Kundalini progresses and unfolds in a way that is congruent to one's unique awakening process. That said, since we have like-DNA and live on the same organism, we no doubt will experience very similar body symptoms. I can also confidently suppose many who read this will be knowledgeable from their own personal experiences. So, I'd like to pose a question to those adept in the ole' "coiled-serpentry" as it regards to a specific a-typical physical effect of my kundalini
awakening. First, I need to describe where I am at in the process. I have very recently unlocked all chakras including my crown, and I am progressing with utilizing my newly updated equiptment daily. But, strangely and in opposition to the literature and commentary I've looked into, my root chakra seemed to be the last to open. Usually, the most extraordinary experience in the entire process is when you traverse to and unite kundalini and crown, with thereafter being where the real fun begins. However, my crown was functioning and directing energy well before I even knew that activating all of my chakras was even a fundamental goal. My root seemed to be dormant the entire time, not even partially in seeming, and was the last one that I had fully functioning. How could it be that the energy ascended originally from my tailbone area if my root chakra was not facilitating this, or, even more puzzling, how did I make the other activations if I wasn't ridding my body of all wasteful byproducts from my janetorial work on higher floors? Too, if chakras are partly indicative of awareness levels, why was my lowest level the last to open? I need to stress the fact that I have become
very familiar with the self-direction of my energy and the sensations and abilities associated with such (healing, clairvoyance, astral strolls in the park etc.), so I know that
it wholly opened last, or atleast my body and mind seemed to impart to me that this was the case. Despite the anomally, I will say that I am progressing in ever increasing amounts every day. However, I must admit, this occurance makes me wonder if it's possible for me to be unfolding even stronger and faster, especially with a working understanding of why this occurred in the manner in which I have described. As we know, concerning over obstacles that have already been traversed is not condusive to maximizing the progress-potential now available to us, but this is something I need an innerstanding of. I've attempted many times to ask myself this via tapping source, but it's too specific an inquiry for my current abilities, being not conceptual enough to recieve discernable information about. And so, I'm asking here.

Thanks to all,

Jarrod S

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Much appreciated, thank you!

Thank you again so much, I found my answer. My confusion was fundamental; I over examine things and let my egoic mind get in the way of my true self's natural progression. The awakening of the kundalini is indicative of an accomplishment of self over mind and analytical hindsight is counter intuitive to the process itself.

I’ve had some similar situation going on. I’ve been activated and it seems that my root has now gone almost dormant. Mind you I was wondering if there was some unintentional suppression going on or gust my system remodeling and reorganizing thing. Nevertheless, its sure good to see someone’s when they continue to share their experience more intimate experience regarding the process toward assent ion. Thanks so much

You're welcome! I think it helps both the sharer and the shared with. Formulating the proper dialogue for others to read forces one to examine the process with much more scrutiny than perhaps they otherwise would. I'm working on another forum post about Art and Quantum Anticipation that will hopefully help me and others who read it to grow. Thanks for the response, your interest is very appreciated and is comforting because in my daily life I have yet to manifest anyone I can relate to on a face to face basis.



I'm glad to be able to share in this wonderful process we are experiencing!



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