After living in America my whole life, I'm sick of the poisons we have to deal with, and would like to stop consuming them while I'm still young and healthy enough to do so. It turns out even the "healthy" food here like fruits and vegetables are filled with poison. Even our organic food is found to be in many cases not organic. I realize other than growing my own food, there is no way to escape our poisoned food supply.
So I would like to eliminate the problem entirely, and stop eating almost all food normally eatten..
I've read of things such as breatharians, who do not eat or drink, and get their nourishment from only the sun, but there is too much disinformation for me to fully switch to this lifestyle.

So I would like to only eat mainly herbs and superfoods in order to acquire any vitamins that I may need to live, and let my body produce the rest. However I would like to be sure that the lack of diversity in my diet does not cause any issues.

I'll assume that my main food source would need to be vegetable sprouts, as they contain much more nutrition than most vegetables, and will also allow me to add diversity to my diet, and can be grown easily. They also would be able to provide calories and energy.
I would also feel hemp seeds would be good for protein, as they have all the amino acids. They also would be a healthy source of fat.
Other than that I feel like it may be a good idea to consume large amounts of chlorella, as I believe its been studied in countrys as an alternative food source, and it contains large amounts of protein, healthy fats, minerals, ect. It also detoxes many metals.
I feel pine pollen will be helpful, because it promotes the healing of joints, glands, and muscles, and restores testosterone to healthy levels. I have always found pine pollen to be a good thing to take.
I will probably continue to consume gotu kola, as its an adaptogen, and helps keep the body in homeostatis, and would probably help my body adapt to these changes in diet. It also would make my body more alkaline, but that would not be necessary due to the rest of the food being alkaline.
I may or may not consume shilajit, but I feel it may be a good idea due to its large amounts of nutrition.
I may add coconut oil to some of the sprouts I eat, to add a source of healthy fat.

What other things do you think may be vital in a diet of minimal diversity such as this? What things should also be included? Any tips, comments, suggestions or feedback? Any other herbs or natural supplements you may suggestion? Maybe some other adaptogens? Any issues you see?

Thanks, everyone. I really appreciate any info you guys can share, and hope others can benefit from it too.

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I'm on the same path as you as a matter of fact this was part of the discussion in the superfoods groups a few days ago...

Just watch these video they aught to help and yes you can become breathtarian, "not that I am one yet" ..It best for us not to think of it as escaping and put in the soon enjoyable work as going on ahead and building your garden, you will be doing it for a reason or taking the extra trip across the state or across town. here is an awesome place to start this guy barely eats at all and what he does consume is nutritional  

I only reference this guy cause he has been straight forward and to the point when it come to nutriment and health for me.



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