I have an idea to attune all members using Reiki over Skype.  As I understand it, anyone who has mastered Reiki should be able to attune others on this site.  Because our goal here is spiritual growth, it would seem an excellent idea to have a group dedicated to getting everyone attuned and able to use this healing art. This would help bring members into the resistance and also help us all reach our potential.  What do you think?

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I would like to see idea get off the ground. How would people feel about doing this on a Sunday afternoon when most people aren't busy. Please add your skype name to the lists and maybe we should make a facebook group to make sure we get everyone. 

my skype name is Martin.Mirek5

my skype name is sevenxis13! im also ready anytime and am excited to be apart!

Did this happen?  If so what an amazing way to share the gift!   I am a Reiki Master and would be interested in attuning, if this has not happened or if another attunement session shall take place! 

I'd love to do this too, let's set up a date, shall we say wednesday 6pm gmt ?

see how many join us. 

I'm a reiki novice by the way, so I look forward to hearing from you on it. 

ill be available and look forward to it!

Excellent! I will be available also.  here is my skype name em.b25.

hi, what's your skype name? mine is samuelthemule 

I sent you a friend request via skype!  Em.b25

Hey everyone!!

When is the next meeting over skype? I would love to be apart of it :)

tommorow at 6pm gmt 

Thank you very much to Emily, we had a great call for an hour, she attuned myself, kaizen and nicholas, as well as answering lots of questions in an all round feeling of happiness and encouragement! 

we will announce if we do this again some time! 

Thank you, wholeness ~ omm! 

Please add me on skype and keep me posted.  Would definitely like to participate.  I am interested in learning more about Reiki.  skype: miss.collier



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