3rd eye stimulation really informative
I have to say, the exercises in this PDF are of a high value. I recommend them highly. I found them to be the most straight forward no nonsense approach to opening the third eye. Really great. Thank you for sharing.
i think that i may be a little late on this discussion how ever i spend a lot of time on this site reading and researching on my own and feeling that i am not learned enough to ask any questions however they are my questions and some do need answers sometimes or alot of times the site answers my question before i can ask it (it's crazy!!) yet it is what it is some times when im reading here on this site and going back and forth with like 3 and 4 tabs open i can feel my heart beating my head beats too. any how in this disscussion awakening the third eye some have mentioned those little lights that i have been seeing for a very long time even more so now since i have been doing my best at medtation and training myself to quite my mind the lights just come so it is nice to know that i am not the only one who sees them. althought i have never made contact with any beings there have been the shadows that i still try my best not to see. by the way my dtr says that a family used to live here in our home she says there is a wife, father,grandma 2 sisters a brother a baby and a dog ( i dont know about the dog ) she says they are a happy family but they are mean. so my question to her is how do u know they are a family her answer was cause i see them. any feed back will be great! by the way the number on this house is 7 once reduced thanks fam.
Peace and Love
when my eye open i was awake (conscious) i was in a car as passanger and all of the sudden i see my eyes kinda like close in like both my eyes turn into "one" like a big circle in the center of my vision and everything outside the circle real hazy like foggy or vibrational waves more like it. and then i saw the eye it self. dead in the center of the tunel, with blue bright light just moving in side the eye like if it was the sky real bright colors soon after massive pressure to the center of my forehead. soon after that day my meditation and vision got realy intense also started seeing more dead people in my dreams and while awake little energy lines in the sky the walls like the beginning of portals when they open up. also alot of shadows from the corner of my eyes. alot of people started showing up later in meditation i found out what they wanted and what was happening to me(i havd to get help from a shaman friend of mine), i remember those days like if it was yesterday. real emotional, i would cry in public and i couldnt control it. also had alot of panic attack (like pain on my chest and throat like i couldnt breath) numness thru out half of my body back spasms. to this day i have them.. alot of shakes lately alot of more is been happening to me, ive lost some part of my hearing on my right ear, but ive gained more communication to vibration (oh i tried some of sevans frequencies while meditating yesterday and wow how amazing it was i saw my self bursting out the hexagon, it was truely amazing) i here certain frequencies high tones at time and low ones most of the time. but defenitely alot is going on lately.... but thats another discussion.



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