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I have been on the board for a few months now (which might I add is the best source of information I have ever come across in one place!), but I am not an "active" member per say, as I don't generally post anything.  I read and watch the content over and over, among other things I am studying, but I have to say that this website alone has taken me to places that probably would have taken me years upon years to get to!  So for that, I thank you all for everything everyone has contributed here!

I need some advice or help with attaining more lucidity when dreaming or even astral traveling.  I have never fully projected yet though, but I have been trying for over a year and I have studied and read so many books on the subject, that I am starting to feel that I may be missing something or perhaps doing something that is holding me back?  Over the past year that I have been trying to project, I have had two instances (very far apart from one another) where I think I may have been projecting, but the moment I realized what was going on, I got too excited and gained full consciousness and lost the sensations.  Both times though, I felt as if my entire body was vibrating in a way I've never experienced, and i felt a slight tug or pulling before I got too worked up and basically woke my self up. 

Now, since the end of January of 2013, I have taken matters to the next level.  I have completely stopped eating any meat (not that i really consumed a lot to begin with..) then stopped eating any animal products and "fake" foods such as anything from restaurants or fast food joints.  I limit my intake of processed or non organic foods as much as possible, but it's very hard to do living in Toronto, where winter doesn't allow for many locally grown foods, let alone organic.  Lately though for the last couple months, i have found that i cannot achieve lucidity, I haven't had an instance where I am lucid or even aware that I am dreaming and maybe not controlling the dream to a certain degree.  It's like something happened ever since I changed my diet. 

Here is a list of what i eat on a day to day basis.  It's pretty consistent for the most part, but the point with this "meal plan" is to show what types of processed or non organic foods I do eat. Most fruits and veggies, although organic, are imported from various places like USA, Mexico, Columbia and Chilli.  Very little is locally grown, especially in the winter months, especially for organic produce.


- Organic fair trade coffee beans, which i grind my self

- Organic almond milk (some ingredients in it sound non organic to me though with added vitamins and minerals, perhaps this may be the culprit as i use it in my coffee and smoothies daily. I go through 1 to 1.5 boxes a week (946ml each box)

- organic and no preservative toast/bread with all sorts of nuts and grains on the crust, 2 slices a day

- organic and vegan pomegranate jam

- Vegan  butter made from flax, soy and other nut oils (i may have a couple table spoons of this a week or less)

- Organic frozen berries and fruits for smoothies

- avocados (organic and non organic, depends on whats available) , 5 a week

- organic bananas, 8-10 a week

- organic oatmeal, a bowl a day


- Veggies and fruits (varies every day/week depending on what i can get, 50/50 is organic and non organic)

- Organic salad mix with lemon juice, dehydrated cranberries, unsweetened coconut shavings, sea salt and pepper and olive oil (all ingredients for the dressing are non organic)

- mixed nuts (non organic bulk type)

- Dehydrated fruits that I make myself weekly with organic fruits


- Most of my dinners are stir fry, pasta, rice, salad type dishes, of course all vegetarian and vegan

- I use a lot of non organic olive oil in recipes

- non organic pasta, once every week or two ill have a pasta dinner with an olive oil type sauce or organic pasta sauce

- jasmine rice, non organic, 2-3 cups of rice every week or two

- more organic salad mix

- Veggies and fruit juice i make using my juicer, 80% is organic produce, the celery, kale, romaine lettuce and spinach  are always non organic, they just don't carry it at the place i shop

- non organic spices and herbs that i use from my spice rack

- I do grown fresh herbs which are from an organic clone

- I grown my own organic potatoes, green onions and garlic, but the garlic is a seldom harvest, so otherwise a use a lot of garlic on a weekly basis, non organic


- bulk pop corn seeds

- my dehydrated fruits

- fresh fruits (mostly organic with the exception of Guavas, papaya, oranges)

- cherry tomatoes (non organic)

Aside from dried herbs, spices, almond milk, vegan butter, and the non organic produce listed above, there really is nothing else i consume that is processed or non organic.

From what I have gathered that has changed since i really have gone full tilt on this quest to actually project and be conscious of it, is perhaps the almond milk, butter, organic vegan jam or garlic that really has an effect on me? I haven't changed any of the products i use, (which i am consciously aware are bad) such as my hand lotions and shampoos and deodorant. I don't take any sort of medications or pills.  I haven't had a sore throat or cough or any "cold" symptoms in over a year and a half when i discovered affirmations.

Prior to the diet change, I used to eat 4-5 eggs whites per day for breakfast, with typical off the shelf white bread, real and non organic butter, cream for my coffee, and I did consume probably a 6 pack of beer and/or a bottle of red wine per month and i would have some fish or shrimp once every other week and on rare and isolated occasions, I would have chicken or beef.  I have had 2 glasses of red wine and 3 soda sized cans of beer since January until now, which were very spaced out instances, with no drunk or "buzzed" feeling at all.  In 2008 i was on a complete raw diet for 1.5 years and did it cold turkey.  At that time, I had no occult knowledge, except that I was drawn in by the idea of a healthy diet and going completely raw made a lot of sense to me, as was already a healthy minded individual.  I felt greater than i have ever felt in my life and when i decided to stop eating raw only, I still felt great, healthy and energetic, but eating meat just felt wrong, but I eventually got sucked back into it, mind you, it wasn't comparable to what i was raised on, but I still did it, especially with fish and sea food in moderation.

Anyways, what can I do here to help me get my lucidity back and get my self to project?  I have watched the astral quest videos, read numerous board postings and surfed the net or books and information on what to do and how to do it, but I just feel like I have lost connection since the diet change. 

I don't have any vampires or leaches or anyone sucking my energy while awake or asleep ( i remember my dreams 9/10 times) and i don't have any fears of death, as i know where am i going when i pass from this physical body, but i need to be able to fully unlock with full control so I can gather my experiences with me when i pass, which i think most of the members are also trying to do...I feel like i've just come to a complete stop for some reason! 

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated !! 


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Hello J.R.

It looks to me like you are trying too hard. I think it is impossible to make lucidity come into your dreams, you should allow it to happen naturaly. Also, do you have a dream journal? It is the best tool for lucid dreamers I know. Though I stopped writing mine some time ago...

hi I am on the same page too but I did some cleanin out the body and ,I d;not eat meat or flour or fish,but I think it the body need some kind of cleanin because I try lucid and was aware in my dream an can recall everything that I know even to sleep while I am there  about 5hrs of aware dream so try cleanin the body. 

I am starting to think that perhaps i am trying too hard...I've been coming across that a lot. I do keep a journal though but there is a huge gap in my logs where i am actually lucid...

Hey JR

I can innerstand your situation.  Sometimes we get in ruts or become stagnant, and at times a that block can be self-imposed.  Sometimes a dietary change can feel like restrictions and thus be a mental wall or restriction as well.  The diet could be seen as a boundary, rather than what it really is - a springboard. 

As well, those dietary habits may develop into a routine of cycles, instead of allowing for limitless quality ingestion, we may get into a pattern that isn't flowing.

Do you have practices of meditation, are you active, what are you creative outlets...etc. Just changing your diet is a wonderful thing, but without other types of energy transfer (chakra toning, music, art, good conversation, playing, staying active etc) the lucidity in dreams may become more of an end goal, rather than seeing through experiential eyes and participating in it.  Lucidity shouldn't be a 'goal' per sa, but as health, a path.

Hope that helps.



Thank you Zen Alchemist for the response!

I can see how a routine towards what I eat could perhaps hinder my progress...maybe i need to spice it up then?

I do practise meditation daily and before bed, I do go to the gym 3 times a week and swim at least once a week and I am a carpenter by day, so that keeps me pretty active and makes forces me to think once in a while when i am doing my work.  I do run a couple side businesses which keep me plenty busy and I am always thinking of ways to improve them so that they can finally support a healthy income where i will no longer need a "full time" day job.  Good conversation happens daily with people I meet and my business partners.  I am very thankful for them!

You mentioned chakra toning.  Is this where you hum or listen to sounds frequencies? I have been practicing third eye exercises and I find it difficult to the hum with the throat for long periods of time. I find i start to lose my breath...


Been where you are for some time my friend! :) I can manifest but cannot get out of the body, also lucidity has stopped (or never really started), beyond the last parts of the dream anyway. Honestly the cleaner you get the diet the better for all energy work the blood can carry more charge and you are more integrated/whole with the environment, especially if you are eating local when you can. People dismiss it far too easily as not important but I have more energy and abilities on those planes so no work was wasted on your part I feel. I can feel that energy and integration inside myself daily because of the work on the body, or foundation.


For lucidity I'll start with one thing that worked, that was to leave little notes to myself to constantly check if I was dreaming, or not, around the house. I found the bathroom and bedroom useful, and what worked for me, was pressing into my palm. Actually trying to push through it, which is impossible obviously in the real world but not the astral. Eventually I did that in a dream and realised my hand was going through the other palm, and woke up inside the dream. Thus began the attempts of several entities to keep me from awakening in subsequent dreams. (Part of building up my defensive capabilities).


I don't know if it will help but here is where I am: Last advice I had from a passing astral traveler was if you can't get out of the body - take it with you. I haven't deciphered that one fully yet, other than to raise the vibration of the body and environment around me so high that it doesn't matter if I can get out of it or not. Heck i've heard of people projecting their entire houses so :)

How much of your day are you conscious, that is not switching off to let the mind run things? If your an ant, or hive minded individual for 90% of the day, what makes you think the astral self is any different? For me at the moment I am often unconscious again, doing what I must in 2 jobs at present to get enough to go where i need to go. A conscious sacrifice at present :), these little breaks to write here or read a book to expand my spirit, meditate or do yoga is my release.

However to the point - part of my purpose of the moment to build a place that is very high frequency, call it a high vibration room, or erogenous zone on the planet, or stargate if you want a buzz word. I am thinking a natural mandala long term as the goal for my traveling point, and that of a small group to get community downloads. Short term any clean and ordered, natural space, something simple and grounded. I.E get out of the house, and try projecting outside, near a stream perhaps, water helps your connection to spirit in a very direct sense. Your spirit may simply be too big for where you are trying to take it in a metal building, which is just a field of death to life.

Another stumbling block for me at the moment is -  It takes a heavy detox, heavier than the 6 month mms cleanse I did last year, and for me I am realising its the ears that are the cause believe it or not, as well as a few of the stomach organs around the upper ribs which can ache when powered up high enough. I have found no method for cleansing the inner ears, beeswax candles are supposed to do it, but the first treatment hasn't stopped the ringing which crashes your frequency if it gets too high or a decent signal/download. (Inner ear work). Revealed to me as a small growth near the inner ear.

Anyway I hope some of that helped :)



these are very interesting points! i am glad you shared this with me.  I actually have a stream behind where i live and it's starting to get warmer out, so I have been toying with the idea of trying to project outdoors...it's also cottage season so, so that's always a great way to get away from the concrete jungle...it's so relaxing over there!

As far as actually getting out of the house, my condo building has a sauna which fits 3 people max, but it never gets used, so i found my self actually meditating and trying to project as well trying to do 3rd eye exercises in there as it's dim light or dark if i want, it's quiet and completely away from anyone.

As far as how much i am conscious through out the day? Id say almost all day except when i hit the gym, sauna or right before bed, my mind goes blank and i just let go.  otherwise i am always thinking...I liked the idea of leaving notes and such, reminds me again of self programming/affirmations but i never thought of using those for projecting.  I am actually going to start that up again! 

Thank you for all the tips !!

Etherium Gold will probably help. It also did for me, it at least gave me crystal clear dreams for 6 months till they went blank. I recommend trying it :). Alpha brain is the new one people are saying is worth a look at, I haven't used it myself.

Hmm what else.

Have a ready of astral dynamics and practice some body awareness, whether that is moving Chi, Kundalini work, working with crystals or doing Kung Fu, whatever works for you :).

Can you feel your finger tips right now without trying? Can you bring the awareness through your body, can you separate the mind from the body enough to do that?

I have read and searched a little about the Etherium Gold, but i have mixed feelings about it, mostly about "forcing" or speeding up the learning curve.  It's very interesting but i need to do more research first to feel comfortable with the idea of taking a supplement of some sort.

Perhaps i should get some DMT :) ill look into the PDF tonight before bed.

As far as feeling my individual body parts without really trying, yes i am able to do that..but it took along time!

Hello J.R.

I have found on my personal journeys in expansion that when progress has halted it tends to be because I have grown too attached to an idea of a certain level of operation. The universe/innerverse is in constant motion, constant change. From moment to moment there is existing a new configuration within it therefore becoming stagnant can be directly correlated to becoming too attached to an idea or thoughtform. As others have said, including yourself, you may be trying to hard, what I will add to that however is you may be trying too hard to emulate an experience that you "should be having."

Though all is self and we are all traversing the same paths each facet of the journey will manifest differently for each of us. If you can imagine yourself projecting, you already possess the capability. You just now have to get your mind on board as well as innerstand it. The detoxifying your body is for the purpose of achieving that highest quality "signal" for your spiritual experience. It will not necessarily provide lucidity, you play an active role in that portion based upon your own innerstanding, including your self-talk.

As others have suggested meditation helps. Intention setting within your meditations helps alot also. Be the vibration of projection, it doesn't matter if you don't know what it's like. Just be. It allows for your own innerverse to program your experience based upon your own conceptual template of an idea rather than one you may have picked up or inherited. Therefore you will achieve the result that will be unique to you as all personal spiritual experiences are.

I may have rambled a bit. My apologies.

Was a beautiful ramble, glad you did :), Gratitude for my part as well.

No rambling at all! Much appreciated! It's assuring to know that I am not the only one who has openly admited to struggle with this! 



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