A few days ago I was listening to Dr. Blair talk about the two suns. He said that anyone could take pictures of it a couple hours before sunset. So, thats what I did. I took these photos while at my daughters softball game. They're pretty cool. Also notice the Chem trails all across the sky in that area. It seems that every late afternoon and evening the planes can be seen spraying across the Western sky. Is someone trying to hide something?

The Third Picture was the one I took first, Dr. Blair also said Nibiru sometimes shows up. The lighter dot could be Nibiru. Hmm. 

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Send me the link title of post.
Could this be it?
...Beautifully Interesting, Shalyn. Thanx For The Pic..........
Very cool Pic! Do you know where it was taken? Thanks everyone for keeping the discussion alive! :)
which pic?
The one Shalynn posted
I took it on my way back to San Diego from Las Vegas. So somewhere in the desert in either Nevada or California.
while sungazing I saw the second sun.. at the time the sun appeared to drag.. it appeared longer.. at first i questioned if i was seeing things..then i saw the second sun immediately behind it.. saw it for a good minute or so.. I know for a fact its definately there
Interesting...I took some pic's but did not get red dot! Nibiru hmmm?

here is pic of the sun setting over our grow dome... zoom in... notice the shape of the sun and the smaller sun at its 6 o'clock, very interesting indeed...



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