The topic of going to the light at death has intrigued me ever since I heard the term. Years later I discovered that on the other side of the world you may hear the term differently. As in (do not go to the light.) That odd feeling inside, some deep know and a sensational feeling that there is more to the story. in my mind - there is this questioning going on. Many questions like... what is the light, where did it come from, why should I go to the light, what happens if I do not, can I stay here in the darkness, and create my own light? How can I make my own light? As fast as my mind is asking these questions, pictures come in of possibilities to these questions.. Like so many snap shots play in sequence it is like a movie. I have tried before to write down what was unfolding in the pictures, but so much of it is technical and can feel like there are no words or ways to even describe what I am seeing. Drawing it while explaining it on a white board is pretty effective. I highly enjoy watching Sevan's white board videos - I get so much more from them, hope to see some more eh.

I came across this video about the light situation at death. (video here ) The fluid movement rather then an angular movement. I have seen this in my mind and can feel some truth in this method. It fits the program. In the video he has two different pieces of paper with drawings showing light jumping from point to point. the program moves in straight lines to reach the other points. The paper on top, has much bolder straight lines, still showing the pattern of the program. I then thought about the native american blanket patterns, and rock art which shows these same patterns - Zig Zag style. I have nave really been a fan of this style, my eyes will always land on something with curves, and fluidity before the angular shapes. It is like the draw to even look at it is cause something in not right. When I am on a skateboard or surfboard - I am never in the zig zag program, and the movement of curves and fluidity feels natural. 

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Follow the clear light after dying, after all white light is still a polarity, still a color no better or worse than "black" or "darkness". the clear allows one to see every color in the spectrum and merge them together as opposed to a white light which, and I quote Sevan, "darkness and light were still both seen as wicked because of their ability to draw you back into this reality"

Entering a practice that cultivates and ultimately activates the inner light could be useful in this situation, i.e. Darkroom Enlightenment / Initiations. Techniques such as these have been used by those in the know for who knows how long. I've read many books where they made mention of this, most recently in the Kolbrin Manuscript ( THE BOOK OF THE SONS OF FIRE Chapter 2 ). Check it out if you get a chance. Also check out a page here at the Resistance with a ton of great information:

The book on that page that relates directly to what I'm discussing is called Darkness Technology. I'm amazed that this book is available at all to be honest. The information in it is priceless indeed.

Darkness Technology.pdf, 1.2 MB

A side note: Here's a video of the above mentioned Kolbrin Manuscript being read on YouTube. This isn't the Chapter of the book I suggested you read above ( THE BOOK OF THE SONS OF FIRE Chapter 2 ). This is another very powerful book within the Kolbrin entitled the Book of Scrolls: Chapter I - The Sacred Registers Part I.

The Kolbrin Manuscript - Book of Scrolls: Chapter I - The Sacred Registers Part I

IThank you G33.. really nice stuff, lots of tao books. Is this your style of practice?

Your welcome Michael, anytime. At the time of writing this message I'll say I don't have a style of practice per say. I just gravitate towards truth which I've found in numerous places. Having said that, as I study the Taoist material I can clearly see why it's come to me at this time. You know what they say, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear :)




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