I remember hearing you on a blogtalk episode, I can't rememember which one but you mentioned taking baking soda to alkline all day, could you expound on how much to take and how this will effect the body in a good way.

Thank you.

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I was about to post the exact same question. Can you expound on this or point in the direction of more info on this such as:
1) How much baking soda per quantity of water.
2) How long/ times per day.
MMS has the same effect or perhaps better for its ability to alkalinize is above 10.0
I use baking soda toothpaste. Commercial brands (non fluoride of course) are best since the soda is milled finer than regular soda.

Baking soda can be used for a shampoo as well.

A couple years ago, I began having negative feelings about using commercial shampoos. The bad vibes had evidence to back them up:
- Most ingredients in shampoo are synthetic, petroleum based and words difficult to pronounce properly
- The skin is the largest organ of the physical human body.
- When you shampoo all of the chemicals are rinsed over your whole body, which may or may not absorb the chemicals (unless you shampoo in a sink, but it's still getting into your scalp.)
- Commercial shampoos usually require a conditioner to re-moisten (artificially) the hair, made up of similar nasty chemicals.

Naturally I searched for something I could trust, (since not cleaning my hair does not help me make friends).

Take a couple of table spoons of baking soda in a little jar, add water until it becomes a paste. Throw a lump of it on your head concentrating on working it into the scalp with your fingertips.

The natural oil in your scalp mixes with the alkaline b. soda, creating a crude (but highly effective) soap which will lather up.
Scrub for a however long you chose.
Rinse well, hair should feel "squeaky clean".

Since the high alkalinity of the soda leaves the scalp dried out, a rinse of dilued apple cider vinegar is recommended (1 tbsp vinerar per ~1liter water)

Not too sure on the exact science of it (yet), but it works, maybe a more neutral scalp is better... from experience I know that dandruff is a problem when I dont use the vinegar rinse,

Rinse out the vinegar mixture and youre done. Hair smells fresh, is softer than ever.

I also find that by using this method, I can go longer without cleaning my hair and it smelling bad.(rinsing daily with water in the shower, of course) I believe that the residues in commercial shampoos may go sour after a few days, causing stanky hair.

Anyway, hope some will find this helpful, anything to help minimize the amount of Their poisons We expose Our physical bodies to.

I appreciate everyones input, it really helps to be able to bounce these questions off of people who won't think that you are crazy, simply because you want to live in a higher vibration.
yah, agree on the soap thing. i haven't used conventional soap in years. i usually use organic oils for soap. along with natural deodorant and herbal toothpaste. i think most of that old spice and axe stuff smells like s*** anyways
very true Ayzik ! the Miracle of Fasting link here

your welcome Ayzik ! here is another couple i recommend everyone reads Cleanse & Purify Thyself, Book 1 along with the companion Cleansing Reactions Healing Crisis ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ link ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ link colon cleanSing of parasites & Colon Plaque - Mucoid Plaque etc......... this is the companion website to Arise & Shine . Enjoy !
Heya, to pop into this discussion, my add would be to get more raw foods, which are a rich source of natural enzyms which in turn help to get you body into balance and cope with everyday "stress" :D
On the other side they give you a huge amount of alkaline, mineral rich water, which you body needs the most imho :)
Check out this man, hes great:
In general, try to "eliminate" those foods which arent good for you, you all really know what iam talking about...
Another plan would be deep breathing, deep inhaling and then hold the breath as long as you can and most important let it out very smooth and easy <3 <--- Probably the best and easiest thing you could do to alkalize your bodies !
Get a plan and stick to it :) Keep it real and natural.
One Peace, One Love Pascal



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