Wholeness and Balance Vibrations to you all (I love that saying lol).

For some time now I have been wanting to learn a new language, not sure why as I grew up in redneck Alberta, Canada where you're expected to know English or move on. I have Native American blood in my mixed background and in college tried to learn Cree, I also took German in high school but none of them really resonated with me.

After hearing Sevan mention the geometry and problems with english I realized that most languages will have similar problems as much of the same forces contributed to the creation of them. Even though I was told Native American languages didn't have profanity or terms for different races of human I look at the actions in the lives they lived and they too still had wars, and the Europeans easily convinced them to fight with each other. There were already cracks and they just further divided and conquered America.

What I am getting at is it is time to make or bring back a language of light. Something pure that uses positive symbolism. They made new languages for tv shows like Klingon and Hobbit. Is there something on the go out there anyone knows of? I'm obviously no expert on language but how would we create one if there isn't one already being developed or brought back? 

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I have a friend on Instagram that creates the most incredible sacred geometry and he uses what he calls the "Language of Light" for the border of a lot of them. He wont tell me where he discovered this, but says that one can read it if ready.


I'll ask Sevan what he thinks


Thank you Steven,

It is my thoughts that make me wonder, if we were to speak, read and write a language that is pure than wouldn't the effects be positive? I am thinking mantras' for example, if we communicate with one another with this language could it have potential enlightening effects such as mantras do?

I definitely agree, and have been thinking about this for some time now. I think telepathy would be a pure language because in it there would be no private thoughts really. But everyone would have to be at a stage where they are ready for that kind of responsibility, which I don't think we're there quite yet.

Rumi said, "Silence is the language of God." which I also find interesting, as it is completely universal and we can all contribute to silence by varying degrees from our ability to quiet our mind, slow our heart rate, still our breathing, etc. Which is why group meditation is so effective. Maybe silence is the true language of the heart. Because this is the only language where more than one person can contribute to it at the same time and not interrupt the flow, but can actually add to it's measure. :)

I definitely hear you on the telepathy thing though I don't hear you telepathically lol. It would take a high level of enlightenment to reach that I'm sure and I'm just not at that level, or I am and you all just need to wake up lol.

I wonder if what Rumi was talking about is connecting to "god" or higher self and to do so one must be silent in meditation? Just my thought on that.

I think telepathy is achievable but we would have to be on a higher frequency to do so. Maybe I just need to clean up the way I speak and think though the thought of learning a new language with light built into it is pretty intriguing.  

If you have ever done psychedelics, you know how interesting lights are. Especially natural light. (The sun, stars, candles, etc.) Some of the most intense experiences came the night after I was playing with green and ultraviolet lasers and my crystals on mushrooms. I think sun-gazing would also be fantastic on psychedelics, though I've never tried. I think that any photon can contain huge packets of knowledge directly from source, we just need to be open to receiving the truth at the level we are currently at. Also, I hear DMT is the most visual psychedelic experience and have heard cases of people seeing signs and symbols of light, which is then put into their mind and slowly unravels as they progress in their understanding.

And your absolutely right about connecting to your higher self in meditation. The whole point of meditation for me is for my ego to get out of the way of my higher self. So in group meditations everyone involved is connecting to their higher self and generating huge amounts of positive energy. 

As a side note, I believe there is a world meditation on the 25th for world peace, especially for whats going on in Egypt. 

for sure with regard to lights and mushrooms. Would love to see the effects of DMT although seems v hard to get here in UK! Great idea of language of light it would be so amazing if something could be developed which trully assisted in reaching higher self without ego.



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