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this is my first discussion post and not sure how many people have tried this, but About a year ago when listening to Santo Bonacci he mentioned something about abstaining from all stimulants for the month of your birthday, this is because astrologically everything is lined up in your favour and if you stay pure you can connect if you raise the oils in your body.

I waited about 11 months for my birthday to come round and do this. October was the month (Libra), I dont drink alcohol or have caffeine and sugar, but anyway I had no stimulants (including sexual) for 5 weeks , leading up to and during the whole month of october also, I have have cut out out stimulants in the past a few times for longer but this time was different. Ive had some anxiety and other issues in the past which has bled me onto the path im on now, leading up to this birthday I was strong  physically,mentally and spiritually, I was ready for anything but during and after this one month thing I was left unsettled, actually I was smashed to pieces, I had a break down 2 days before my birthday, it brought some things to my attention which I was un aware of and am working on now, I had a few other experiences when waking during the night but I dont want to elaborate on them at the moment. My girlfriend also tried this for her birthday and she had a similar experience with some emotional past problems come out again, it was a really hard time for her.

One thing me and my partner both agreed on is that it left us really unsettled during and after the month was over, we had some hard lessons but have both made some positive changes in out life which I think is taking us to the next learning level, within the relationship and in our own individual experiences also.

Still to today I am unsure weather this was an astrological occurrence or just by chance, I feel like im looking at my life through another set of eyes yet again. It could just be pure coincidence also about a third the way through the month I started some light sungazing again, maybe that contibuted.

Im just interested to see if anyone else has tried this as I cant find informations anywhere about it, I might actually email santo and find out. If i cant get any answers about this topic, I will have to wait until next year and try it again to see what happens.  Its strange as our society doesnt really allow for such experiments, when you think about what most people do on the night of there birthday, party hard and have sex. Most people I know think im strange for embarking on such endevaours.

Thanks for reading my experience



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iv not heard santos say that... what he does say though is that during the 2 and half days that the moon is in your birth sign (which happens once a month not once a year!) you should not over endulge yourself on anything and look after yourself well... during this 2 and half days the moon is in your star sign a seed is planted in your solar plexus which if you nuture through refined behaviour thought and emotion has the potential to raise up the spine to the pineal gland and as such raising the krism christos oil manna to heaven the heaved up place of the higher brain mind cerebram ram brahma enlightenment .. if on the other cosmic hand you feed your body and mind the usual everyday crap then this seed dies in the solar plexus womb and you hav not tithed your 10% to'god' .....

if you have the video link to where santos says abstain for a whole month of your birthday can you post the link so we can see it... thank you...

Great work Lucas!  I have watched many of Santos' videos and that is almost exactly what he says.  Thank you for the clarification.  Regards.



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