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this is my first discussion post and not sure how many people have tried this, but About a year ago when listening to Santo Bonacci he mentioned something about abstaining from all stimulants for the month of your birthday, this is because astrologically everything is lined up in your favour and if you stay pure you can connect if you raise the oils in your body.

I waited about 11 months for my birthday to come round and do this. October was the month (Libra), I dont drink alcohol or have caffeine and sugar, but anyway I had no stimulants (including sexual) for 5 weeks , leading up to and during the whole month of october also, I have have cut out out stimulants in the past a few times for longer but this time was different. Ive had some anxiety and other issues in the past which has bled me onto the path im on now, leading up to this birthday I was strong  physically,mentally and spiritually, I was ready for anything but during and after this one month thing I was left unsettled, actually I was smashed to pieces, I had a break down 2 days before my birthday, it brought some things to my attention which I was un aware of and am working on now, I had a few other experiences when waking during the night but I dont want to elaborate on them at the moment. My girlfriend also tried this for her birthday and she had a similar experience with some emotional past problems come out again, it was a really hard time for her.

One thing me and my partner both agreed on is that it left us really unsettled during and after the month was over, we had some hard lessons but have both made some positive changes in out life which I think is taking us to the next learning level, within the relationship and in our own individual experiences also.

Still to today I am unsure weather this was an astrological occurrence or just by chance, I feel like im looking at my life through another set of eyes yet again. It could just be pure coincidence also about a third the way through the month I started some light sungazing again, maybe that contibuted.

Im just interested to see if anyone else has tried this as I cant find informations anywhere about it, I might actually email santo and find out. If i cant get any answers about this topic, I will have to wait until next year and try it again to see what happens.  Its strange as our society doesnt really allow for such experiments, when you think about what most people do on the night of there birthday, party hard and have sex. Most people I know think im strange for embarking on such endevaours.

Thanks for reading my experience



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Hi Anthony!

Pardon my ignorance; but what exactly is it that's suppose to happen during this month of your birthday that can't happen any other time of the year; should you opt for a healthier lifestyle?

What is it that's suppose to happen then,  that you have to wait yet a whole year to experience again?  I think I just repeated myself lol.... (curiousity has gotten the better part of me). 

Hehe! yes curiosity got the better of me also, Im not to sure what happens, I live a very clean lifestyle already, I try and balance my body elements with food and activity according to the seasons, ayurveda style, I just heard Bonacci mention it in one of his talks. As you said, he talked about only having once a year not to waste the oils in your body and allowing them to raise. I will try and find it again, I was really curious also . For me its no big deal abstain from a few things for a short time, I dont have many stimulants in my life anyway.

Hi Anthony, thanks for sharing this interesting experience! I guess that purification generally raises your energy level and conciousness. From my not too distant experience (i stopped cigarettes, alc, sugar, coffee etc 10 month ago all in one go) this may also makes you feel unsettled and emotionally unstable. This said, i am also libra and this years october pushed me also in a very unstable and unsetlled state .. Emotionally i was going crazy.

Right now iam actually on a cleanse and now i feel like entering the next level, expanding on and integating a lot of this. It could be an interesting experience to schedule the cleanse around the month of birth. Guess i will try this next year!

Wholeness brother!

Hi Sucram,

Interesting you had a rough time in October, my aunty is Libra and she said she was a little anxious over the month. How are you feeling without cigarettes coffee and smoke, that would have been tough, it feels nice getting the bas stuff out of the system, I think you get closer to who you are and not ruled by cravings and maybe the parasites the can overrun the body.

thanks again

Also what cleanse are you doing at the moment and how are you feeling with it?

Im doing the www.blessedherbs.com cleansing. Just finished the colon cleanse and will continue with the internal cleanse. I already did this during the virtual cleansing, but since i was so toxic i decided to do it again after 6 month. This cleansing really makes a difference - washing all the toxins off your spacesuit, especially the mucus plague leads to massive expansion, feeling very energetic. The first 3 days when you lower your food intake slowly from 75%, to 5o, to 25% is a bit hard - esp 25% - but eating nothing comes with no effort at all - actually i enjoyed it. The mix of 'toxin absorber / apple juice' eliminates your hunger. Once all the physical waste is gone The second phase of the cleanse targets the inner organs in a specific order and ends with the more subtle like the skin. During this internal cleanse you can eat normal but its recommended to improve your diet depending on how your current diet looks like.

The last years i had really bad hay-fever and some skin problems. This year - after the first cleanse both symptoms almost completely vanished. Obviously, no cigarettes, alcohol, weed,etc .... Btw sugar is the worst of all....already made me a lot more energetic and active, but the cleansing is really working on the root of these problems. When you stop these, it first smashes you to pieces, but then you built yourself up again from the elements. To me it feels like the attraction for these stimulants has also been washed out as well in a way. Some month ago i tried a bit of my pure strain weed again but i did not like it and it now belongs to a different plane somehow, but with high respect it had its time and place in my previous space.
I observed that the cleanse also purifies the more subtle vital and emotional attractions for re-actions that used to drive me like i was on auto-pilot. You stop resonating or resonate less stronger to certain input of frequencies, situations, people, stress. The observer within is becoming more alert and stronger in gate keeping. Of course, it is a process and sometimes, if certain buttons are pushed the crazy monkey is still taking over, but i return much faster from the dark side, feeling overall more grounded and positive. Yes, the cleansing deal is really expensive, but it delivers and is absolutely worth the investment. I am feeling really thankful, and yes i am a lot happier, more often able to maintain in a positive mental attitude!
I should add that i also changed my diet from meat based junk food to well balanced vegan diet, so this may also contribute, but man, the cleanse is so intense and for me it built me up again. 10 years ago i was a yoga teacher and back then i ended up in a spiritual crisis in which i luckily decided to stop this kind of path and teachings. I consciously decided to pause and wait for the right time and energy. Needless to say that this signal was this site and the astral quest show in particular. I do agree that getting the base right (diet, cleanse etc) must come before deep meditation or other subtle exercises - you cant push high voltage through a fragile wire.

This was quite a recap :) i hope this helps.


Wholeness Sucram!

Thank you so much for your feedback. When you took part in the virtual cleanse did you use the colon cleanse from the wholeness store then?

Just inquiring because I am about to embark on this journey. I initially had planned on starting today, but after some soul searching and reflecting; it was brought to my attention (intuitively) that, although I feel physically prepared; psychologically, I needed to reflect on the upcoming week; at least what I can perceive. 

I guess with any change we take on, there's bound to be discomforts. I find if I use 'being in labor' as a comparison (no epidural; no painkillers), it does provide some reassurance that I am capable and ready for this challenge lol.

I have been consuming coffee form the time I was legal to work lol, and have had periods in my life where I cut it out entirely i.e.  when I was pregnant, and when I was not holding down a stressful job.

This is day two without coffee, and just even writing the word does bring back that good ole sensation of wanting a cup right about now; but it's just a passing thought (shoo shoo... move along .... delete  lol). 

Regarding your mention of where you were at 10 years ago -   I can relate to this in many ways. That saying "when the student is ready, the teacher would show up!" - so golden!

I wish I knew what I know now, 6 yrs ago. I would say I had a good inclination back then, but I was a fish on land, with no idea of how to make my way back in.

And.... no ... "you can't push high voltage through a fragile wire!"  Well...you 'Could' try but lol (no laughing matter!).  You know I get so annoyed when people complain about not being able to Astral travel etc; and on the flip side; those that brag about their ability to astral travel and fly off to other dimensions; ironically, these types of individuals seem to think that having a healthy vessel is 'optional' - and often fail to see the connection between mind, body and soul.

Well, thanks again Sucram; and much success and wholeness to you on your continuous journey - Onward ever Upward!


Disregard my question as to if it is the same cleanse as here. I just realized that it is the actual same cleanse. May I ask: when you started the colon cleanse; on the day that you are to find your number for the digestive stimulator, is that considered day one of the pre- cleanse? 

Thats correct Maria. During the precleanse you establish your number for the digestive stimulator. Check page 11 of the user guide re the initial starting dose for day 1 of the precleanse. If it results in ideally 3-4 bowl movements on the subsequent day you got your number, if not you increase your number.

I also rescheduled my cleanse twice this time :)

Also thanks for your feedback. Indeed, Coffee and sugar are tough :) all the best for your cleanse, enjoy :)

"you cant push high voltage through a fragile wire" thats fantastic! its so true.

I commend anyone who is cleansing and making holistic lifestyle choices, it can be tough, and sometimes you slip but you will get back on track every time. For me after my first colon cleanse I was a bit of a loose cannon, very on edge, it stirred up a lot of very old bad traits. Second cleanse sorted me out. My liver flush was probably the worst and I was an emotional wreck.

I get attacked by a lot of people because I have made some drastic lifestyle choices these last few years, the way I eat and dont abuse my body anymore, people  tend to feel challenged being around me and take the duty of telling me there is no proof that doing what im doing makes you healthier and im wasting my time, well until they take their life experience out of the hands of doctors, scientist and media and try a clean lifestyle for themselves, they will never know, because the difference for me is like chalk and cheese. To be totally balanced and have those blissful moments is true wealth.

I was told many times when I started this holistic lifestyle years ago, that I was just in a phase, I would get over it and it wouldn't last long, I agreed maybe. Its been nearly 4 years and my knowledge has developed immensely , I learnt how to balance my body elements, keep the organs cleanse, read my body, im learning what the common cold or flu really is on my own eyes, I haven't been sick in so long apart from when I cleanse, anytime someone questions me now, I tell them im never going back to my old lifestyle because I know whats waiting for me, I was a sad depressed soul and my state of being had almost diminished, I was not left with many choices and eventually woke up, I have a second chance, every day is blessing to experience everything I have even if my vehicle isn't operating as it should because of the years of abuse. Im still learning new things about my body and its never going to stop, 

Does this resonates with some of you? because im finding life is very difficult when your living amongst the so called normal folk,I find it hard to sync with people around me and I get attacked a lot for trying to live by natures laws. Midlife crisis, Depression, break downs, health scares, I think they are all our wake up calls, some people dont read them that way and miss the boat, they want to go back to their normal lifes, it cant be done, I tried. This stuff is happening everyday, to people I know, I drop bombs of knowledge on these people, giving them vital knowledge, to my dismay, im put in a box. 

Sorry about the rant, I sometimes get excited when I write. We are the fortunate ones to be the seekers and bearers of this knowledge and im grateful to be connected to a network like this and hope more of our brother and sister wake up.


This totally resonates within me Anthony! Friends and family still follow these activities which i now see as 'passivities' and from which i have recently unsubscribed. Reading the folks around me i can tell they are putting me in the same box "he is in this phase...", especially my conservative family. But actually this doesn't bother me too much. I was always doing my thing not caring too much whether friends and family buy in or not, and actually i see friendship as something which is not written in stone but relates to the time and moment where i am right now - some go, some stay and new friends are waiting to be met. I always had a very fluctuating circle around me depending on what i was into. In my yoga days i also used to drop the knowledge onto the people around me, but this time i try to keep the energy inside and only open the pearls to those that approach me open minded. I experienced that talking about all this to people who cant relate to this kind of knowledge is like an energy leak and may drag you down. This time i haven't even tried to deploy deeper knowledge on 'why i performed all these changes' and the funny thing is that some 'friends' pull away and some stay interested, observing, even start asking for specific links or literature.

For me this virtual forum is the real family, really enjoying this exchange:)

Nicely put, I agree 100% with the friends concept, certain types of people being around you in different times of your life. I never thought about it like that until I read your post, I have kept a few close old friends that get me but cant dive in themselves but some other friends I rarely see as we are just to different. I tend to have lots of different groups of friends. I will be visualising your analogy of pearls next time I open up to someone, thanks. Yeah I think I have to stop wasting my energy on the people that dont have any interest.

I think this forum is a good outlet to allow members to express themselves.



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