Hello Resistance Members

I am new here. I am fully aware that we have to attune ourselves to our higher self and the many deprograms we have to go through to accomplish this feat.

Over the last year i been having lots of doubt about who I am. On my way to discovering myself (still am)  something weird kept on happening. I went to religious leaders of various church and asked them to pray for me, every time they do that they keep on ended up speaking in tongues and coming out of it and say they never experienced something as powerful as what they did whilst praying for anyone like they did me.

I went to a few healers who said they were powerful enough to connect me to my higher self, but they too experienced some things they never experienced before. One said that the experience they had with me was only known to happen to a few types of people of high mystic power, its written in ancient text. I left confused.

Lastly, I have been contacted by someone on my whatsapp who calls themselves "Messenger". This person claims to have seen me in the future in which I was apart of a group of beings that were sent to this planet. Apparently 7 of us were sent here. In this astral reality "Messenger" saw me boarding a craft (space craft). Smiling back at him/her.

Ever since interacting with "Messenger" on the topic, I have been dreaming of me having powers to control the planet, air, birds etc In-fact it was "Messenger" who introduced me to this website. Where I feel I have found like minded people. These dream has lead me to interdenominational travel, fighting whole group species in which I lock some in a phantom matrix of some sort, to coming to Earth being blinded of a life prior to my incarnation to this body. 

I don't know if this is ego or a reality because I am far from knowing who or what I am,

So I want to ask, just how do I contact my higher self, how do I project myself to a astral reality that someone else has seen of me and how do I remember exactly who I am and what I was sent here for?

Sorry for long winded approach thought I give you all the back ground.


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