After doing a bit of reading into the Code of the Matrix and Codex Magica, where are we left on the spectrum of good and evil?

It seems like the knowledge we seek to defend ourselves is resulting in us delving into the use of "Serpent Power" and other "magics" that result in people, without meaning to, evoking the devil's power and challenging god. But what are we to do? Put all of our faith in the belief that Jesus will lead an army of angels to our rescue after the world has been unified under a satanic order and those who do not succumb to the will of Satan will have their families punished an murdered?

When are we crossing the line of knowledge and "becoming gods?" Is it acceptable to be able to transcend into different planes of existence and communicate with these beings which are in god's realm?

Personally, I do not belong to any faith, but I DO believe that there are forces of good and forces of evil which are beyond our realm of understanding, which we attempt to understand and many say that they do, but may be mislead, as those of satanic orders (But to a lesser extent...maybe).

These are just some questions that have been aroused in my mind. I'm fairly certain that there is no true answer, I'd just like to get everyone's opinion on the matter.

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"Put all of our faith in the belief that Jesus will lead an army of angels to our rescue after the world has been unified under a satanic order and those who do not succumb to the will of Satan will have their families punished an murdered?"

That is one of the worst things to do just about all here at the Resistance agree We are who We are waiting on.

When looking at the world and all its life forms you see how vast it truly is. When you weigh yourself against the population the true question has to be asked "what do you deserve". This is actuality. From that point you should look at everything around again. Look at what you have been given, and determine have you make the best of it, not the comment "my best" but truly your best.

Tell me the scenario that you have encountered when you could say you did your best. This of course being beyond your limits even if for that span of time only. In this situation you went beyond the brink to accomplish. Now ask yourself are you doing that with your Activation process? All of what you see can be just more reasons on why you need to pursue the higher states by what you know is effective. Matters not what man believes in its what really has effect? Camp fire tales are for children and they are amusing.

Matrix still means womb, to leave the Matrix is to leave the womb. The attitude of not figuring out how to forge ones Path for oneself and behaving needy for some external force to assist is indeed one who wants to remain in MA, suckling. Let it be clear there is nothing wrong with this, to say such things would be to constantly go about in a dank perspective as it is obviously a necessary phase or it simply would not be happening. I can never say it enough "The first step to Innerstanding the Most High is to Innerstand that it is allowing all of this to go on.

This faction, the Resistance, however is catered to those who breach boundaries to realize the magnitude of what we are. At minimum to find out why we are here. We approach it strong and tireless because we know to give up is to still mean to have to start again at some point. If not this life then the next. This is a major time for Our Species never have so many been more confused. All preconceived truths have become illusions. Most of us 10 years ago believed in something that we have discovered to not exactly have our best interest in mind. The root of this is in the church and all subsidiaries of it. Now we have something to do. Look at David Icke and some of these men and women that have been in it for 20 years and just seeing results, endurance they have. Hold steady Inner Being We are here with you, We can see it getting stronger, that is a fact.
I see where you're coming from. There's a part of me that sees the world as the human race's oyster, filled with knowledge for us to indulge in if we ever so choose to seek this knowledge. But I have this socialized instinct from what I've learned to not rule out the possibility of Yahweh being a god who may offer salvation.

""The first step to Innerstanding the Most High is to Innerstand that it is allowing all of this to go on."

You've got an excellent point there. Also about the importance of doing my best, which I definitely have not been. Actually having found a network of people which openly share knowledge will help me to "Innerstand" spirituality on a level which i haven't been able to attain previously.

Ayzik- I have definitely been working on mindfulness, as I have a few stressors in my own household and I have found that the best way to live with the problem is to live in the moment and not really dwell on it.
There is no Church. There is no Jesus, anyway not the way the Church says there is. There certainly will not be any army of angels coming down to count your sins and good deeds and pat you on the back or throw you in the fire.

My personal opinion is that you'd be much better off leaving all those words out of your vocabulary, if you want to ask more useful questions.

Are some men more "enlightened" than you simply because they have a building, some books, crosses and some robes ? I say they are about as effective in helping you, as a McDonalds or Coca Cola commercial. And they are looking out for your interests about the same as well :)

Good and evil may or may not be good words to use as well. I like Bashar's definitions of these. Positive force elevates, integrates and brings together. Negative force disempowers, divides and brings apart.

Obviously churches, states and many other institutions are focused on bringing people apart and setting clear divisions between them (borders, denominations etc.) and as such they are negative. The natural tendency of people is to come together, so it is positive. If you want to be more on the positive side, just find the best ways in which you can integrate more, bring more together, elevate yourself and those close to you, and dissolve the differences and distance between you and your perceived enemies.

If we learned anything here at the Resistance, it is that we are all ONE. For this to work long term, we will have to learn to integrate all energies, both positive and negative, in a workable, harmonious way.

My 2 cents :)



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