It's been a while since a have written a post and some interesting things have happened in my life that I think are worth writing about. So, there is this favourite esoteric shop in my hometown Bratislava. Last month or so I went there with my girlfriend to get some new stuff and I found some. A bowl for incense burning, some sand and charcoal to go with it. Then I also bought some Dragon Blood (Daemonorops draco) and another incense I don't remember the name of. It was some kind of a very light bark with a nice smell to it. I think it was Agarwood (Aquilaria agallocha). Then we left the shop and headed back to my girlfriend's car since I don't drive. We took a shortcut between some houses and there was a couple walking their dogs. Now comes the good part. One of the dogs, some ugly little breed with a very short mouth that looks as if it's snout has been kicked in, stood before us and bared his teeth completely. At that moment I knew I was looking at the face of a demon. The best part is that it did't scare or surprise me. I just smiled back and walked away. I hope none of you reading this think that I'm being delusional. I know what I saw and actually love dogs. Even that one :D So go ahead and write anything you like down there in the comments section. Any thoughts on what, why or how could I have seen what I just explained here are welcome. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Wholeness

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All life has energy.   All has vibration.  Sometimes, there are energies that host, but we are also electromagnetic conciousness. 

We are magnetic vibration - as such, we both attract and repel -  animals are supersensory beings - the intuit of a dog is developed and thus has assisted man. 

Around us, is energy, vibration.  as well as us, being energy vibration.

The dog and you both are.  Conduits. Sensory beings. 

As you grow stronger in the knowledge and activation of your Being, Entity you are, so you are less affected by fears. You learn to control your responses and be the detatched observer. That beyond the field of energy you are, is still there, and the dog may also sense this, for the creature is not 'evil', however he may also respond/react to energies you are unaware of.

Thank you for your response Janet. I did not intend to name the dog evil, but it really had the face of a demon. I just don't know how else to put it. It seemed as if  it had too many fangs in it's mouth. But I will not linger on my sensory perception any more. I know what I saw. My conclusion is that it was a kind of test and I passed that test.



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