I have an idea to attune all members using Reiki over Skype.  As I understand it, anyone who has mastered Reiki should be able to attune others on this site.  Because our goal here is spiritual growth, it would seem an excellent idea to have a group dedicated to getting everyone attuned and able to use this healing art. This would help bring members into the resistance and also help us all reach our potential.  What do you think?

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I am highly interested and would love to be apart!

Yes I'm down.

count me in, skype ID:divinetransformation

Do you have to be a master of the reiki, art, to be on the particular skype, Wholeness definately expanding the awakening balance resistance. i would enjoy you doing it,even though i have never mastered it. nice idea

Beautiful idea.  I do not yet practice Reiki but would love to be a part of this. :)

I've learned reiki through instructional videos but Ive researched that often time that's all you need. However, I haven't had a change to practice we should put our Skype names down. Martin.mirek5
I myself am a level 2 practioner, however i have the manual for master level...haha..and I have learned that the common denominator for healing modalities is intention so if we are solid in that respect, we can attune everyone with concious thought and intention alone. So lets pick a day that will work for everyone and remember we may be in different time zones :)

would love to get involved as well

I say Saturday or Sunday are best for everyone as we can the most members in that way. I can set up a doodle calendar ( like a schedulers but for availability of each person) on the post to get an idea of what everyone's schedule is like and pick a time where the majority of people are available, however; I don't how to account for different time zones. my opinion is to set up several time zone groups or even group close time zones together and appoint a standard time zone for that area everyone must adapt too. What does everyone think?

im available anytime!


This is the doodle schedule link I was talking about last night. Everyone choose a time most appropriate to you and in a day or two we should have all the information available and I'll post the calender online. From there we'll make a group decision on what day/time is best and there is time zone support in addition

I'd like to join, to listen and learn :)



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