Sevan, has been revealing some super high quality information on his latest broadcasts that deal with some of the most important aspects of how we can handle, build and navigate through the profound energies that make up who we are and form what we experience as life. He has mentioned on many occasions now that the English alphabet most of us are familiar with is only about half of what's really going on, however do to the hyper-dimensional complexity of some of these topics it can be quite tricky and difficult to describe in full detail for the benefit of a listener what exactly IS going on so that we might better visualize what's actually happening for better innerstanding while we are temporarily limited to the use of linear verbal and written communication. After spending some time holding on to the question myself of what exactly are the letters and alphabet doing as they ascend, descend and spin through the various energy plains another wonderful piece of the puzzle fell into place when I stumbled upon this fantastic painting by visionary artist, Luke Brown. I'm sure many of you have already seen this and maybe in the know already but for the rest of us...In the middle of the painting the entity being shown is sitting a top a foundation of the expanding oscillating alphabet. It's an incredible visual image of what the alphabet and letters are doing as they begin to move through our energy fields towards manifestation. Just wanted to share this for the benefit of all as I know this has been a reoccurring question and thanks to the incredible work of powerhouses like Luke Brown and Sevan, we have an image and a place to show it. Enjoy!

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