Hi everyone I've been looking around this site for quite some time but I've decided to join because I really need some help with something. I can't talk to anyone else about this because they wouldn't understand but I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice to stop random erections. Ever since I was 15 I would have these erections that would occur even though I'm  not thinking about anything sexual. They would mostly happen when I'm sitting down, but they spontaneously occurred while i was standing up straight too. I read a lot of stuff on kundalini and how some people would have the same thing happen. I'm 19 now and can somewhat control it by sending the energy up the spine with visualizations but its not very effective. They also happen very powerfully when I'm thinking about a girl that I really like/love or if I'm around her. This has been very difficult for me since it happens in public and I can't get close to a girl that I'm interested in because of this. I know that puberty can be rough but this is has been kinda crazy. If anyone can help me with this then I'd be very thankful since this thing has been one of many things that have made my life a challenge.

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Hello Jpa

I think that what you experience is natural and a sign of health even.

There is a book though called Mantak Chia - The Multiorgasmic Man that will give you some insight on this issue.

I will try to upload it but it can be found somewhere on the site already if my upload fails.



The first block is: It is hard to talk about as the powers that seek to put you in the worried, concerned state, have sought to make it that way. I used to think that sex itself was what they sort to make taboo, and sort out things to break this hold (what I pictured at the time were gods), but the deception was cleverer than that. They want people in a sexualised state all the time, but never to talk about, understand or be open about it. Talk about it freely openly, whenever you can and you'll probably find the entire issue looses impetus. I have worked with certain less than savory entities in the past, thinking they had the answers, that caused this to happen for their own benefit, but to me your own experiences just sound natural, like you have a build up of energy. If you can access this it could mean all sorts of benefit to yourself, so i'd be tempted to even begin to view it as a positive thing, your perspective could entirely flip (though I realise this is a delicate issue, the best ones to face head on are). 

I wish I had more experience in energy movement specifically in regards to your situation, but I can say for certain, opening up the mid chakra's (or all of them if possible), should allow any excess energy to move on. If you're clever you can even direct it into the plants, the mother earth or off to alternate places (I used to focus on tree, stars, other planets, realities etc). These days having got more insight into what stars are on other planes, from this site, I would picture instead my undersoul, and oversoul, all the multiverse incarnations of me and fuel all of them at once.

Love and Light,


NB - Also the control will come, keep at it whatever method you choose to find it, have faith in yourself for you are capable of anything.

Thanks everyone. This has been a problem for me but I didn't know how big it was since I'd always tried living with it. I think you nailed it when you said that talking about sex and stuff would open the blockage up because I barely ever talk about it And unfortunately this problem has manifested in the world via people who like me or hate me. Somehow I've had a lot of attention drawn to me because I can attract a lot of women but I never wanted lots of girls in my life like the guys at my college. So the guys are angry at me because I'm not being a "player" and the girls like me so it makes this giant conflict to occur. But what they don't know is that every since I was little I was an empath so I naturally stay away from people who I guess can be considered filthy (lol) which is the majority of the school.

Usually when I meditate on that area its hard to feel anything moving around so I guess I really got to put a lot of attention in that spot so the energy can move upward. @zojnick Thanks,  I'll check the book out. I hope it can help me out with this sexual energy

Anytime :). And about the problem manifesting, you are wise than you know to make the connections, most miss them. Everything manifests if left, good, bad, confusing, all of them intensify.

Also I wanted to add, if you free the chakra's above the movement of energy will hopefully take much less effort.




It hasn't even been a day since I asked for help and I'm starting to see some results. While in class all I've been doing is concentrating on the area near the sacral chakra and I can feel some stuff loosening up. I felt the energy go up the spine to my throat chakra; another area that I have to put more work into. The energy made me cough a little bit when it got up there so I know that if I keep it up it'll be gone sooner or later. Also, I can feel some bowl movements happening too. Usually I'll feel a bowl movement every other day but I know that I have to cleanse myself daily so I kind of have to remind myself daily to use the toilet(lol).



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