Hello I have been meditating almost everynight for four months trying to project multiple diffrent ways with no success exept once and the once i did it i never left my body i was just moving my  Other arms :/ was just wondering if anybody may have a good tip for me. Thankyou wholeness to all:)

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Some advice I can take to heart, a listing of the clear goals. Yet I can't use prayer because I see the word as prey :), the English language is full of pitfalls when you study it. We were attempting to unscramble it, but it is such a jumble through revision after revision and cloaking the meaning of words, the power is in -you- after all Aside from a desire to help, and respect (open heart), no other entity needs to be offered anything.


Current goals for me are


Mental - Removal of Dualities / Old Traps, Healing of Old Programming still to come out, the further I go the more I see. Judgments of others are all but gone.

Etheric - Better Control of the energy body such as purging, which has been coming along, but the invisible hands need work.

Astral - Control of the astral body, weight/heat/size/movement etc. Sevan laid out the goals in one of his posts. *This is where I am most stuck, but my dream clarity is raising up thanks to supplements, and practice. I've had a few dreams come true the next day, and even had myself recap a dream within a dream so I will remember it. (This last one happened accidently, but was very beneficial.). 


Advanced Astral - Dimensional Shifting or knowing the nature of dimensions on the astral plane

Adept Astral - Finally seeing/knowing if some concepts of old universes exist, and thus we trapped ourselves here, or if  others trapped us here or if both are true. I may learn this outside of astral eventually, but experiencing the answer would be preferred.


Thanks for all the tips :), I'll keep at it, no slowing down or stopping.



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