This is not a game, many imagine it to be until they are screaming around a mental institution. What should you expect when your third eye is open? You will see other life forms in your "visible reality", this is very strange at first and sometimes frightening, however, it happens gradually so there is actually a "small" threshold for adaptation. You will also secrete more DMT into the hippocampus. This makes you feel like you are an introvert having some type of internal union or natural ectasy, this energy should be breathed into the stomach and held to stir up chi force to bring power into your manifestations. Avoid using this energy in a overly provocative way, it always spells trouble. This is as much warning as I can give you and it is from experience not from books. Fear is the mind controller your Guides are with you. 7

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Another solemn warning, those who wrote this book are indeed steeped into the side of the occult that We care to no longer understand, take the techniques leave the baggage.
sevan, can you expand on this? What baggage, please provide some meat and potatoes here. These fluffy warnings are not helpful, mostly confusing.
A true seeker will say - " I am, therefore I think". . .

I love that. On July 29, 1995, I was told, very clearly, "A true seeker of knowledge lives in expectation of the next revelation."

That's what meditation is to me - opening my mind in expectation of a revelation.

You are very wise, Ayzik, and a real inspiration for me. Thank you.
I Experience, therefore I am.
anyone else that has READ THE BOOK wanna let me know what the baggage is to be wary of? The meridian work? the seeingness? I guess I am just missing it....
true that noel, and in the end, my personal discernment is all I go on. Just curious what was meant by baggage...perhaps bases just being covered there... thanks for the reply!
Our apologies its difficult to keep up with some of these, the baggage itself is the names of the Deities and the particular belief system, the technique is what needs to be gained.
I'm glad you came back, now people can stop interpeting your meaning. I do agree with you. Thanks
Thanks Angie, I needed a demonstration of this :-)
Ok. now it s easyer, but when started( activate) it used to drain all my energy away, as i could see the haze growing and thing flying through it. today is the contrary, anytime i imersed in haze( hard to describe what it is, as it looks like vapor, smoke,wind,haze all at the same time) i get to fell stronger and almost no longer require to sleep. as i can record in video the same things i see when energised and, the camera is in the IRL (infrared light) chances are i can (now) see the spectrum humans should not be capable of. i have not read the book yet, but i now it will help as everething in here has helped me and my friends and for all that Sevan my friend i say THANKS.

Is this in Brazil? I know for sure something is going to jump off in Brazil there is so much penned up energy there the people are bursting with it. I may have to take the famous Jesus statue down like they did the Sadaam statue but obviously something is going on in the place with one of the largest crystal deposits on the Earth. In addition the Olympics is going to be there which is always the sign that world energy is moving that way. Word to the wise wherever you see the Olympics move it is a hidden sign for those involved in business, the Elite, to begin to set up things there as it was in Atlanta, China, of course London and now Rio which is Ori so they could never fool me anyway about what's going on, not anymore at least. Soon We will be on the road in a moment with the Movement, won't be long till I'm saying "I'm going to Japan tomorrow"!



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