From a sentence to a word to a letter to a symbol to a dot to no-thing such is the process of life and language. It will be most interesting to observe how humanity discovers its connection to all everything. I have posted this work because it is an etymology masterpiece and deserves to be highlighted in addition to allowing me to continuously bring you treasures. I'm tireless for you.

P.S. My interest is to build bridges to allow consciousness to connect so all the Beings can marvel at what it truly is without fear. 

Antient Beings - Antient Mythology Jacob Bryant Resistance 2010

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You may want to start at page 12 on this document to get past all the salutations.

Thank you Sevan will get stuck into this!

This is really good, Sevan.  Very interesting.  I'll be up all night : )...

Thank you,


Brilliant!!!  Thank you Sevan for trailblazing, as always :)  I have an ongoing list of words that I am ciphering, this will defiantly add another dimension to my innerstanding.  Not to mention the proper nouns that I am interested in dissect as well. 

this is awesome work.It makes more sense of what i learned from the code to the matrix and other its like you never stop witch is good ,the world needs more people that never stop seeking the truth.I will be in this for a long time im sure.I am happy to be part of the resistance.we always move foreword.

And?  He was also worshipped as Teutates and Odin...  He got the name Odin from Adonai which was carried up thru Scythia by the Nefarious tribe of Naphtali...  Who once flew under the banner of Dan...   It is nice to confirm my previous research...  But the question is...  Now what?  To me that is to go inside oneself and master oneself...  Not that I have mastered myself...  But the process is under way....



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