In our efforts to be sure all get their deepest question addressed you may now post that question here and I will "Verbally answer it in a daily recording" Myriam do ask me some of those questions again :-). As the load itself increases We want to be sure to give you a streamline way of communication that will allow Us all to accelerate at the fastest pace possible without disintegration or spontaneous combustion, actually spontaneous combustion is fine. :-) Typing has become almost obsolete for communication, Audio and Video is a much more efficient method. We are sure most agree.

Todays recording uploaded - 01-11-2010

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Hey Sevan, I've been wondering why Sagittarius is the only sign to use a weapon (bow/arrow)? I never noticed it until recently, something just told me to look into it.
Hi, I hope this thread is still active, as a way to asking questions.

I'd like to know if we have any sort of organized plan, and if so, what exactly is it ? Any plans of a physical community ? Earthships throughout the world maybe ? Anything like that ?

And another question of a technical type - can we get some sort of a voice chat channel where we can gather ? The chat we have now is ok, but it's also very slow. I tried some voice chat with a few members before and it was very rewarding. Could we get a Ventrilo channel, or teamspeak, or find some other way to gather in a more active way, in a channel that's permanently on ?

Also, both myself and others have some video skills we could put to good use. Could we make a longer video, like Zeitgeist ?

also, in the Code of the Matrix there's an experience mentioned, with you and one of your friends chanting, then things went really wild and all sorts of channels opened up. I would really like to know what that Chant or Mantra was, and what I need to do to use it myself. Thanks :)
One should research Intoning. That Path is not directly available for me to refer a person to embark on it as it will change a persons life completely. I do believe We should leave that up to everyone to determine what is right for them, the key is Intoning. Nice avatar by the way.
Ok I did some searches on Intoning, and the results were scarce at best. Closest I got to anything real was a video, mentioning Enochian. Video below:

Is this what you mean? Some sort of Enochian ritual?

I am not asking you to put me on any path or take responsibility for anything, I just need some clearer starting points to do my own research.

I am already interested in (and practicing) Overtone chanting, and am open to working with sound to access higher frequencies. I am generally against working with dark energies and entities, so if it turns out it's something like that, I will just leave it be and move on.

That being said, I would need something more solid, if you can share the info. Books, videos, anything of use to clarify.

If it's not OK to share it publicly, please send me a PM.

Many thanks :)

Similar to the relationship between blocked chakras and the rising Kundalini, truth can be destructive to those around us if they are blocked/sealed, or "stubbornly ignorant" to put it aggressively.

Forgive me if I'm wrong but Astral Quest--like the rising kundalini--is a metaphorical kick in the teeth for those that aren't ready. I'm afraid that my neighbors (coworkers, friends, family) may act like sealed chakras in light of the truth ... that is, they may write me off as "insane" when I share my experiences, visions, and thoughts with them.

Different people are at different stages of spiritual growth, and are thus ready for different stages of TRUTH. Die-hard "atheists" (most "atheists" are actually "antitheists" if you ask me) that only believe in what they call "empirical evidence" (no such thing, in my opinion--all evidence is "anecdotal evidence" thanks to that silly concept of "time") easily write people off and cut off communication when such people share "too much" information.

How can we elevate people who are resistant to any sort of spiritual awakening? We can't write them off--they are part of this, too, and if the entire world is to awaken, we really need to prepare those who are not prepared. From what I can tell, no one is the enemy here; everyone (archons/controllers included) needs to be healed. They are all part of the collective soul, just as anyone else. It's not their presence that hurts us, it's their motivations and actions. So, I guess an even more difficult question than "How can we awaken the resistant?" would be "How can we heal the controllers?"

Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated and inspiring, as your insight always is :) Thank you!

"Wholes and Peaces" (silly words)



Thank you for your comments.  I would like to say that I am not a resistance crew member, but do take advantage of being able to comment on the site when I feel that I can be of some small benefit.  I have certainly had the same types of thoughts in regard of how the best way of going about trying to change the people around us that cause harm to the collective self.  In many ways my path has been my own in this life, in the ways that i have used it destructively against the collective self.  By that I mean to say that I have been allowed, by whatever means that I have had at my disposal, to submit my body and will to whatever I have choosen.  I must also take responsabilty for those things, for better or worse. 


For a time I was in the church of christ, then for a period of eight or so years I had rode the fandom of atheism and science fiction.  I feel that many times, one will lead to the other, in the respect that science and religon can be excellent allegories of each other, and spark many paths of division from either perspective. Both christianity and atheism had to be overcome by the choices I made, for my own innerstanding, and my eventual return to the place where we will all meet.  This being said, time and time again I  have been shown that I had been taken down this path for the reasons that I consciously wanted. Sure, there have been events in which I have wished that the people around me would not make the decisions that they've made that effect others or myself negatively, but in the end I know that they will most likey go their entire lives without thinking that they did anything wrong in these cases, especially to the ones they hurt the most.  They will still be the ones that are searching for TRUTH, or justifing their actions based on their higher moral authority.   Just as I realize that my negative actions have effected other people poorly, I have worked hard to recognize my infractions to my aquaintences agendas and livelyhoods, and try hard not to repeat past offenses.   In this way we can set a positve example through action.  No amount of words, even the ones I write now, have the ability to change someones mind who does not want to listen and open themselves indivdually to the TRUTH.  Nor should they spend too much time stumbling over the logic and experiments of madmen who could never find a way to forgive themselves, and spend their lives trying to mold all others to there warped sense of good and evil.  You are free to write to me anytime someone calls you insane for the things you believe, you have that promise that will be a support and not a hinderance.    


So Jon, to address the first paragraph regarding other peoples opinions of you as an individual.  You know that they are the ones who refuse to see, therefore their judgement of your sanity will utimately be expressed as jelousy, and the actions they take against you would be out of hate.  Be strong, and know that by showing them, one by one, how to use their eyes, they will start to be able to forgive themselves of what they have done, and you in turn should work on the ability to forgive them. 


To address the second paragraph.  I remember coming across last week, a new definition of what antichrist means in respect to any scripture that may reference it or use it for prophesy,  It was that the antichist is in itself a metaphor for collective atheism.  Not a being or entity or god or ruler or dictator, but just the group of people or associations that would align themselves to being so against the Idea of spirituality that they were sending out and receiving unto their peers the highest levels of cognitive dissonance.  The total anihilation of care for the individual, and acceptance of mans ultimate authority over all other species for the benefit of  the human species.  This, I thought to myself, could be a very acurate discription of what anitchrist would be.  But these atheist, feeling themselves very falsely individual at times, would need the same experiance and guidence from others who are aware of self, to make their own decisions to return to source.  They will not be satisfied unless their paths are their own, just as the self is not.  In short, "how can we heal the controlers?"  We, me and you, may not be able to, but we can give them examples of how we want to be treated, with courage, and expect them to make decisions that can benifit the most people for the most good.  They deserve, as individuals the right to make their own way, just like we have.  They must heal themselves.    


Thank you for your "time" Jon, as I know it is valued by all that you love.  Know that I am thinking about what examples I will like to set for those who will come after.


Be well.



Thank you, Russ, for your in-depth and insightful response.

Perhaps I have allowed impatience to seep into my view of the world.  A sort of empathic (or selfish?) pain brought about as a side-effect of seeing and acknowledging the suffering of others and the desire to speed up the healing process for all of us.

Often I observe negativity coming my way via the suffering of those I love.  Instead of seeing this negativity as an affront or an attack, I see it all as a sort of "cry for help" whether or not the person suffering sees it as such.  I know that when people come to me with their problems, they don't necessarily want advice, but simply an opportunity to let out their feelings and express their pain. We all must go through the process of pain and growth and avoid demonizing any aspect of ourselves, lest we get stuck on that aspect, divide, and become our own enemies.

I'm not afraid of being labelled or thought of as insane. I am afraid, however, of attempting to enlighten or heal someone of their pain (or rather rid them of their inability to let the pain pass) only to have them distance themselves from me and continue to suffer further. Due to the fact that the language of words is a trickly puzzle where every word is loaded with different meanings for each individual, I often choose silent compassion: a smile, a hug, or a gift.

I appreciate you sharing your story, and it is quite similar to mine: Christianity -> (small, angry bout with Satanism) -> Atheism -> Agnosticism -> Buddhism. Now I simply try to avoid "-isms". I don't think settling on one perspective early in life and staying there will ever lead to enlightenment. I believe one has to establish thoughts and perspectives and then have them smashed.  "Everything you know is wrong" should not lead to a new paradigm, but should lead to an innerstanding of the silliness of sticking with a paradigm in the first place. "Knowledge" is merely memory.  Memory is the past, and we cannot interact with the past. The Truth is Here and Now.

Given what you've said, I suppose the answer to my question is only to elevate yourself and be patient with the rest of the world ... that your own elevation will cause a ripple effect that may take lifetimes to heal others. But with properly centered patience, we can indeed wait lifetimes.

"Do not try to bend the spoon. That's impossible [...] It is not the spoon that bends; it is only yourself."

Thank you,


Anytime Jon, 


I loved what you said about "We all must go through the process of pain and grouth and avoid demonizing any aspect of ourselves, lest we get stuck on that aspect, divide, and become our own enemies.  That is very well said.  Thank you for letting me share with you.  Have a great weekend!



Hey Sevan, I was wondering if you could clear some things up for me about the fall and language itself. I've been thinking a lot lately about how the tree of knowledge (good and evil) could be a metaphor for the very act of questioning. Do you think that questions themselves could be the thing that is taking us further and further away from Source? Because when we are in a fully illuminated/activated state we don't tend to question anything, we are just in a state of constantly uploading energy, without question, we just are and are being a conduit for answers it seems.  And ever since we took that first step down we have been hungry for something we may never fill, and are to question everything like if our answers are high enough or if the questions themselves are deep enough, and we end up spending our whole lives trying to better this question/answer mode of living, rushing around in big hurry to solve problems that are not even our own. This why I have such a issue with staying in school and the 'philosophy' that is being taught there, it's all scientific and the whole western dialectic seems to be the stepping stool to go down into more fractuated (new word) questions. And I wonder if thats just how the English language is embedded. Anyways, I would be very grateful to hear what you have to say on this. And as always, thanks you for all that you do.  

Hi, my name is Katie, and I have a few questions on astral travel.  I have experienced this numerous times and I haven't seen a video show on this topic.   Although I haven't watched all of them yet, but I have watched quite a few.  You touch on the topic quite a bit, but not the area's I have always been enchanted by.  My experiences started at age 12 or so but that first one was actually sleep paralysis, which is one question.  Do you feel as though sleep paralysis if the same as astral travel?  I don't feel as though they are the same. in one you have no control in other you have most control.  I mean most by the fact that sometimes I go to do my usual run through the house and through the wall and hit it like a wall.  I know sounds silly.  This is usually my favorite part of it is the flying.  I was experiencing this way before I ever became aware of what is really going on, i.e woke up.  So I never realized the potential of this, I just knew that it was proof for me that there is life after death.  So my questions is how do we know where we are going when we do it, because I can not bring this on it is random.  I can now recognize the signs its happening but I usually don't have time to plan anything, and I know for a fact I don't have much time before I am slammed back in my body.  I was hoping that maybe you could do a focus show on this topic, and why it happens to certain people and not others.  Also the signs are gradually changing for me, like now I get a chimy crystalline sound that is spinning and its in my chest area and it sounds amazing.  It use to start out with the spins, I describe this to others as the too drunk feeling right before you have to puke, so it use to scare me but then I just decided to let go and spin with it.  I have so many more experiences with this and want to know more about it because it is the absolute most freeing experience, and is actually hard to put into words how good it makes me feel.  I also came across some info about a process called alphabiotics which is adjusting the neck so that the 2 hemispheres are aligned so it can communicate with each side.  I really look forward to growing with this movement and I am not too use full money wise but am willing to donate anything else that is use full even if that is just trying to spread knowledge.  I also am not sure on what days to pay attention to so I can have an opportunity to call in as well.  Your Tv livestream I believe is not new per se but still very good, I just wanna be on top of what is being discussed currently.  Once again thank you so much for all your dedication to the souls of this planet because I am sure it is hard putting yourself out there with your truth for no one wants to believe it, even if they know deep down inside its true.  I am also gonna adapt your ending if you don't mind, so............wholeness to you, :)

:-) together.... innerStanding 



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