Astral Exp. Encounter with a Being – Death Date

Short Version:
I become conscious and aware of myself in the astral, I'm in the abyss, total darkness all around.
I'm floating aimlessly, after a failed attemt to visualize a different place to be in I did what I don't usually do(I am aware of new age deceptions and astral parasites etc.) I decided to call upon my spirit guides(?) So I say: "My spirit Guide are you here?" some moments later a grey shadow starts to appear in my vision line moving from left to right. Then a small white dot appears becoming increadingly larger. Then I feel a very gentle touch in my hands, like windy/spirit hands touching both of mine and dragging me slowly out of the darkness to the dot of light. I begin to recognize a face, and old mans face with big distinct wrinckled lines on the chicks mainly, somewhat resembling a dried out tree. Almost looks like an old Robert deniro. with a smikr on his face and a clever smile he looks at me, in the space which began as a white dot now is a space of shining white light. He looks at me and says "I'm not your spirit guide, But I'll say this(the smirk and clever smile never escapes his face) - You will live for a long time, very long, till the 34th century you'll live. But when you die, I will come for you and you will die in great sufferings" after he finishes his sentence darkness begins to suck me in again and envelope me, the light begins to shrink to increasingly smaller dot of white light. As I descend I ask something of him but I don't remember what and he answers to me but I don't remember what...

Longer Version:
Usually when I have OBE expereiences they consist of more then one OBE usually many in a raw...
This time was no different.
It began as a dream...I go home in my old town by a usual route, but when I came upon the usual turn throught which I cut to get home it was blocked...they built something there and now I'm frustrated walking along thinking that now everytime I'll have to walk another mile to turn left...Now I'm enetring a park and again the left side is covered with sand and mud...I can't walk through there so I continue frustrated to the middle of the park and finally turn left... In the corner of the park I notice a Snake drinking water from a bowl like a dog would do...I come closer to see this unusual sight and as soon as I come closer the snake turns around jumps and me and bites me at the left side of my this point I regain consciouness in the astral but in my room My little sister starts crying as if she had a nightmare... I sit and think of what happened for a few minutes...the feeling of the bite feels like a strong energetic pulsation in the area where I got bit...I honestly thought that I woke up for real after the bite but my mom don't remembers that she came down to come the sister dowm...

Then strange but no unfamilliar things started to happen...I am partially paralyzed...feeling different energetic sensations...something touching, grabbing pulling me... then I managed to fly out of the room and appeard in an old city...trying to improve my flying technique which lasted less then a minute and after all that I regained consciousness in the abyss and the above situation happened...

After 400+ experiences in the OBE/Phase/Lucid States This is the only time that an entity came after I called for it and spoke so intimately with me(To be fair I don't usually call for entities). I've had warnings before... by some dark entities looking like me saying we're coming for you etc... But they had a vibe of a cyborg, like programmed robots...this entity was different...more conscious and aware then the others.

This happened last night at 5/5/16
Came back to reality at 4:13.

Please share your thoughts and ideas. Thanks.

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Hey, I didn't know you are a part of this website too! Haha, nice to meet you... again! haha!

My advice is same though. Become familiar with astral rules and become more aware of the self-control of one's own dream reality within these realms, and blahblahblah, you catch my drift. Any questions, feel free to PM me!

^ . ^

Hey man. There are not many places for us. It's only logical that we'll run into each other sometimes :) good to see you.

IT is kind of funky that u saw a real man... do You want to escape the torture now?

I mean...I didn't take it too literally. He could be just playing mind games with me.

But something real is going on. In short: I've been having regular obes the past 3 years. In those experiences I was alone just flying around experimenting learning. But since the day that this being came to me and said this. Everything has changed. I usually had obes 2-3 times in a week sometimes more then ones in one night. But 3 days after meeting this dude I've been attacked and pulled into the astral. literally pulled. Usually I just do some technique to exit the body. But for the past month after the meeting. I've had 7 attacks. In which some beings(shadows) pull me into thee astral without. They won't let me fall asleep. As soon as I begin to drift a bit I hear a sound and this sound is an indicator to what's about to happen. They pull me in and I'm in my room but in the astral and there is always some shadow that is starting to attack me. I learned to repel the attacks by concentrating on the spots it's energy hits me. Sometimes it tries to grab me. They all try to inflict paralysis on me. But not always they succed. There were weak attackers with whom I could repel any attack and resist the paralysis almost completely but there are some stronger ones that can inflict very big discomfort to me energy body and are painful at times. I know how to wake myself up and return to the body(by squeezing the brain and shaking the body) But it doesn't help if I want to go back to sleep. They just pull me in again and again. it can happen 20-30 times in a raw. sometimes I just wake up and don't go to sleep cause I can't. sometimes I stay in the experience out of curiocity. But I came to a conclusion that the place they pull me in is not something that should be explored. They just try to keep me there as long as possible. They're trying to block my connection with the higher mind and erase it if possible. When they fail in their attacks. They start sending me to different places, I call them scenarios. Most of them are very beutiful and at times mythical. Again, playing on my curiocity. Trying to keep me in there. bottom line is that after the meeting with this entity which I describe here in the post. 3 Days later began the attacks. And since then I did not have any of the usual OBE experiences which I got used to over the past few years. instead some beings(shadows) pull me in to the astral and harrass me. I was talking to one of them in a human form. She took a form of a woman in white dress. Very intelligent and beutifull. She told me she is my lover of ages past. But she admitted to all the attacks and sexual scenarios they put me through this month. Again she is a shadow trying to deceive. Those shadows all have different approaches. The male ones use brutal force and the females try to talk and con you. That's just based on what I've gathered so far. I didn't quit get the question you are asking. How can I escape the torture. What do you mean? or is it a general question. you ask if I prefer long life and die suffering or a short one without torture?

THis is interesting. Curiosity hits the nail for me. But I'm not sure about real people trying to deceive you. Maybe it's just fear? I don't know really about real people. Paralyzing thing I've also been there...

I am not sure he was real. I just said that he was more aware and conscious then other beings I've encountred. He could have been a shadow too. Don't know. Fear is not an issue in this case.

I've had someone like "talk" to me but nor in real talk and it wasn't anything directed towards my person in the future or anything like that. Rather realising things about yourself. I kind of get the reference of the lover from past age. I wish I could talk about it without using the symbols. I'm new...



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