In our efforts to be sure all get their deepest question addressed you may now post that question here and I will "Verbally answer it in a daily recording" Myriam do ask me some of those questions again :-). As the load itself increases We want to be sure to give you a streamline way of communication that will allow Us all to accelerate at the fastest pace possible without disintegration or spontaneous combustion, actually spontaneous combustion is fine. :-) Typing has become almost obsolete for communication, Audio and Video is a much more efficient method. We are sure most agree.

Todays recording uploaded - 01-11-2010

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Incredible this response. All can find knowledge in this. Well put Ayzik.
Ayzik I share your point of view on you response to my question. You really clarify many of my concerns when you said," is from my understanding that nothing is evil unless you are grossly buried in a service to self orientation...". It seems to me that the intention or the true purpose of why you are doing the things you are doing is very important. You remind me of that quote I read from a book called "The power of Kabbalah" that states that "we need to receive for the sake of sharing" if we want to experience true joy and fullfillment within. What also got my attention is when u talked about the importance of raising our vibration. I see that Sevan emphasis on that also when he talked about raising our frequencies to connect with higher energies. I need to explore the site more on that. I got to experience what you guys have experienced. By the way Ayzik you chock me when you said that Lil Wayne and P.Diddy sold their souls for fames and money. That's crazy these guys forgot that all(materials things) is vanity as the Bible said. But how do you know that. Such things should have been total secrets, Right?
Wow! like the things you said about thought being faster than light and about rasing our frequencies high for higher result. Thank!
Hi Sevan,
I know when we pray ,meditaded ,perform any kind of work like casting spells etc,the work alway's past by the four elements (air ,earth, water,fire)to bring back result for the work.I would like to know, what is the phenomenon call for that purpose ? how that really work?ive been doing research about that ,i never get a answer.Hope you'll help me.

There are four Cardinal points to the body that correspond with 4 energies, these energies are termed as Air, Earth, Water, and Fire and are used as energy centers for what you intend to manifest as all thoughts can correspond back to an element. Anger and War is obviously Fire etc.
Hi Sevan,
This is me again ,as i told you before from a e-mail i sent to you , i have a lot of question for you. One of the very important question i would like to ask you this morning is that--i am a young men who been learning the nature of life for a very long time.I grow up in a familly were, my grand parents were all freemason but,my grand father was the one that introduce me to the mystical path ,my mom also was a voodoo servitor(vodou,vaudou,voudou).At the age of 21 years old after i had a lot of good and bad experience with different kind of spirits in the Voodoo religion,i decided to become a freemason.At my late 21 years old i received my firts degree in freemason(apprentice mason),i had learn a lot of stuff about freemason from my grand father before i even received my initiation.after my initiation i start performing different kind of work ,specialy in casting spells to help other friends that i had who was looking to get some spiritual work done.At that time i use to see result so fast but,it's been about 2-3 years now sence things are change.My questions today-- i wonder to know, why is that?Is there is a special reason make that start happening?Why it take so long for people to see their sipitual work result now ?Like i said ,back in the day results use to come so fast.Thanks!
Greetings Sevan, Have you overcome your fears? If so, is this essential to activating the h*** luminous and how did you know what your greastest fear was?

Fear comes in degrees, then at a certain point you realize its just surprise. One has to be prepared to see all things and learn not to instantly react. Anywhere in the Ether how you react will be transmitted in thought, this is also how one stays consciously active in the Ether because they are constantly thinking their next step. There are many times in your dream that you are actually doing this. Notice how the dream person knows to run under a closing door, jump out of a window real fast. That instinct and IN "SECT" is a part of Us to. H*** Luminous is going to happen for many anyway because the Cosmos already has a plan for that, thats not something one can really stop, they only can make people think that its not coming so they won't be prepared. They are failing at that also, now We are stronger and many of us are activating. Activation is by contact when you are in the radius of a really activated person thus once the chain reaction begins. Well, Welcome to the Next Level.
Ok Sevan I understand the reponse to "the master" question. What is not clear to me is that can we say the activation of the H*** Luminous is done by activating and increasing the vibration of the Shakras. Is that the bottom line? And are you talking about raising the Kundalini "serpent" energy? Many would like to be clear on that.
Hi Karey,

From what I understand the Sidereal time shows which way the Earth is pointing, not compared to the Sun, but to the Galaxy / Universe. So this time does not change as the year progresses and the Earth moves around the sun.

I'm not 100% sure how to explain it (see wikipedia, I hope that helps) but what I can tell you is that people in the Remote Viewing community have studied the effects of Sidereal Time on our intuitive abilities.

The Statistics on those studies shows the following effect: there are certain hours of the Sidereal day, when the center of the Galaxy is above the horizon, and during that time some of our intuitive capacities are significantly disrupted.

There's nothing you can see in the visible spectrum, but it shows up as significant in the statistics, and decreases Remote Viewing and intuitive capabilities of us all. Then the rest of the day, the Earth is shielding us from that source of disruption, and our capacities increase. At that time more of the population has intuitions, premonitions in dreams, etc.

Sevan will probably know more about it. Cheers :)
Hi Sevan, great community from what I've seen so far.

I'd like to ask what your opinions are on the use of psychoactive plants and substances, specifically Salvia Divinorum and DMT in its various forms. Also, are there any meditative techniques you can recommend for generating more DMT naturally, from the Pineal Gland?

Cheers :)
I will have a recording answering these recent question in the A.M. Its good to see questions!



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