Im Dutch and as in many country but espicially here, marihuana is somelike social :)

I did smoke weed few times a week, and pulled everyting together to quit after turning my life to the Most High.

Now I read this!! I must say that when I have smoked (a littlebit) meditation rocks! And its easier to keep myself in longer meditations.

This and positive thing? or just something my mind tells me because Im trying to quit.. wich might wont even be nescessary, when reading this. And i dont smoke daily so.. 

Let me know


That which enlivens is understood as the SPIRIT. In these times of secular values, when the life force is not recognized as being an expression of the holy, when in fact, the notion of a plane of existence beyond the material is not acknowledged, the search for meaning nevertheless perseveres.

Today, in these darkest of times, hundreds of millions who pursue the journey inward to the universal core values, find that marijuana facilitates the search. As a religious sacrament, intuitively recognized by all for whom the sacred beckons, marijuana has been employed for thousands of years, crossing all geographical and ethnic barriers. Marijuana not only balances the body, and enhances our mental processes, it can also help (some of) us to perceive the abiding reality by raising our consciousness.

The following are excerpts from The Benefits of Marijuana:

          Meditation Is the ultimate tool for self-knowledge In the East, marijuana has been used to facilitate the process for millennia. (p.47)

          The uncovering of inner confusion, so prominent with marijuana, is conspicuously absent with depressants. As the overall benefits of insightfulness obtained from its use lead to a greater freedom, marijuana is shunned by individuals who need a status quo in the personality or social position.
          Sigmund Freud developed and expounded the understanding that we mechanically base our actions on programs devised throughout life, and many esoteric schools, ancient and modern, have taught the same. Being aware of these programs is very difficult since ordinary consciousness has within it the conspiracy to keep the mind comfortable and free of conflict This operates collectively as well as individually. Whenever confronted, this usual state of mind automatically assumes a defensive posture by relying on distorted rationalizations, which are evident in a repressive and intolerant social order. By contrast, the open and aware consciousness often leads to spiritual realizations, irrelevant in mainstream thinking. In today’s world, this understanding is uncommon. Higher morals and ethics, as propounded by organized religions, are agreed upon by the masses, especially during church attendance, but are otherwise too difficult to maintain when personal survival is at stake. Universal spiritual values, so often released with marijuana, can break down the conditioned defensive mentality. 
          It appears as if society, as well as the programmed, individual mind, needs to hold in check the notion that we love our neighbor as ourselves. There is no way that we can love our neighbor as ourselves, nor any way that our economy can subscribe to a policy of cooperation, when the very life of business enterprise is dependent upon “profit first and foremost.” Cooperation within free enterprise is a difficult reality so long as “me first” remains the primary motivation. A neurotic society, with its deeply imbedded habit of maladaptive coping methods, is resistant to change. Marijuana can be of tremendous benefit in exposing the distorted perspectives responsible for social, class, and racial conflict It can open the “doors of perception,” and thereby after the very core of the personality, by allowing a view of the transcendent values of human life. (p. 57)

          In the area of private values, marijuana may offer benefits beyond the personal ego, which reach the dimension referred to by mystics and saints as the ever-present “now.” The experience addresses states of consciousness not common to the common man and resembles Maslow’s “peak experience.” (p. 65)

          To ascend the ladder of consciousness, human beings need as much help as they can get. Levels of consciousness above concerns of personal survival and power are neither necessary for human life, nor visible from ordinary states. Because these higher degrees of awareness threaten the power structure, all paths to them are often outlawed. If we are not taught by some older, wiser person that deep and timeless perceptions really exist (or unless we ourselves fortuitously catch a glimpse of these subjective realities), we remain ignorant of their existence and are easily molded into the lower social goals of materialism, competition, and power. This less enlightened state is expressed by a constant gnawing dissatisfaction. It is the dimension of perennial desire. With each fulfillment of a goal /need / want, another void erupts. In Buddhism, it is the realm of nightmarish, insatiable hunger, which cannot be resolved unless or until the being attains to a less self-centered level. Deep within each of us, an essential need for a higher meaning of life waits to be awakened. Because of its ability to unlock this yearning and allow us a glimpse of the deeper reality, marijuana is feared by the establishment and loved by the user. (p. 66)

          It is mainly because spiritual values are abandoned during eras of materialism that marijuana is banned today. And, ironically, it is because these values are so absent in the modern culture that the marijuana experience is so ardently sought. (P. 67)

          Perhaps investigation into the higher human values could not surface in the industrial West until all imaginable physical, psychological, and social dysfunction reached dangerous proportions. (p. 67)

          The Christian mystic de Chardin, explaining this same process, says, “physical energy must be mastered and grounded for spiritual energy to move, because physical energy transforms the spirit.” (Ferguson) Within the deep recesses of human understanding, the intuitive faculty steers its course. For many who are in touch with this sixth sense, the realm of the spirit is supreme. Anything that demonstrates a possibility for psycho/spiritual uplifting is known to be sacred. Marijuana is so recognized and revered. “Bhang brings union with the Divine Spirit.” (Indian Hemp Commission) (p. 69)

          “Through balance, with time and interest, marijuana can enliven the Center of Knowing.”  In the Theory of Vibration, this is the sixth level of development known as the “Knowledge Center.” What we refer to as the sixth sense, or intuition, derives from this esoteric symbol, which very often is depicted as a third eye, located at the midbrow. (p. 71)

          As we have seen, many an argument against marijuana refers to the non-competitive nature it engenders. During the Vietnam War, one of the major problems of our soldiers was their inability to accept the brutality of their own actions. Our young men encountered marijuana at every turn in Asia (the Vietnam War was the beginning of marijuana use in this country, since it was the first time a status and educational cross section of America was exposed to it), and their reaction was often not in keeping with the insensitivity necessary for war. Their conscience bothered them. Gaining higher values, such as compassion, cooperation, and consideration, is a function of balance and a threat to a militaristic society. If we all became aware of our conscience, who would be left to maintain the indifference of the social order. The more we uncover the spiritual element in our natures, the more sensitive we become. Scrooge had no conscience until he experienced the spirit He was surely happier and healthier after his vision, but not wealthier, for his conscience dictated that he share. His new-felt sensitivity did not result from rules, fear, or his superego. It overflowed joyfully as an expression of his higher state of being. 
          Marijuana’s contribution to the developing spirit is cumulative. As bodily tensions are reduced mental fears dissolve, clearing the way to greater insight But, until the direct effect (physical balance) of marijuana on the body and the attendant side effect (high) of marijuana on the mind become familiar, the alterations themselves remain the focus of interest The “getting high” is the end in itself, rather than the understanding and insight that accrues a s the changed set becomes more a common. People who try marijuana and reject it do so usually because they feel uncomfortable and confused in altered, fuller consciousness. Instead of life being safely framed by the rigidity of the societal dogma, the wold becomes unfamiliarly bigger, brighter, fuller, yet less manageable, more unpredictable and full of mystery. A mind that has been bound and accustomed to a low charge or a selling without light very often finds the expansiveness of reality too highly energized. The light can be blinding and disorienting. Over time, and with regular intake, when these higher states of seeing are no longer the focal point of attention, a restructuring of values may emerge. (p. 72)

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I find it very helpful, when used with intent to enhance contact with Most High. There is no right or wrong, just the result of the experience. It's up to you.
I've had the same experience with mary lately, as far as the "paranoia" goes. But that's the point of it, once you truly stop caring what others think of you, you're free.
Go to You Tube channel and type in : The Marijuana Conspiracy-The Truth About Weed.
The Most High created it. It's uses are endless; clothes, shoes, foodstuffs and the list goes on! The best thing is it's goes back into the Planet with no harmful effects! Remember the World Cup 2006? Yours was the only place the British fans didn't act up! Guess it was all the Contact High that keep the Police at bay, Huh? My Dad grew it for years in our backyard cause of our Herritage. It's legal in your country for a reason; maybe you'll have more understanding of natural plants, eh?
Peace-Innerstanding and Wisdom to U.
I myself have found it rather.. not to my liking. Here's what I mean:

I smoked a few times, and yes it was definitely better than nothing at all. It increases the rhythm, improves the songs you make, all sorts of things.

Then I tested Salvia Divinorum. That made some massive impact on me, both in perspective and I believe, also in brain chemistry. From then on I could feel much more intense sensations in my brain (like from alcohol, or marijuana).

The next 2-3 times I smoked marijuana, it became VERY clear to me, what the differences are. And in short, while Salvia feels very "sporty", fast, alert and quick in the brain, accelerating and optimizing everything in a wonderful way, both alcohol and marijuana have an opposite effect: of slowing down, almost clogging the system.

Once I noticed that I gave away all the marijuana I had and never looked back. If ever I need a boost, meditation or any sort of contact, Salvia is my way to go. I have refused and will continue to refuse cannabis joints even when offered.

That's just my experience, might not be the norm, as I know cannabis is very popular these days. Peace :)
This is all good to know but lately (for more than 6 months), I have a friend who, when high, seems to be possessed by some negative energy. He always says things unusual for him and turns into a 100% different person. As if he someone traded bodies with him. I've also noticed this in my roommate. And I know I'm not making it up because when he, my roommate, gets high, he would often say things that are totally irrelevant to what we're talking about, yet always negative and seemingly directed at one of us. Sometimes it feels like he's possessed by something that is trying to put a spell on us.



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