I have an idea to attune all members using Reiki over Skype.  As I understand it, anyone who has mastered Reiki should be able to attune others on this site.  Because our goal here is spiritual growth, it would seem an excellent idea to have a group dedicated to getting everyone attuned and able to use this healing art. This would help bring members into the resistance and also help us all reach our potential.  What do you think?

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Here is a link to a Reiki book that will aid one in getting prepared for Saturday's meditation thanks to Whole Transformation. Please read it in order to get an idea of what is to be expected and to make sense of the information being communicate in the chat room. I will send a reminder message for those of you that mentioned you would like to join in case you do not see the link and skype meditation reminder in the discussion.WBV



This link is a PDF for an excerpt from Diane Steins book Essential Reiki, it has to do with the first level only as there are three levels to Reiki in total. On Saturday we will attune those present to the first level, by getting the short PDF under your belt is a good start as like white knight has stated you will have a better innerstanding of what to expect come Saturday. Hope to see many of you there, and if you would like to stay in the loop for any information pertaining to methods of healing join the ascension techniques group on the homepage as we will be rolling out some good discussions on various topics like breathing, kundalini and frequency there shortly. Wholeness

Here is a video of an actual Reiki attunement. We will basically re-create this exactly on Saturday, so watch it a few times and start practicing to visualize the attunement, as this will aid greatly for the process.

Thank you for putting this on. Can I just confirm if its CDT or CST, thanks for any help :)

Here is the table I am using.



its CST karrade :)

Thanks for bearing with me. I still cannot get a fix on the exact hour, so I'll just leave it on today for a couple of hours, so I don't miss it. Most of the conversions say 2.pm GMT.

10:00 cst this Saturday to make it easier on some of our members. Hope to see you there this is not an opportunity to miss

Im attuned to quite a few forms i will attune people to usui 1 2 & 3, kundalini reiki 1 2 & 3 and gold 1 2 & 3 id like to do it over skype. will take a while to do all the attunements as you need to take breaks. im also interested in doing some distant healing. pm me :)

count me in!

   Exellent idea , ive been using this for a while now , only recently figured out thats what they call it . I call it healing .

Count me in !!

I think this is a great idea and I would love to offer my services, I am a level 1 and 2 practitioner, I also work with another signature called Receivings which is a combination of Usui and Kundalini and uses the Violet Flame and I can pass this particular signature to anywhere with no need for skype, just a basic name that which you identify with and is fast and easy and very potent, Adonai



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