Wholeness and vibrations to all. Thank you for finally granting my membership, the day I received an email regarding my acceptance I logged in immediately and I found I was tongue tied and could think of nothing to say. Which of course brought on Tech issues and was then left with nothing I could say.

I have been an observer for a long time on many online platforms, studying, observing actions and reactions. To be present at this time is such a surreal experience, a blessing. I don't share much but today I've had an "AHA' moment when events synchronize. When I've had these in the past I wouldn't share, and the usual procession of the mind progressed onward and started overthinking, and such, giving myself reasons why it was of no importance.

My AHA moment;
Perception means everything, our individual perception is what makes, as they say 'the world go around'

Reaction or non-reaction to any circumstance is the gold that we(they) have been mining for. To be everything has a new meaning today. I thought I'm literally 'everything' how? In my thinking I tried to understand through the eyes of the commentator, (I think I get it...nope I lost it).
This is my understanding that through my experience in different lifetimes, dimensions, and timelines...that this is what makes me everything. My individual perception is what makes me unique. When I say 'I am' it is to be interpreted as my perception .
Through my experiences I am powerful and have been powerless; Poor and rich, I've been a victim and a victor. I am God and I am the devil.. to explain, to some I have been a blessing while to others I may appear as a disaster. To go further we can be a blessing and curse, depending on perception.
We are connected as one because all these roles are and have been interchangeable at any given time and that is where our empathy and unity takes place.
Our experience is a priceless teacher and a greedy student. I understand there is really no right way or wrong way exist, every piece of data we experience, perceive, process, and then categorize is the reason for existence. Not to be internalized and remain stagnant.
Any human who has lived and is still standing is a accomplishment in it's own right, because that means they are still experiencing liv

I really hope this resonates with people. With this new understanding in which I have had many teachers to convey this very message in various ways, even down to the most basic, smallest part have all had held the piece to a internal puzzle. Every part, every piece was of equal importance and for that I am grateful.

In some areas I feel totally in sync while in others not so much. I hope to gain and share ideas with all in the community. I don't wish to be a fly on the wall anymore.

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