I was recently put in a akward situation - to explain to certain individuals that the there's something more than this physical reality...many of these individuals know the matrix on a physical level - banking, BIG BROTHER, etc... and they seem to be open minded about spiritual knowledge. 

I ended up just sitting down and writing up a piece to share with some friends who seem to be on the verge of awakening - its the feeling one gets when you know exactly what the person across from you is feeling - the challenge was to put put the information in a way that was simple to make them think, and perhaps influence them to look into things even deeper. 

It was rather challenging in a sense to present the information in a way that would not overload them and FRIGHTEN them.  


If there's any areas of gross misinformation please message and fill me in on the details so I can learn as well.


If anyone wants to use it feel free to help awaken others (as many of the ideas presented in the compilation are not my own... I pretty much just withdrew from sources and just wrote up a draft).


Thanks all







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I find myself facing some of the same issues good post jon

nice, great info!! wbv and lov to u:)


will be using this info to approach others with tru infomation, this is great

@ Neil - true, you should write one up Neil- seems to be a good idea.  Message me sometime we can work on one if you want.   

@OZ - read your blog OZ, yah in the same boat.  What's the status? 

@ Sophia - WBV and thanks for the friend request. 


UC DAVIS - Department of Agriculture - "Stanislaus" County


Gatekeeper...? lol.  Wish I knew before writing the SATS.....




good stuff thanks!



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