Many in the heavy pursuit of fame and fortune have now received what they have destroyed so many things to get at only to find it was a waste. I saw a quote earlier today and it said "what are you saving up for, to be Jewish?" I thought that was so hilarious seeing that even those with the most are finding themselves in an uncomfortable position as the dimensions come closer the void comes closer to those who have imagined life did not have a greater meaning. Being ahead We must know that some are on the way to fill this void as many continue to search for external gratification which does not exist. The stage is being set.

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IMHO it wasnt/isnt their fault Sevan. We have been DEVELOPED (conditioned) from childhood. Knowingly or unknowingly. It is all a CONstruct! Perception is...EVERYTHING! He who controls perception, therefore, controls everything... at least in consciousness. On a deeper level :: and after realizing that we have an additional 50-80 TRILLION senses ( as each cell in our body is covered by a membrane that acts as both a receiver as well as TRANSMITTER making each cell in and of itself a SENSE(OR) :: TRILLIONS OF THEM! so...what info are the cell membranes RECEIVING? We can be sure of one thing :: IT IS ELECTROMAGNETIC in nature! Lets not even go to discussions of the dark side... after reading about the brilliant move made by Rothschild following the battle of Waterloo i knew what their priority was and still is... or... could it be they were made aware of a GEOGRAPHICAL planetary pole shiftt? or... is it a concern about the kill-shot CME predicted by NASA that would take down the entire grid for years? or...ET First Contact/RETURN? how about the GALACTIC ALIGNMENT let alone realizing these guys in power are being hit right now from every angle and they will do ANYTHING to its NOT about confrontation Sevan... its about UNPLUGGING! and that aint easy ::: YET

Truth only, that is what I see here, that is what I read every day, watch every day with clearer eyes now. If confrontation is perceived or absorbed, that comes from within, not without. (Unless you let it). That was a heavy lesson for me to learn in this life, for other reasons, and I am thankful for it.


All external things are born within to innerstanding :), wholeness.

I remember seeing these photos, great publicity stunts and there's more where that came from like when Williams brother went to fight in iraq but was on the army high priority unlike other soldiers 

The question that reverberated around my mind when I thought of this, this morning was.


Why did they feel the need to do this?


I know there are many levels to things, expanding more than 2D. For a long, long time I've been pulling to be much more in 3D, which is a pull away from the 1 perception, describing it all (2D) and was always a starting point to align to ascend further.

boring it is, after a person has had so many experiences on this planet there is nothing left but the feels excellent.i am grateful for all the experiences that lead to this point.insanity=doing the same thing and expecting a different result.THANKS for sharing once again.

Everything they do is planned it seems to me very systematic. After I read the book I thought about why I have a "social security number" and what it meant find out it means "to follow world without hesitation" it just makes me so ready to do what I have to do 



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