My best friend became a vegetarian about a year and a half ago. She said that the way companies treat &slaughter animals is inhumane (I agree) and also does not eat them because she feels like they have feelings. I watched one of Sevan shows and he mentioned that animals are sub-human. What exactly does that mean? Is that what my friend was trying to say?

Most people say that animals have no souls or it's not wrong for us to eat them. My argument was always "Oh well, it's dead anyways.". Haha yes it's horrible that I said that but it made sense to me at the time. . . now I think that even if the animal isn't alive I'll still be supporting the act if I eat it. . .I wouldn't want to eat a human so I feel bad now when I eat meat. Also, I wonder, some animals kill other animals for food. If it is not wrong for them why is it wrong for us?

I haven't become a vegetarian but I always get a guilty feeling when I eat meat now... What do I do?

If I stop how will this help me spiritually?

Posted some vids. that make me wonder even more. . .

ughhh in one of the vid. I watched they kept baby calves in tiny, cramped spaces where they couldn't move and fed them something that was DEFINITELY not grass that got them very fat and unhealthy. The workers would kick them around and just ughhh. . . . 

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This should answer all your questions

Watching vid. now

I cried throughout the whole video, thank you so much. I am going to share this

I didn't put a caveat with the video because most people will just choose not to watch it, even the trailer is too much for most.  I'm glad you made it through and are going to share this.  When I watched it, it was between inconsolable sadness/crying/vomiting but I'm glad i did.

People are too far removed from that hunk of dead carcass that they dine on.  This puts a bit of perspective on it, and while it still has the screen as a 'buffer', I don't think 99% of people would ever go to a farm to watch/participate in 'harvesting' their own meat. 


Let's take this 1 at a time, from root to heart/mind.

1, There are billions of organisms in your body right now, many helping you clean the blood, fight infection, digest food and some hindering you. Your body creates what it needs to break down and digest whatever you put inside of it. Worms and such like for meat, this is natural in the cases of most food. - Now you ARE meat, so is creating something that eats meat inside of you particularly intelligent? Its like lighting a fire in a wooden building or breeding termites. 

2, Animals are pumped full of antibiotics, you don't want an excess of antibiotics in your system. They are unnatural and throw off the balance of your system, they kill good bacteria as well as bad, they tend to clog your system up or shut it down in parts. In my line of work currently all day I see people suffering from imbalances due to prescription medication, the same thing here with meat.

3, The resources needed to produce meat is staggering compared to vegetables. The energy consumption alone across the population.

Let's go a bit higher up the conscious ladder.

4, These animals are kept in squalid horrible conditions much of the time in boxes, given next to no life and then you ingest them. One the nutrient value of that kind of food is questionable, and two if you have any kind of heart you can see this is no way to run farming or life.

5, The sheer act of killing another living organism so we can continue to survive is obscene. No other way to put it. The argument but nature does it is usually thrown around, sure if you want to be on the level of a dog/wolf or other predator, then that would follow. For a human being - We can only do this because we don't feel its pain, if we could it'd be like stabbing your own arm. Its a symptom of disconnection and I have it too, I struggle with my disconnection from the earth daily. I could kill animals now and not feel, too much war, violence for Me. It doesn't have to be like that for the next generation coming up, not for your kids, they have a shot at a clean heart and a caring one.

This is the best I have its not the highest spiritual knowledge you might say but its what I have experienced or seen. If you or anyone reads my words and feels anger, instead of neutrality, ask yourself what is causing the anger. - They are merely words, whatever gives you the urge to anger, is what's causing you the urge to eat meat.

NB Spirit - U - ALL

Very well put. Thank you! I might print this out and take it with me every time I get an urge. I officially am not going to eat meat! Ever since I've started researching my mind has officially decided. Thank you again.


check out ASTRAL QUEST -POST SEASON 2 - THE LAUNCHPAD watch (listen to) the portion at 17:00

Every thing on planet Earth is alive like our Mother Earth She Lives and FEELS. USDA have were I live have Baby Calfs in these stalls for the last 25 Years. Off the road were many Meat Eaters drive. Oh yea the Chickens to stacked cages about 10-13 high and about 40 long, feathers everywhere poop on top and very cold for the outside Chickens thats down the road from my home. They live in large TIN box, temps 90-103+. Then the talo for soap made from Cows who got sick and sometimes they just DROP in the side of the ROAD! Finally, 50 miles off I-5 an Sea Miles of Cows off to the slaughterhouse for the Meat Eaters. The smell sits on your tongue and your mind. 

Oh My Gosh Zen Alchemist......That Video was Heart Breaking......

What's everyone's perspective on local organic free-range unfertilized egg's?

I've heard of a vid how the body reacts to egg on a microscopic level but never actually seen it. Apparently it isn't assimilated well and there is an energetic loss in the long run; or in other words, the cost to benefit ratio makes it not worth eating. I'm not sure what kind of egg the experiment was done on, nor the egg's history (fertilized, CAFO, non-organic, etc, etc). I can imagine there being a difference.

Also, Andreas Moritz, a self taught healer/medical intuitive; a practitioner of Ayurveda, iridology, shiatsu, and vibrational medicine claims protein and starch eaten at the same time ends up putrefying in the intestines, due to the enzymes produced by the body to break them both down not synergizing thereby leaving both not properly assimilated. I'm not sure if he was talking gluten or any kind of starch, (i.e potato, coconut). I'm assuming this would go for seeds and bread, or even a peanut butter sandwich, but not clear on that.

All animals have SOULS then why eat their SOULS? Everything here created by the the Creators. Beware they bring Fear when eaten into YOU.Walk away people, Just RUN!! 

I've seen fruitarians running marathons i've seen breatharians, using liquid cleanses extremely fit and healthy. Myself i have replaced all the things meat gave me with more efficient energy and mineral rich foods. I feel 10 years younger than I did, I am barely ever ill, and shrug things off in no time at all. Many people i've met say the same things about a great diet. So people who eat meat are not leaner and stronger than those who don't. Its all about what you say in the second paragraph. People who eat well, and more importantly to support their own lifestyle, are leaner and stronger than those who don't.



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