Hi everyone, I am an indigo starseed. My origin is planet Electra in the Pleiades (Seven Sisters.) There seems to be alot of talk around here about aliens. I was sent to Earth to help with the ascension process.

I've been an alien my whole life, so it's hard to feel any different. It's the only thing I know. In fact, the Earth souls confuse me more than anything, especially how they are so indifferent to their own emotions and choose to just do what other people have told them to do or how they should feel.

I seem to feel best at night when the stars and the moon are out. I feel more mellow and like there's more promise out there for me. I do not fit in well here on Earth and everyday is a challenge of it's own.


I have no memories of any past life or having been on Electra before. I believe I am a new soul created by the Pleiadian star system and sent to Earth.

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High Maylene,

Two quick questions: how did you become aware of your connection with Electra? Are you able to recognize or connect with others from Pleiades?



I saw a certain video on youtube about Electra. I felt emotionally attached to it in a way that felt sort of nostalgic or just some kind of memory I couldn't quite put my finger on. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sGL4roSAtg

Then your next question on if I am able to recognize or connect with others from Pleiades. The answer is, yes. I can only say that I really believe I have only met one other Pleiadian in person throughout my whole lifetime. He just came up to me and started conversation like no one else would do. We definately feel a love for each other and are drawn to one another that way.

I am very tall for a female, at least on Earth. At 5'11, I am even taller than most males. He was much taller than I was in a way that made me feel not so weird anymore. Both males and females of Pleiades, are taller than most people here on Earth.

Welcome Maylene!  

I guess on some level we all feel at times like we don't fit in.  That's what is so special about this website! That's why we are here, to share our stories of "alienation".  

I hope you enjoy the Resistance, there is a plethora of information here... 

Wholeness & Balance to you Sister.


Hi KFive,

Thank you for the welcome. I appreciate it :)



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