I have an idea to attune all members using Reiki over Skype.  As I understand it, anyone who has mastered Reiki should be able to attune others on this site.  Because our goal here is spiritual growth, it would seem an excellent idea to have a group dedicated to getting everyone attuned and able to use this healing art. This would help bring members into the resistance and also help us all reach our potential.  What do you think?

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Sorry to burst your club bubble, but according to the law of hermetics. Time nor distance does not exist. We are one. You can recieve attunements by asking for it from master kuthumi. http://www.demonoid.me/files/details/2719663/17448093/

The book on this torrent you want to read is called kundalini reiki. Master kuthumi is a master healer, and you can be attuned by him. I have been attuned by him and I have felt my shakti rising while doing these attunements. There's also some dvd courses online you can find that you can recieve attunements. This works the same way you can recieve shaktipat from videos online. You don't have to be careful either, we're dealing with life force energy, reiki energy can only be used for the highest intent. It's not going to damage one.

Quick update everyone just for those who think they may have missed this...you have not. We were originally planning to do this on the upcoming Saturday but white knight who was going to co-ordinate this is no longer able to do so due to computer issues. I was originally going to take over this task, but upon thought i have realized I am just too swamped over on my side of things right now so we will postpone this until further notice.

I will make time for it, whenever it is to take place. Thank you for the effort in arranging all of this.

Hi everyone, the Reiki attunement will continue at 9 am cst, hope to see you there

everyone who is still interested in coming to this weeks reiki practise please post your id. I see that Karrade is interested however you have still to place your id in the comment section. So far I've added everyone who has listed their names in the comments section hope to see everyone there :)

p.s. bring your favourite crystals to hold in the palms of your hands. I have yet to try this so it'll be a fun experiment for all who wish to add this adjustment

saturday march 17

Thanks I had the time the wrong way around :)

Deleted so not to confuse anyone

ID = MarkJMiddleton

9.00 CST = 15:00 GMT till the 25th of March when the clocks change here in the UK.

Hey all I'm keen to be a part of this.  My ID is seekeroftruth31.



stevemb1988 thank you guys for putting this on! Wholeness

Hey there I'm on skype ready well in advance this time :) markjmiddleton if anyone wants to add, even if you are not in the reiki session, i've also got my facebook and youtube listed in my profile now.

I highly welcome comments and guidance on youtube, and friends and contacts on facebook :).

I wonder if we've mixed up CDT with CST :), either way I still want to attune whenever anyone is available to do so. I may be able to offer this myself shortly, as I've met a reiki Master locally, it is just the cost associated with it at the moment.

Hello everyone. There will be another session on next Saturday which is march 24 at 9:00 CST. Hope to see you there



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