To what degree have our ancient teachings been infiltrated? Can we trust the kriyas and pranayam, or are we channeling our essence into some obsure intigrated control mechanisim? We have heard about the scandal with TM meditation. Is prayer the same technology as mantra? Krishnamurti put down mantra. Krishnamurti was contacted by the 'great white brotherhood' This theosophical society is setting up in the U.N. I have faint impressions of inner-earth and advanced humans that want to help us...... Steiner said yoga was deadly, but he liked to drink Guiness.... WTF?

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Steiner said yoga was of the 'custodial' In my opinion it came either from entities who wanted to help us or entities who wanted to hurt us. Some claim prayer is a form of technology that enables lower entities to feed on our substance.... How is yoga different. Some view the kundalini experience as possession. And Elusive, I feel great after too, but to feel great is besides the point. I bet it 'feels great' to roll around on the floor drooling and speaking in tongues too. I don't believe the christian fundamentalists fear of yoga, but is there a speck of truth to this viewpoint? I'm just trying to picture the scenes in the vedas, with the saucers and all, and doing some breathing technique which utilizes numerology, mantra, and visualization. In short, is this also infiltrated and perhaps detrimental? apologies for the incoherence.
I see now that I was thinking of Stuart Wilde not Rudolph Steiner...
It is not the Yoga it is the names associated. I will give you a clue, HATHA HATHOR. Yoga makes the body and mind flexible so one can alter and bend the will of the flesh, but what you will always notice is few institutes lack the shrine, and most people who begin to practice also build a shrine. Then they go into the Om/Omega phase, eventually convincing themselves that they need to be in nothingness. Once nothingness is fully obtained and they are not preset, another Being moves in, the body that is. Imagine when one says I'm visualizing a thousand Buddah's entering my body, this is what they are taught to do never thinking of the effects, the lemming behavior is very dangerous these days. Thus those that are masters of Buddism have made sure they have portals to come back into when they no longer can take physical form but need to enact with third dimension. Kyle how far have you gotten in the Code to the Matrix?
so, successful yoga ends in possession? It exists for this end? Or is this a beneficial alchemical process that has been hijacked? A sword that cuts both ways? What is this om/omega phase? I have completed 'the code' - but I really feel trapped in this intellectual tangle of possession vs enlightenment. Thanks for the ideas sevan



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