In our efforts to be sure all get their deepest question addressed you may now post that question here and I will "Verbally answer it in a daily recording" Myriam do ask me some of those questions again :-). As the load itself increases We want to be sure to give you a streamline way of communication that will allow Us all to accelerate at the fastest pace possible without disintegration or spontaneous combustion, actually spontaneous combustion is fine. :-) Typing has become almost obsolete for communication, Audio and Video is a much more efficient method. We are sure most agree.

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The Third Eye book by Clairvision is based on Gnosticism? Isn't Gnosticism at the heart of the New Age movement? Or was the book just used to utilize a part of their techniques? Just wondering... I truly do not know the answer to those questions.... Peace
Of course that was caught before the book was posted, you will find this reply as the first one below the forum entry.

Reply by Sevan on August 25, 2009 at 2:58pm

Another solemn warning, those who wrote this book are indeed steeped into the side of the occult that We care to no longer understand, take the techniques leave the baggage.
ya know what I realized... I mean really realized... was that this all ends and beguns with each and every one of us on an individual basis... As much as EGO gets a bad wrap... It's kinda neat because even without the bio-suit... we are still us. I was thinking of putting another chapter at the end of Revelations... :and Lucifer approached the the almighty... fell to his knees... and honestly said... I am sorry. And he was forgiven and they lived happily ever after.
hello, i need a little help on how the process of getting verbal answer works where do i go to hear it?
attachments above have adio responses... click and they download to your multimedia player... there you can listen. Sometimes the responses are just typed. Hope that helped. Wholeness.
I'm getting a bit perplexed. I really like Wilde's book... but then I go to his web site and videos to see all NEW AGE mumbo jumbo... On one hand NEW AGE is bad but then on the other hand it's good in doses. I understand the leave the baggage thing... or maybe don't throw the baby out with the bath water... BUt when I hear Stuie talkin about Jesus coming back and he is very sexy... I'm wondering... who the heck am I dealing with here? And why should I even read his book? Stuie puts down the NEW AGE movement in his book but then he is embraced by the NEW AGERS themselves... I am truly stumped on this one.
Let Us keep in mind timing has been everything and many things that have not been revealed in recent history are being revealed now. I use a certain method when reading, its like a buffet, I take what I like and leave the rest. That seems to be how much of the works that have been written, except for the Code :-). I find few writings that are either going deep enough to put some major pieces together or not admitting what they already should know if they did so much research. I like David for this, he tells it like it is based on the research, to boxing gloves on. It annoying and sometimes disheartening when reading a deep book and then the author hits you with the whole you must go through Jesus thing in the end. Like everyone had that opportunity. But again our predecessors did the best they could with what they had I suppose. Now it time to keep sanding down the ashlar until it is perfectly in place.
I gotya... I suppose I would rather have my orange peeled for me... rather than peeling it myself. No sense in keeping the peels...
Hi Sevan! Let me first congratulates you for having the gust to put all these information on public domain. May the God of my heart and my realization protects you. I read a good part of your book "The Code of the Matrix". It is mindboggling. I was chocked when I started to see all the connection. My question is that when it comes to organizations like Freemasons, Amorc or Order of the Rose Croix etc. Can anyone or can you argue that they are 100% evil? I read some books about these organization and I can tell you that many of the things they teach are not necessary evil. I mean they teach you how to meditate, how to do telepathy, how to heal yourself and others etc. They also teach you about shakras and how to developpe them etc. This is where I am confused Sevan. I understand the connections you are making but anyone involved in these organization will at least learn one or two things that can help them deal with life daily challenges. For example, I pray, I meditate and apply many of the things that Rosicrucians teach and I got results. When I do them I act with the best intention in my mind and my heart. I do not try to annoy or ham others. I actually send energy of love and healing all over the world. I mean Sevan there seems to be a mix of the good and pure esoritc stuffs with the wrong ones. My goal and my search is to reconized the difference. Shakras for instance are not evils science or reptillians science. Is it? You yourself encorage us to developpe our Shakras but don't the controllers of the world develop their own shakras too. I hope you can clarify the teachings that Freemasons and Rosicucians(AMORC) teach or any other fraternity and tell us when it all become evil. Do u see my concern Sevan? There are universal esoric knowledge that are the sames in all the secret organizations. I think many want to know when do those teachings become evil? Sorry i ask to many questions but it is the same fondamental idea. Thanks for your answer brother.
When man sees 100% evil then he will know he has truly failed. There are few things that are 100% evil. What I will say however is with these belief systems you have to be sure to spearhead the point right away in order to know what you are ultimately being used for. Tis true the science of the body and obtaining altered mental states along with communion with other beings is just about default for Adepts of all systems, notice Hitler was a vegetarian. For the true seeker he is looking to do more, not get stuck in some degree under another brother. I find that these organizations are deceptive because what I know now, not what I perceived things to be before when I did not "know".

The fact is its all a charade, those in the know can tell you very directly what is going on here and what to do about it. Instead they would rather loop you and give you all this information that is basically confusing as it feeds the physical brain and does little for the spirit body. Today's recordings may shed a little more light on the subject but one should know the fallacy(phallus) runs very deep and there are Principalities behind all this, thus, any who hits a very high state of consciousness without falling back to sleep, becomes aware of the play.


Christianity gives power to Jove/Zeus who is then living through his son Jesus. Osirus lives through his son Horus. But what about you, they want you to believe in them, especially the Rosicrucians and their fascination with Bacchus who is Dionysus, if you expect to reach the top of any of these systems you will be empowering them. Now that is much different than the level of Seeker that is still sending love into a Matrix. There is only action when one is awake in a material plane that is the sign of enlightenment.

Imagining is the first part. So let it be clear there are many fellows in Masonry and various orders that are genuinly good people with good hearts, I find them no different than the Christians however from my standpoint. The controllers, well they like the tenderness of the sheep Lightone it is much easier to digest.

The Elite do not eat the things normal people ingest because they may even fall asleep do to its toxicity. This is a Pavlovian reality built on the Pacifism of the Papacy also called Pa who is the Pope. Most of these systems whether they admit it openly or not, must pass through him or war with him. This is much deeper than many have yet to or will ever realize this lifetime. Let Us trust instinct, this is how you will survive, as all wild animals have it and thus they stay alive and out of the reaches of the predator.
Thanks Sevan for your reponse. You clarify many things for me. When you said, "Christianity gives power to Jove/Zeus who is then living through his son Jesus. Osirus lives through his son Horus. But what about you, they want you to believe in them..." can you elaborate more on that? I am puzzle about this comment. Are you denying Jesus historical existance? or are you saying that Jesus is actually Zeus and than the latter is some kind of principality behind the whole Christianity religion?
Hi Sevan! I read your book. It is mindboggling. I started to see all the connections. My question is that when it comes to popular esoteric societies like Freemason and Amorc or Order of the Rose Croix can we argue that they are 100% evil? I studied and applied some of their teachings and what you learn is not necessary evil. For instance, they teach you about chakras and how to develop them. Now you also encorage us to develop our chakras to awaken our solar body. This is where I am confused. If the controllers also study and develop chakras when do everything become evil? As I am reading your book it seems to me that their are fundamental knowledge in esoteric science that are common through all mystical systems. Now how do one knows when the whole thing become evil or contribute to the controllers agenda. Do you see my point. A Chakra is a Chakra whether ou are a controller or not the existance of the charkras are real and should be develop. Now if i am a rosicrucian and I develop my chakras through the latter system. When it all become evil? That's where I need clarification. I am sure there are some honest freemasons or rosicrucians out there who used their esoteric knowledge to help others, to heal and never harm anyone. Thus, what do you tell them?



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