In our efforts to be sure all get their deepest question addressed you may now post that question here and I will "Verbally answer it in a daily recording" Myriam do ask me some of those questions again :-). As the load itself increases We want to be sure to give you a streamline way of communication that will allow Us all to accelerate at the fastest pace possible without disintegration or spontaneous combustion, actually spontaneous combustion is fine. :-) Typing has become almost obsolete for communication, Audio and Video is a much more efficient method. We are sure most agree.

Todays recording uploaded - 01-11-2010

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I'm still wondering what "leophantalus" ... really means.

Great idea, 7. Thank you.
I will cover this deeper in the recording for tomorrow but to not keep you waiting it means the royal penis of a lion god.

Hmm the neighbors look a little serious I'll be sure to tighten down the armor.
thats quite an unexpected answer. whats the context in which a term like that is used. is it some kind of glorious conquest symbol?
I need you to go to the end of the book and into the appendix with the letters and tell me if you recognize any of those symbols. Those who receive marking while sleep are receiving tribal branding. This is not necessarily a negative thing and it is most certain you have Guides working on the otherside doing what however is for you to find out. We will assist you as much as we can.
Today's feast of scholars.
Peace & greetings to you Sevan! This is a great forum for everyone to communicate & learn. I have some questions about the soul in regard to the animal sacrifices taking place in Nepal this week. I posted these questions elsewhere in the forum, but I placed them here hoping you can shed some light. Thank you...
That's a lot of energy being taken for Gadhimai. Where is the animal's energy going after being killed in the name of a God? Has that animal's soul actually been taken and it's eternal lifeforce no longer it's own? Is this the same thing that happens when humans are sacrificed against their will? Has their soulforce been imprisioned and their Divine destiny halted? What about when humans willingly give their soul to God's like Yaweh, Jesus, Allah? Has those humans destinies been stolen because of their ignorance of metaphysical law?
any answer on this yet? Good question,,,
Made me blush : )...Well done, as usual.
How do I contact the person that wrote the book, there is some serious information there that made all the pieces click for me, and started a change within me, anyone!
I am new to this whole world so please englighten me with what I should do. So far I've been meditating with a Tibetian Singing Bowl (3rd eye) for about a month now. Whenever I can I try to drink water that's been cleansed with the sounds of the bowl. I have been focusing on my breath a lot lately. I've also started doing the buzzing noise exercise in order to reawaken my 6th chakra. I try to wear colors that stimulate the chakras (i.e. red/orange underwear, emerald shirts). I started taking hot-40=minute baths with a pound of baking soda once a week but I liked it a lot so I do it twice a week now. I wake up at sunrise (Kapha 6:00 - 10:00). Try to go to bed before 22:00. I've also been sleeping outside for 3 days now, in the moonlight (including full moon last night). The first night that I slept outside I had a dream that a cop pulled me over (i believe for speeding) and when he got to the car, i turned and he did something to me. Telepatically? i thought he was activating my DNA in some way. I woke up right away feeling euphorious.
I only drink water (1 month now), sometimes with lemon, most times with lime. I've also tried to stay as veggie as possible.

Any suggestions on what I should be doing more/less + new things that would speed up my path? Thank you.



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