BRAHMIN ORIGIN OF CORNUDO MUDRA

Finally I have reached another Oasis of treasures after braving the barren desert in search of the one who Knows. The travel has been rough, the lands are strange and sometimes barren while the people that inhabit these strange parts are of a weird custom, wild and superstitious. ;-) 

I wanted to get this to you as fast as possible, I have also made the first 3 Audio Files totaling about 6 hours of read time. I will post the rest when I have finished converting it, thanks droid, lol. Now there can be no excuse, pretty much everything is here in plain view it will simply take your dedication. The prize is before Us, this is the Championship. We will be elaborating more about all of this of course and in so many ways it shows that what We proclaimed as truth is exactly that. 

There is a place beyond good and evil, meet me there. 


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Anacalypsis is a review of the history of religions; however, due to his death Higgins was unable to complete the final chapter on Christianity. Not to be a conspiracy theorist but its obvious why the Christian section was going to be damaging.
In Part II of the audio there is a short portions of garbled script, simply fast forward a little past it.
This is an AMAZING read, Sevan!...I read it shortly before joining the Resistance which may have ALOT to do with me coming to this site!! (As I said, back in March)...he CONFIRMS much of what you wrote in the CODE!!!!
Thank U!!
Started reading this the other day. Are the Nero's referring 2 the romans? what does the picture represent, a god or deity? i am not familiar with alot of eastern religious idols and i am very curious. the book is very interesting. thanks sevan.
thanks for the audio, this will be interesting to listen to
Its been about 2 weeks of breathing this book, eating and sleeping this book. All I can say is all answers can be found here. What I have discovered is much more than can be put into words. We can dedicate our lives to so many things, but for a moment many need to take time to put something inside that is wholesome, that will resonate with energy throughout existence because it rests inside of them along with all of existence, the core of truth, the words, the meanings, the results. Returning from the pieces and fractals to the whole is at hand. Again, seeing the Author died before he simply came out blatantly about Christianity answers my final question about his status, and about Masonry and what they will do to one of their own if they will not hush with the truth. Christianity is the worst kind of shame, a real mind job. Imagine this, a true Khrist risk his/her life to bring forth the truth, in every instance this has happened one must go against the mainstream/Pharisee. These Pharisees we are in the environment with now worship JU-Piter just as they did in the past. Khrist's speak against that because JU is not the highest and that is just a fact. So this becomes the idea and desire to go Higher, to bypass the DOGMA and the guardians of the gates they call time, knowledge, etc to make in your mind exact the machinations of various existences unknown until you do. The phycological throw of the modern bible is using the name "Jesus" points people right back to Juptier, because Jupiter is also Zeus. Hook, line, sinker, multiple lifetimes in the loops. Cyclops or the Creators of Circles/Cycles. Man and woman's ideas of the Most High are limited to the priest explaining it to them. In history the priests have had the agenda often given to them by the negative forces of the degraded collectives. I presume they used Higgins as one to cipher all that most so-called intelligent men find themselves ignorant about. In addition he to has Resistance resident within as he makes the statement, "he finds it overwhelming the ignorance of the scholars, especially the Greeks, many have done nothing more than utilized the knowledge to get ahead and in their folly they have failed to even get the knowledge translated correctly thus confusing everyone foolish enough to follow them. Let us remain diligent about bringing truth.

whoa... very accurate thus far... extreme puzzle placement here. Still reading and listening...

Thanks for this....



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