Anush The path to completeness in who you are

There are so many theories and ways this issue is addressed and I have listened to it all, but in the end I followed the path of my soul and found a path that made sense, not only to me, but to many others.


In my life I have searched for this path, which would lead me to the rainbow on the distant mountain, the one that is called balance.  It gives you the power to spread your wings and to reach higher and ultimately Ascension.


All of us grow up with this yearning that we are not complete; a very large part of us is missing.  We get told many things by the grownups out there, but in our hearts we know that is not the truth.  In my searching I have walked many paths, some was high paths and some low, and in the end no matter where I went I could NOT find that path I was looking for.


In my dreams I found that path, but no matter how I searched in the physical not one path took me to that place I dreamed of.  With each passing year the yearning got louder and it drove me insane that I could not reach past this dark valley to reach the other mountain where the rainbow was sparkling in the sun.


I had no access to the internet and these spiritual sites, so in the end I turned inside myself as I could not find the path out there.  In all my soul searching and beating myself senseless I started feeling an inner power, the ME that was missing.  The ME that I was yearning for to make me complete.


In the end I found that the only way for me to reach that rainbow would be to walk through this valley I have been avoiding.  The dark, rancid place that filled me with so much fear, I knew this path would make me face every single thing I have avoided to deal with in this life and so many others.  As I stood there on that ledge looking down into that dark valley I saw someone stand next to me.


I looked at him and I felt his name was Elron, a friend, a guardian, someone I have known a very long time.  We stood there a long time and I finally looked at him.


I asked: “Why is this, the only way to reach the rainbow?”

He answered: “To reach that rainbow you have to face your darkest and most scary demons.  If you have walked through the valley of the shadow of Death, you will never again fear that evil.”


I swallowed as I felt that what he said is the absolute truth, I knew for me to reach that part I will have to go through death/rebirth 10 times.  I will have to leave the life I have made that was not truly mine, and I will have to leap like a lemming onto that dark valley and face every last demon that come for me.


This was how my path started, with that first leap, that fist step.  It was the first steps that lead me into a hell I could never have imagined.


Yet if I have a choice today, I will leap of that ledge again.


I learned that there were more out there than many know and understand.  There is not just light there is dark as well. There are the physical, the Etheric, the Emotional, the Light and the Spiritual body and a soul.  And that to heal your life and yourself you need to heal all of those, merging them one into the other until only one body is left.


At this point I still have only 2 bodies left, I have found that I can merge them halfway and separate them again, so I am not all there yet, though this was what I learned on this path.


All of us are connected by energy, energy that is freely available.  Everything on this planet and the universe use this energy.  On this planet we forgot that unending supply of energy.  We forgot how to use it and how to access it, so in order to have energy we take energy from others.


This is where conflict start, in our day to day lives as well as in relationships.  Each of us is raised to compete for energy and attention from our parents.  They repeat the patterns of their parents and so the children learn the same.


To start on this path we firstly need to look at our parents, find out the story about your parents, through their lives we can see the influence it had on our life, with new eyes. You start seeing their way of controlling the energy in your family.  This is where your interpersonal Ethic’s start.


The way you interact with people, your family, the people around you is the way that you firstly start working on yourself.   Your family is the first persons that teach you to become who you are today.


In our world today interpersonal relationships are in a really bad state.  In the old teaching it is stated that children are the hope of the future, they should be viewed as they really are, as the next level of evolution.  For children to learn to become more than their parents they need a constant basis of energy and unconditional love to reach that.  All the old teachings say that it is the worst possible thing to do to children is to drain them from energy, by correcting them according to your image.  They must learn what is acceptable in the community and what not, but they still need to be able to explore who they are, through helping them to clear past life issues at a young age.


When children don’t receive enough energy it leads to energy deficiency and cause behavioral patterns that is now called ADD and all sorts of things that is suppressed by medication.  Children start to manipulate the energy of their parents by either acting all sorry for themselves, demanding, and hyper active, or sometimes even intimidators.


The old teachings state that children should have at least one dedicated person around (not necessarily a parent) that gives them all the energy they need so that they can learn to be truly centered and balanced within themselves.  They learn to stay that way and grow, to become complete in themselves.


This is why they should always be included into conversations, especially conversations about them.  We as parents should also not take responsibility for more children than we can give attention to.  In the olden days children was cherished by everyone in the family or tribe.  They receive energy from their parents and the other members especially the elders.  The role of elder in the lives of a family is beyond important.


Children need to be told the truth in every situation, they need to understand the reason their parents sometimes act strange.  Problems that affect the family are something children should share in, as they learn from their parents how to deal with such problems.  Through our lives we have been told be quiet, go play grownups need to talk.  It takes energy from the children, and they would start competing with each other for energy and attention.


Parents withhold the truth from their children as they feel it is too complicated for them to understand.  The old teaching stated that all information can always be expressed at the child’s level of understanding.  It is just a matter of finding a way to simplify it.


This is why the teachings state that the role of the community, but especially the mother is the most significant in the evolution of any race.


As grown ups we enter into relationships, and mostly our growth stop, why because of addictions.  We find someone and fall in love we achieve that blissful euphoric stage of Love we all know so well.  Yet mostly it fades and then conflict start, why?


In the start at the beginning when love is all romantic and nice, both individuals give energy to the other voluntarily.  It happens without us realizing it.  Each person that is in balance and harmony draw energy from the universe, in this way they don’t need to take from other people.  Yet, in that euphoric state we start cutting our self off from that universal energy and we start relying on the other person’s energy to feel good.  This happen especially if you are spiritually awake, if not you have never learned to draw that energy from the Universal source.


The other person would normally give to you freely as you would give to them freely.  But in the end you are both disconnected from the universal energy, so then the power struggle start.  They start competing to receive energy from the other person.


In this way they start falling back into the issues they learned as children and it become a tug of war, each using their issues to get energy and attention from the other person.  So in the end it become a power struggle which either have both people miserable or the loser miserable.  Then their ways normally part.


All this started inside our own families, we compete for energy with siblings and your parents, and we never learn the most important aspect any ONE person should know.


The integration of our opposite sexual side, needed to obtain balance, and the reconnection to the Universal Energy.


This is then the reason we become addicted to our partner as they carry the opposite sexual energy we need.  When you are balanced and connected to the universal energy through your higher self and soul, that energy are both male and female.  So when you are not connected you only have access to your own sexual energy.


So in order for you to stay in balance inside a relationship you need to integrate the universal energy into yourself through your higher self/ spiritual body down into your physical body.  This take time to achieve and if you then prematurely fall in love like happen every single day in this world, you attach yourself to the opposite sex, you end up disconnecting from the Universal energy, and attaching yourself to the opposite energy of that person, thus forming an addiction, that usually end up in a power struggle for energy.


The teachings talk about the Holy trinity or the triangle of love.  This is what they described.  Look at the Diagram 1 show relationships now.

Diagram 2 show person in the O state just before a union is reached.
Diagram 3 show clearly what is meant with the Triangle of love.

THIS is what we as humans should strive for not only in love relation ships but in all inter human and species relationships.  THIS is that the channelings call LOVE AND LIGHT. Not that FEELING of utter bliss, most people think it is about.  It is not just a feeling it is a complete way of being.


We can reconnect and open to the universal energy again, but we first must start growing again and letting go of the addictions to other persons and stuff, thus releasing their energy, or the energy of need, by returning to the connection of the Universal energy.


An example can be used of a child, lets say a girl.  She received same sex energy from her mother, but mostly the father doesn’t really provide that energy.  They child has to be taught to use both energies from a small child.  If they don’t the girl would start to learn to manipulate her father to receive his energy/attention.  Something she will learn to do and use as a grownup to.


Since she has not received enough male energy as a girl, she was not taught that balance.


What that girl actually needed to receive was the male energy, to complete her female energy, through that she learn to use both energies together, and to become whole through connecting with both energies to her higher self and the Universe.


If one strand is missing the balance is not quite there and the connection to the higher self is weak at first.  Yet the Universal energy is balanced, so as soon as the girl connect to her higher self she need to start clearing out the past issues, the more issues cleared the more access she gain from the universal energy, and eventually the balance return inside her physical body.


The old teachings tell us that the elders are incredibly important in any family as they are the keepers of the energy.  Through them the energy gets taught to their children and their children’s children.


Every new child born are loved, protected and taught by the elders as well as the parents and the community.  The elders start clearing the children’s past lives with love and the early tribal tales and legends.  Through these tales and stories the first life lessons are taught.


Together a family can become a very strong unit, if the inter personal relationship is taught.  Yet in our society, the elders are stuffed in homes as senile old people that is out dated.  Children get money stuffed into their hands and dropped at a mall.  The two most important elements in Human evolution are not valued.  The elders of the past; and the children of the future.


There is NO family unit, no parents left that teach the youth to be all they can me.


This is our planets biggest problem at this stage we are still caught in the competition for energy.  We’re all stuck at the stage where we are still looking for our opposite-sex energy outside of ourselves, and in the other sexual energy, so we think it is so ideal and magical and together they can now progress sexually, but then the energy competition start and the process fail.  Leaving people disillusioned and believing that there is no more love in this world.


All of us are walking around life as a C - half complete.  Then we find that fantastic euphoric relationship and we feel complete, but eventually the euphoria fade and the problems and issues start building to a point there one or both soul revolt.


We need to learn to complete the C to an O within you and to be in balance with the universal energy, before we can really enter into a meaningful relationship on any level.


Two C’s can NEVER make an O, it is a recipe for failure.  It creates an illusion for completeness that eventually breaks down.


In the past it did work, as either one submitted to the other, usually the woman, sometimes the man, but in this day and age with the vibrations that is rising and people waking up, we realize that this pattern does not work anymore.  We woke up to the reality that we need completeness, inside our own soul.


We can still have real romance, but fist we need to complete the O within our self, on our own, it does take time, but in the end we can achieve a higher relationship, firstly with you, then with someone else that is also a complete person within themselves.


With this kind of relationships two complete O’s will form a triangle and that in itself form another O.


See Diagram 4.

The only way to come back to a complete O is by completing all the steps.


Look into your currant life past, your family and their relationship with each other.  What have you learned from that path?


Look at the path of our planets evolution, our history.  See how the part history had affected the family you are in.  Believe me it IS important.  Those are the legends and tales our elders should have shared with us.


Look at you own past relationships.  What did you learn from them about yourself and those you came into contact with?


Look at the relationships with friends, how have that affected your life.


Now analyze all that, and you have to be brutal and really blatant, it does not help to continue to lie to yourself, as if you do then you are giving in to the lower or dark path, the path that keep you in this miserable state.


It takes time to work through this emotional phase of this life.


Now it is time to reconnect with your True self.  It is time to find your door, that lead to the inner sanctuary of your own soul.


There you will learn your true name, and you enter it and find the past life issues that you have not dealt with for quite a number of lifetimes.


There is always help there to guide and help you through this, once you are willing to really take that responsibility in your live.


The more life issues we clear, let go of and heal the more open we become to the universal energy.


In the end that valley you tried to avoid, the valley of the shadow of death, is the only road you can travel to reach the Rainbow of your ascension.


The more old and stuck emotions and issues you release the more space inside yourself is available to fill with the Universal energy.


Eventually you heal the Physical body as well as the Spiritual body.  This process is known as the ladder to ascension.  The more connected you are, the easier it become for your Spiritual body to stay inside your Physical body.  In the end the Spiritual body will start to take over control of the physical body and mind, bringing with it the higher consciousness and the power that go with it.


To achieve the O, you need to really work with the truth inside yourself, and learn to understand the truth of others, without judgment.


Every last person that come over your path bring with them a message for you or you carry a message for them.  We as perfect O’s learn to listen to the energy, and the souls around us, whether it is plant, animal or human souls, it matter not.  We regain the connection with the Universal energy and learn to access the universal knowledge, which we write into stories and legends to teach our children to also reach this state of Love and Light.


This ALL of this is LOVE and LIGHT.  And to reach this Love and Light, you HAVE to go through the valley of the shadow of death, dealing with the demons and darkness that is inside your, just staying in that euphoric feeling of “love” and ignoring the darkness inside your self, is just another form of procrastinating. Just another way to avoid the real issues you are hiding from.


Those that think they can skip this path and still reach ascension, are sadly mistaken.


No-one can do this for you, not one of the light beings can carry your path for you, but they can give you as much energy as you ask for, that will help you get up and walk this path through the dark night inside your own soul.


We are all learning, and by learning to listen without prejudice of your own perceptions, the door to a great and wide universe open ready and waiting for you to explore it.


We all yearn to year the words welcome home!

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Wow. This message has reached me just in time :)
Thank you
Impeccable timing. Has been my personal focus and as a woman with children I question the best way to help them when things are so out of balance.  Any further sharing on that..?       

Lisa your love and attention, is what they need.  If that is stable they will learn to face everything in their lives with grace.


Just teach them to listen to their heart, that is the best lesson we can learn.

With gratitude Anush.  Admittedly, some days are challenging when doing this 24/6 solo.  They certainly get  lots of attention and trust they feel loved too....I often feel that I am seeking that tribe....that village in a sense as the proverb says:  'it takes a village to raise a child...' Today we went for nature time in the park.  This seldom happens, but a really nice young guy and his wife/baby came along.  He began talking to my son and kicked the soccer ball with him, played and encouraged him.  He treated him with real respect in so many ways.  It was really appreciated by my 5 year old and myself because he doesn't get that 'masculine' figure around to play with and especially the way this guy had the balanced feminine going too.  It was so good.                      

Unconsciously that family gave your child attention.  It happen so many time a day when people stop to speak to us but no, we look at them funny and move away.


This is what is needed, people being connected and opening to others.

I feel that too Anush.  I have been having a lot of this happening recently and always take the time to stop, listen very consciously while looking that person in the eye knowing that there is a purpose quite possibly a gift in the connection.  It was so magnified with the children yesterday though that it made it extra special;)      
very beautiful post. agreed on many parts

there are so many theories, we can read, talk, study but they are just fingers pointing at the moon to borrow a zen saying.

the fear of death is one of the most powerful things on earth but it is often ignored consciously and unconsciously, acknowledging it is the first step to overcoming it.

and yes tenfold interpersonal relationships are so so so shallow. which i am still very guilty of. the focus of most relationships today is to get married and establish a family but i feel community, whether it be your neighbors or people you see on a daily basis are taken for granted.

the elderly are becoming more and more isolated instead of venerated for their experiences and advice they may share.

children are conditioned in many various ways, can't really make a broad stroke, but our education system is a joke or a sinister plot to say the least.

gonna volunteer as a youth mentor this summer to help out where i can

and yes we are all connected
may there be peace, peace, peace

I was not active in Site for months Because of path i have chosen,i was guided to login for purpose i am happy that Purpose is for you.

I Can guide you some extent but it is your Journey.

1. You need to Clear your karmas.

2. Find some one who walked on this path for help if karma is cleared Vision will become clear and all thrones in path will become has flowers

3. Confronting your Darker side or Unbalanced side will be Harder to you art of Making Perfection is the Journey what we all are seeking if you clear your karmas this task and vision will be easier.


Below Text book Will Be very important guidances to you in your journey


The Lankavatara Sutra


3 Bodys you have to keep in mind During this Journey while switching to astral and Physical Keep In mind.

You Have choice Ones you Confront the Negative side of yours,You can Do this either in Astral or Physical Choice is Your both path will be tough


1. Suddha Deham: is the pure physical body which become golden " in the physical body we realize the Love body". As soon as the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are far from impure illusions the supra mental forces are realized, they are called Karma Siddhis. This Siddhis are reached only when we attain Suddha Deham!


2.Pranava Deham: is the development of the Divine Godhead "in the subtle body we realize the Grace body" in divers traditions we can found the golden sphere presence which surrounds the head of a saint. Vallalar said that the psychic head is made of a very refined brain, the brain is called Omkara brain, the other brain which is more ordinary is called Ankara. The development of Omkara acts as a direct receptive station with the cosmic consciousness.


This station passes on the messages to the more gross brain. This type of development is only possible when the vital " the lower being" is not any more the master and that the mental is able to maintain certain purity. Letting the Divine consciousness enter in the brain, this one develop itself more and more. Each cells receive this message, the transformation is taking place. At this time it is possible to go beyond the divers veils of Maya.


This prospers and expensive body is also called Omkara body. The development of this body allow you to go beyond the establish gross principles of nature. The Subtle body starts to grow to the size of a golden mountain, the physical body transforms itself into the body of a five to eight years old child, the 64 siddhis become on the control of the yogi. This body can't be perceived by the touch and the sight.


3.Gnana Deham: is the transformation of the pranava body into a gnostic body " in the causal body we realize the felicity body" with the third eye function and his development the body eliminates all sorts of impurities and become almost invisible. Such a body appears like a fire ball or a fire pillar. With the practice of absolute compassion, this body receives Grace. This Grace allows him to obtain the same powers and qualities of God.


Creator will Guide you 


Thank you, for the advice.  I have been clearing karma for 4 years and I reached much lately.  I am 9 years on this path, and what you gave me here is known to me.


Thank you for your guidance.  None of us can ever say we are experts LOL, it is a path.

I loved Reading this

I did too :) Thank you


Just yesterday I ordered some Apache Tears (Male Energy) and Some Natural Moonstones (Female Energy), not by chance as I wasn’t looking to order them specifically for Chakras, they just called out as I was browsing other crystals.


Then I read this today. I will make sure I speak to them together, as that is increasingly important.



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