I've been wondering this for a while now, so I thought someone might shed some knowledge on the etymology of right and left. Particularly, how most people are brought up to be right handed ( or maybe it's in their genetics) and how we say the expressions :

"it's alright"

stop right here

right now 

right this way etc. 

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had to re post this, cause some how it got wiped out. My thoughts on right and left. As a child I thought I found a loop hole perception. when I looked at something I could see that one side was the right side and the other was the left, the only exception was when you are referring to your self. Like this when I said mommy my left arm hurts, she said no you mean your right arm thats the arm you are holding. I struggled with this, had to remind myself that something switched. When we talk about our bodies you can go inside, and view the body from a central point inside of yourself. But if I pulled my right brain out of my head, asked you to hold it and face me. It now becomes my left brain.

Same here I always thought it odd how my left is your right and vice versa. hmmmm? I myself am left-handed. My father is one of those that was forced to use his right hand as a child, its obvious in his hand writing he too is left-handed. Perhaps this is duality dividing the circle? Damn "D" words....dang!

In kabalah, the right side of the tree of life is male and the left is female.  I have wondered this myself, how it came about that the word 'right' is equated with 'correct'.  Also, orthodox Coptic Christians and other religions too, separate the men from the women.   with the men on the left, and the women on the right.  however, if you are the priest facing the congregation, the men are on HIS right.  In my opinion, using the word 'right' to mean correct could be a way to deny the feminine, and goddess worship.  And to reinforce and promote patriarchy, and the notion that god is male.  Muslims consider the left hand unclean, and will only put food in their mouth with the right hand.  The left hand is reserved for wiping their butts.  that is why they cut off the right hand of a thief, so that he has to eat with the same hand he wipes his butt with.  Those were my thoughts.  

   And on the other hand. (pun intended) I have heard of black magic being referred to as 'the left hand path'

left (adj.) Look up left at Dictionary.comc.1200, from Kentish and northern English form of Old English lyft- "weak, foolish" (cf. lyft-adl "lameness, paralysis," East Frisian luf, Dutch dialectal loof "weak, worthless"). It emerged 13c. as "opposite of right" (the left being usually the weaker hand), a derived sense also found in cognate Middle Dutch and Low German luchterluft. But German link, Dutch linker "left" are from Old High German slinc and Middle Dutch slink"left," related to Old English slincan "crawl," Swedish linka "limp," slinka "dangle." 

left (v.) Look up left at Dictionary.compast tense and past participle of leave (v.).

right (adj.1) Look up right at Dictionary.com"morally correct," Old English riht "just, good, fair, proper, fitting, straight," from Proto-Germanic *rekhtaz (cf. Old High German reht, Germanrecht, Old Norse rettr, Gothic raihts), from PIE root *reg- "move in a straight line," also "to rule, to lead straight, to put right" (see regal; cf. Greek orektos "stretched out, upright;" Latin rectus "straight, right;" Old Persian rasta- "straight, right," aršta- "rectitude;" Old Irish recht "law;" Welsh rhaith, Breton reiz "just, righteous, wise"). 

Cf. slang straight "honest, morally upright," and Latin rectus "right," literally "straight,"  teisus "right, true," literally "straight." Greekdikaios "just" (in the moral and legal sense) is from d*** "custom."

To be whole is to able to utilize ones brain as a balanced state at all times we are empowered when in this mode and very very difficult to control. we can activate. The system wills us to be right handed right thinking etc, so we will go around in circles like we have one foot pinned to the ground!

If your computer was polarised to one side over the other you would throw it away and buy one that was unified and whole.




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