I found this thread on another website, and thought it was interesting and could assist a student in understanding these symbols better.


The author goes on to give their own understanding and points of these symbols and thier purposes. I thought it was worth sharing.

Wholeness :)

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The reason I find it important to view these symbols in 3D, is that is their natural geometry.

We are experiencing a third dimensional reality (3D), but our 'minds' can oscillate these geometric shapes, as well as go into them, and come out of them and view these geometric creations for what they are.

Our ancestors used this 'ability' with their minds to experience, view, and understand third dimensional geometry, and their purpose. But they probably did not have the resources at the time to create these shapes in life-form 3D, so the simplest thing to do was draw/write them in 2D, on paper, scrolls, cave walls etc..

The biggest reason I find it important for everyday human-consciousness to view and examine these third dimensional shapes in their minds; once we are old enough to comprehend langauge, the system has our youth writing spells and curses in 2D. This IS limiting the mind throughout, as the indivudal child will percieve these shapes in the lesser 2D format, rather the natural 3D format it truely is.

Most people I know or have came across on this journey called life; cant even "See" shapes or colours in their minds! That goes back to childhood, writing and viewing, and perceiving 3D objects (shapes etc) in 2D-pencil-on-paper format...Even the television, computers, games, or anythign with a flat screen - is being viewed 2dimensionally, there is no depth in the television screen. 3D = length, width, height, depth, volume. 2D has only two of those things.

It limits the mind, it slows the mind; therfore it becomes easier for the system to dumb down individual human-minds, on a mass scale. Our maximum-internal perception is being limited. Most energy comes from this mental space within us; ideas, beliefs, philosophy, visions, dreams etc.. when the mind is limited so is all of those things! Which is why most humans in society have small minds, small perceptions, and dont see the bigger picture. Like the game 'Tetrus' in their minds, too many blocks.

So to conclude the ramblings of a mad man (lol) I find it very important our youth start training their minds to perceive things for what they are, third dimensional, and beyond, instead of relating to 2D symbols, where the mind has no use for 2D. We have the tech and capabilities to maufacture any shape, to be viewed in its 3D format. There is no excuse for our childrens minds to be limited by perception.

Wholeness :)



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