Can anyone in the forum expound on Dr. Delbert Blair's assertion that most men have an opening in the roof of their mouths that is in relation to the Great Pyramid. I really didn't grasp what he was getting at in the lecture that I watched online. Thanks all who respond.

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I remember as a kid looking at the roof of my mouth in the mirror and wondering what that hole was for, lol, but then with modern diet, or should I say modern feeding, I began to experience quite a bit of mucous build up and I think after a while the chronic build up has blocked it off. I wonder if the MMS stuff can help with this too?

But that doesn't really answer the question. My take was that it had something to do with a portal to the pineal, which when activated begins the process altogether. Anyone else?
There is a spot approximately two centimeters from your front teeth located in the roof of the mouth. Connecting the tongue to this spot during meditation connects the "circuit" of the who body. This spot is also located on women alike.
I appreciate the responses. So I guess that in meditation I should touch the tip of my tongue to this area. Just an aside I thought that Dr. Blair said that women didn't really have this area in their mouths, I asked my wife and a friend and they both said that the roof of their mouths was smooth.
You actually have to message the area with the tip of the tongue and I'm sure women have the area of sensitivity, the tongue emerges from the heart first in the incubation period of the human baby.



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