In our efforts to be sure all get their deepest question addressed you may now post that question here and I will "Verbally answer it in a daily recording" Myriam do ask me some of those questions again :-). As the load itself increases We want to be sure to give you a streamline way of communication that will allow Us all to accelerate at the fastest pace possible without disintegration or spontaneous combustion, actually spontaneous combustion is fine. :-) Typing has become almost obsolete for communication, Audio and Video is a much more efficient method. We are sure most agree.

Todays recording uploaded - 01-11-2010

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I know rough times are coming and many will pass away. I was wondering for those of us trying to reach that next plane but have not reached it yet, if we die will our soul be able to escape this 3rd dimension web the annunaki have put around our globe reincarnating as a borge or will be able to escape it ascending to the next plane with the knowledge we have seeked thus far? Also wanted to ask how all the dimensions and planes are actually set up. Someone told me something about 12 dimensions with 12 planes in each or something like this?
Much Love,
Can You elaborate on the mind regressing back to lower vibrations? :)
Greetings Sevan, I wanted to if it was in best interest to have pyramids in our home or on the planet for that matter.
Todays recording uploaded - 01-11-2010
I think so. In one of Obama's speeches you can hear Thank you Satan backmasked under YES WE CAN... but before that you can clearly hear YESHUA or YASHUA being said by some creepy sounding voice...
sevan is abnus i wan you to expound deeper about the V symbol that you posted
Hi, 7
I'm Kwize Trusoul, first thank you for being. Can you help me innerstand 1b8m and the teaching that follow. To be more on the point, when I read or listen to dark melanin people of the black race they will give an account of non-black races coming to be around 6,000 years ago. I will cross reference with non-blacks and they seem to totally skip over the matter. However they will bring details of reptiles being in control of the earth. Something is missing reading your book gives me the idea you should know of this. This only opens the stage for me to ask many more questions.
im a mess right now?
sevan i really feel my nephews presence and hes so young we also live in different towns can you elaborate on this
hey sevan i was wondering if there is a place on some other plane of reality, or whatever where we could meet? i mean is it possible for two or more people to meet up somewhere else besides on this earth? like could i astral project and meet my friend who is also astral projecting on top of a mountain for example? thanks
I will talk about this in the next recording.
cool thank you i appreciate it. looking forward to it



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