Wholeness everyone,

I recall seeing a little while back that somebody wanted to use twitter/facebook in order to help people to acknowledge what is happening on the earth and to get the material needed here to go forth. I believe too there is a job that Sevan posted where an individual would post information from our sites to others which is very similar to this too. Anyhow, I thought it would a great idea to utilize twitter and/or facebook together and we can rewire this network of aloofness. I like to think of the earth as a body and as Dan Winter would like to point out that "Neurons that fire together, wire together." thus creating a more cohesive force around the world. In order to do this thought we would need to display a common picture sort of like V for Vendetta famous guy fawke guy so the message does not get diluted in the mainstream media. Sevan's logo seems like the best choice as it can be a universal symbol for being whole. Thereafter we can post relevant post we find during the day from this site and we may even become a trend on twitter if we set our minds to it. This wouldn't even take a lot of time out of our daily schedule as Sevan and web browsers have set up ways to easily send comments, like, etc. to your twitter feed. The comment bar on everyone's wall has the option to allow content to be post to twitter /facebook in addition to their being browser apps called "add on" on google chrome and firefox which allows an individual to send information into twitter, facebook, myspace, etc with ease. This small contribution in the long run will allow Sevan to do more projects to benefit you plus more unique individuals to talk around the globe with; a change in perspective is always nice right? Please comment to let me know what you think and I'll post more details as to how we can achieve our goal together.

In addition I thought it would fun to customize our own unique logo using online picture editor http://pixlr.com/editor/. Its quite easy and anybody can use it. You basically have to open the resistance logo like this:

And you can transform it using the filter tab after selecting your picture and it will allow you to adjust intensity of the format

I will consistently come back to adjust this post as I'am learning there are many customization to twitter especially since many businesses like hedge funds thrive by using twitter to get cut advertising dollars and get there message out more effectively. Please free to ask as many questions as you would like. Wholeness

Here are some more sample I created


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A good method that I learned from the father of my friend was quite ingenious.. He would write "infowars.com" on his currency... Since money right now is constantly flowing throughout, writing diverse address's such as: Resistance2012.com, 2010, 2011, astralquest, therealmorpheus(this one especially on $20 dollar bills for the potheads and movie watchers lol), along with any other domain names should help alot aswell. The rectangle is a doorway after all ;-)

SD: Also we shouldnt write it on anything past 20 cuz the bigger bills often are given back to the banks and burned or processed.. the lower bills cycle around from person to person more frequently.. Wholeness brother hope your well.

Very good idea Poeticneedlez I was thinking of doing something similar to that but with business cards the resistances; theres a front side to it too but I can't seem to find it (http://www.resistance2010.com/photo/resistance-card-rear). Thereafter I would place it in spots where people are most likely to go look for help ( bulletin board at school) to increase its effectiveness. However your idea is just as effective as it will circulate among many individuals as well and doesn't require printing. In addition we could add little things like " Are you in the know" to draw them in if we like, thanks again!


I love it lol

Print them out and lets tell the world!

Lol i didnt mean for it to come out so huge but i came across it a while back.. here it is

Lol. I was thinking the same thing. My only issue with this front and rear thing is that I do not necessary want to glue or tape both side together on such thin paper nor do I have business card paper so I thinking of just using the rear unless you have any ideas

Yeah I do this, post the most effective discoveries I find to facebook :). Throw off any shackles preventing you, they are your shackles to do so as you like. You'll wake up more people that way, to what potential perception is in their lives. This in turn gives you strength as it supports you. It is one dimension of the concept: - There is no distinction between helping others and helping you, none, it is one big circle/sphere/soul group.

I was doing it on youtube too, but the information always dates there so quickly moving at speed. At the moment the real difficulty, for many too I would suppose, is finding a way to support myself financially that lets me stay here in the now. When that shackle is gone, as the potential is there for, the sky is the limit.

I posted my facebook link on my profile, here it is again:



Thats great Mark! I just checked it out and the links look really good on your page. But would you be willing to create a twitter account that will link the same links? It won't take anymore time than it would beforehand if you use these app depending on my browser you use called add this https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/cgbogdmdefihhljhfeiklfied.... What its basically does is it will allow you to link one page to multiple sites and it doesn't necessarily need to be twitter but I would think being on both facebook/twitter would be the most effective strategy due to their popularity. What do you think?



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