My best friend became a vegetarian about a year and a half ago. She said that the way companies treat &slaughter animals is inhumane (I agree) and also does not eat them because she feels like they have feelings. I watched one of Sevan shows and he mentioned that animals are sub-human. What exactly does that mean? Is that what my friend was trying to say?

Most people say that animals have no souls or it's not wrong for us to eat them. My argument was always "Oh well, it's dead anyways.". Haha yes it's horrible that I said that but it made sense to me at the time. . . now I think that even if the animal isn't alive I'll still be supporting the act if I eat it. . .I wouldn't want to eat a human so I feel bad now when I eat meat. Also, I wonder, some animals kill other animals for food. If it is not wrong for them why is it wrong for us?

I haven't become a vegetarian but I always get a guilty feeling when I eat meat now... What do I do?

If I stop how will this help me spiritually?

Posted some vids. that make me wonder even more. . .

ughhh in one of the vid. I watched they kept baby calves in tiny, cramped spaces where they couldn't move and fed them something that was DEFINITELY not grass that got them very fat and unhealthy. The workers would kick them around and just ughhh. . . . 

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Meat is eaten because it tastes good. There are other ways2 get nutrients without the death of an animal.



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