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I'm wondering if kundalini and the shift has anything to do with a woman's menstrual cycle. I am in touch with many women online and they too have experienced issues within the last two months. The last two months were very powerful for me in terms of this shift. Any help with this is welcomed

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Hey Sis, glad you asked. I felt very dizzy and off balance during my last cycle. Lying on my right side would send me into a vertigo spin and my brain felt as though it was doing a flip. I didn't feel that sensation when lying on my left side, however, and that made me think maybe my physical body was following the downward tilt of the sine wave through earth. (?) Maybe the ebb and flow of the moon was tiding me over? The vertigo stopped at the end of the flow, so shifting certainly could've been an affect. Regarding a kundalini rising at that "time of the month"; because I still need a cleanse, monatomics and cell salts, I only feel intense surges during sleep coupled with the vivid life scenarios of the world I live in my dreams. With that said, you're not alone feeling strangely out of sorts at times. Wholeness,

I know women I work with had been feeling their menstrual symptoms two weeks before actually starting their flow.  I seemed to pick up on others symptoms also the week before starting my own.  It was a great learning for me realising what is mine and what I am picking up from others.

This can be part of balancing although uncomfortable. Red raspberry root amongst many other herbs are helpful in transition. Several years a go I had a dream that my cycle would begin to link up with energies beyond the moon and that I would have more insight to in a sense evolve the flow in ways that seem more balanced. I was discouraged by much external opinion on women's menstruation and chose a diff path with more balanced spin. Odd thing perhaps but I was prompted to give a sort of gift of menstrual blood back to the earth at times and in so doing began to notice an increased co nnect ion to nature.  One may also choose different ways to give daughters insight into this transition. I found this one a bit ago. My daughter participated and learned although told me it was 'weird' haha. http://www.womanwisdom.com/w_coa-menarchekit.shtml


I have also found this essential oil blend to be very helpful.




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