In our efforts to be sure all get their deepest question addressed you may now post that question here and I will "Verbally answer it in a daily recording" Myriam do ask me some of those questions again :-). As the load itself increases We want to be sure to give you a streamline way of communication that will allow Us all to accelerate at the fastest pace possible without disintegration or spontaneous combustion, actually spontaneous combustion is fine. :-) Typing has become almost obsolete for communication, Audio and Video is a much more efficient method. We are sure most agree.

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The latest recording posted.
Hahahahhahah, regarding the answer to the MMS. Thanks for all the answers.
We only ask that many keep in mind that there is still one person doing all of this so you must direct your questions here if you expect to receive answers as many question are scattered about in my mailbox and in other posts. We can get to all your questions, however, We will need to keep a streamline way of doing that.
I just listened to an excellent radio interview by Sevan on Occult Science Radio. Sevan mentioned African-Americans and African based religion, African Deities, Orishas, etc. As an African-American myself, I have heard frequently in our community that during the African holocaust-slavery, many things were stolen from us- our religion, our gods, beliefs, language, ritiulas, etc. It is strongly believed in the conscience community that regaining the power and knowledge that was torn from us during that period will help our community regain strength, and balance physically, mentally, spiritually, etc.
My question for Sevan is: Can you expound more on the known/unknown history of African religion, Orishas, ancestor reverence, etc? Thanks!
Sure, most of the past is better off left in the past as the information itself has been altered heavily not to mention the story of the world now is pretty much the same as it has always been with just a new wrapping. You have always had the gods or elite masquerading over everybody and the masses trying to be like them. What is of most value is what you are, what you will do, will one work on themselves or are the still looking for the magic word. The training wheels are now coming off and those that find they cannot ride on their own will fall. Its just the phase of life We are currently dealing with, nothing to do with what I think, it is actuality. So once seeing how the Pantheism was laid out in Sumer and just how many of these "dis-membered" beings were in the void wanting to live through the humans because they where "confined" to their limited dimension. The best thing We all can do from here is move on and know that any positive being beyond ourselves would not make contact until We were worthy, meaning off the concepts of money, power, fame, etc which still lies deep inside many. Many want to have power like gods and goddesses by the actual definition that is being presented to them now, that is ego. All one needs is the internal activation of themselves and everything else will surely prove than to be useless information and weight/wait if it is about the past and someone else's deeds beside oneself. I encourage all to leave a legacy, not follow one, especially when our archives have been tampered with as such.
Thank you Sevan, for increasing my Innerstanding about things I was still struggling with...for no other reason than fear.
A fear that I cannot really explain as it was not recognizable until I actually contemplated severing the connection permanently. It appears I have been more implanted with the connection to these Orisha than I "knew"..and while my logical mind KNOWS what must be done, something within me fears it as the thought forms to action. It was startling to see how deep it has gone and to realize that was the reason for the fear I have been feeling........which is why I know the time to cut the cord is now, and to continue to work on myself and my legacy and no "one" else's.

Thank you again, Sevan.
My story is a little complicated...but to keep it brief, I had surgery in early 2009 and after the surgery, it was as though alot of the spiritual aspects of my being returned from a long time without them, (it didn't help that I attended a few different types of churches...and other distractions...smoking and drinking) After the surgery it was as though I had been shown the meaning of all of why we are here and what we are supposed to do. I really felt that when I “came back” I had the distinct feeling that I didn’t want to be here anymore, (this plane of existence) although I have a family. I tried very hard to explain to them what was told to me that they needed to do, and of course most thought I had lost it. I had the most problems with my significant other...and over time those problems wore on until I gradually began to assimilate back into the "matrix", before that I could even see the web on trees and plants etc. 
After the surgery I had a very strong need to go to Australia, there seems to be something there I am supposed to do. I also needed to hear specific vibrations and frequencies in music (mostly African, Australian and So American and some Arabic.) This was prior to knowing about the frequencies that I have seen on Youtube and this site.
I really long for the information I was given and the total absence of fear of anything, and the knowing I had of the whole without the presence of duality. Regretably, I sometimes think my family is my Akiles heel, although I know this is for them as well as myself, although I'm the one that has been asking for most of my life.
I apologize for my lengthy question, I just really want to know how to re-awaken that part of myself because I know it is the only thing I need. In an effort to start I have begun by detoxifying the body and have become a vegan. I have mostly been on water, organic veggies(raw and cooked), sometimes nuts and dry fruit and pressed juices and brown rice. I'm not clear on any specific meditation techniques but I listen to the frequencies you have posted for Chakra cleansing, and I feel a very positive change when I do.
Lastly, I feel like and have been told I've been here for a long time (or back around many times) and after this instance I'm just over many things people my age are still really in too.
I would really respect imput on this.
You Spoke about some kind of salts that make a person ascend in your last radio interview, what are they? And I would like to know, what all the different types of crystals do. (For example, you've said that Quartz cleans the chakras and selenite helps you remember your dreams.) :-)
Today is December 11. I was researching new movies that just came out recently and I see two movies that really striked my interest. One is The Lovely Bones and the lead character is a dead girl that is helping her family from beyond. Her name is Suzy SALMON. the odd thing is the second movie that is also currently out is Sizziling SALMON, both of these movies highlight SALMON and SS. Can you research and give insight please?
Brotha Sevan, what are the things to look for in 2010?? Thanks and keep up the good work.
My question:
For more then 1 year now, I find myself humming.
It starts on its own....then I become aware of it...but it is not a conscious start.
It is the same vibration of various tones that simply repeats itself.
It is not a known tune to a song or anything I can connect it to.
I find it comforting but am wondering what it means.
Thank you for considering this,



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