So, I'm relatively new here and I'd like to start off by saying what I have to offer this wonderful community. And that is ANYTHING related to audio/sound. I've been a musician for over 10 years, have studied music/audio engineering in college and I work for a company where I use all these skills and more. Last night I started watching all the virtual cleanse videos. I got to day 4, the episode about frequency, and I feel there is more to explore here. Especially with regards to music in all its forms. As someone who uses organic, analogue and digital instruments/tools for my creative expression (by organic I mean for eg. from a wood flute to your ear with no microphone or electrical amplification). I feel there are some things that need to be understood. While I get the point being made by Sevan with regards to digital music, there is an argument to be made that music is a form of art and art is designed to either portray or incite emotion. And that digital music is just as effective at doing this as organic music. Now that being said you can have organic music, like your favorite Richard Strauss CD, which has been played organically, recorded with analogue gear and digitally mixed/mastered then printed onto your CD with again analogue gear. In the case of Vinyl it would be organic again as the "carrier" is once again producing the sound not recreating or replicating it. So my question to you is, because this is a discussion, does the artificial/digital sound really matter. Because, like I explained, most of what your listening to now days has been converted many times.

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Yes, I agree there is much to be explored. WBV 

analogue is infinite random variation with periodicity, much like nature and the world around us. Digital is coded patterns, pseudo random, not true random. Large amounts of processing power like "U-He Diva" is required to simulate pseudo random patterns for long enough sequences to trick the mind into hearing analogue, but unless we develop quantum processing, we will never recreate the infinite random nature of analogue sound. To the untrained ear, this matters little, but id like to think there is an emotional level that is touched by true random, because i believe this is where the spiritual side of existence lies. The conscious mins controls and limits, and the subconscious mind creates, imagines infinite possibility. If you want to get personal about it, i think its here that we find the creator within us, where there is no limit, only possibility.

Anyways, look into the nature of sound itself and how its simply vibration transferred through a medium to communicate harmonic frequency patterns. Digital imposes rational like the decimal system does to numbers, but there is real beauty in the irrational, like the golden mean, pi, and cymatic frequencies that create infinite fractal recursion.

Analogue vs digital is a pointless debate, both are to be balanced against the other. order vs chaos.

but analogue is so expensive!!!

"does the artificial/digital sound really matter."

Many think we can only feel music by earing it through our ears while this is not entirely true. Not only a deaf person but anyone can also feel vibrations and music through other parts of the body specially being the body around 75% water. If you go to youtube and search something like "tibetan bowl and water" you will see the reaction of water in a tibetan bowl. With this said, have you ever experienced a live session of tibetan singing bowls? Try going in youtube an hear those sounds. Then step up a little bit and get some flac lossless files of same bowls. An then step up even further and go to a live session or experience a real live sound healing session with said bowls. You will feel it in your bones and trust me, you won't ask that question again :)



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