I ask only that you keep in mind that if you cannot help then maybe you know someone that can.



Everything is now on the line. I have been completely awaken to the total Truth about this Planet and there is not much time for me as I have no fortification and have given everything I have to the Cause. So instead of continuing to write the next book I will only describe here what the Cause actually is.


The response from this post will wholly determine if I will or can even continue as I'm just about alone in this field amongst sell outs (Cell Out = Completely externalized people that have their internal energy or cells outside), draconian sympathizes, and ignorant ego driven attention hogs that know nothing but have been strategically projected one way or another into the spotlight in order to waste more time and Souls. They face no troubles and they are comfortably fat off all the support and love given to them by their blind followers who have traded the Truth for comfort out of fear. To make it clear the Fear is the acceptance of what is really going on, people fear what is happening so they are ignoring it as always century after century as it tightens its grip.


I will begin with only facts. The Moon is El and all the angels are stationed on the Moon waiting for their next command from their leaders Sin, Utu (U2), Sion, Shamash, Sam, Si (Yes) Silver, Mi (Selfish) Gold, Ah (pleasure). It has Jupiter YHVH, Saturn the Seeder or the one who caused negative mutations, Venus/Lilith/Ashteroth the Androgynous Lascivious Vampire, Mars the Warmonger, and many others in its league manifesting and infesting people on the Plane around the clock. These are the oppressors of the human race not the saviors, if they wanted to save people they could have done that along time ago, instead they are breeding slaves.

Common Sense: Its supposed to be common knowledge that the gods removed the power from man and woman. Many people claim this was due to the misuse of power. However, it seems quite clear this is anything but the truth. If people were in so much trouble because of misuse of power why not just give them the power to heal since many people want to do that and then tell them something like "heal 3000 people and then you can have a portion of your other power back all the way up until you show that you are rehabilitated". After all how many people can you hurt with the power to heal? Not to mention if you misused the power for whatever reason the gods could simply turn it off again.


The fact is the gods are not allowing people to unlock the secrets of their power because they don't want to lose the attention/energy, they have no interest in such things. If a person starts to heal their fellow neighbor or teach real methods of how to do so, then people would once again count on each other, not the gods. This is a big energy issue for the gods who many have become hopelessly dependent upon always looking for something to worship and chant.



Further why is it that there is such a complexity in the eastern teachings in order to gain power that a Spirit can simply give you and teach you how to operate on your own, after all aren't the Spirits here to help us? Its all just a switch on the DNA string, I have witnessed this. Once again the true fact is Spirits that are trying to help us get treated worse than the people who are trying to help us and they receive no support and are in constant danger because the entire communication field between humans and Spirits is governed mostly by Draconians. So in short it becomes very easy to make contact with a Spirit that can do harm and works for some invisible hand, but contacting the benevolent Beings becomes an almost impossible task.




Lastly the power is only given to the religious servant when they have been made to submit and be humble and respect the gods etc. not to mention most of the techniques used seem to have more to do with training people to imitate well behaved animals then it does in training them on how to be the Universal Space Faring Hyper Intelligent Beings that they already are.


In reality this construct is governed by the Mi (Me) principle of the 4th Octave. People are only into it for what they can get, they help no one unless they can get something in exchange that will increase them. In this they have become basically overinflated vampires in a mass field of individuals that are doing the same thing. What this looks like on the Astral for many people is a uncountable amount of strings that make up a thick web of tubes connected to the individual. This causes energy to be pulled from them and energy to be pushed into them by the connecting parties. The direction of the energy is determined by the desire. Basically does the person need the host or does the host need the person? Ultimately the unseen hand is using all of the power coming from the human race and many other Beings as a weapon while we are all on this warship with these deluded worshipers. How this weapon works is when they are ready to fire it at other celestial bodies it takes a small amount of energy from everything that is tied in to thus amounting to an incredible force. Maser Technology.


The gods have been doing this for a long time. There is really no telling how long many of the Souls on this Planet have been basically crash landed here under a Trance caused by the pheromones of various plants imported for that specific task from Venus. One wiff and one is already descending in consciousness and fooled to stay as they begin to forget were they even came from as they are massaged with pleasures as if on some type of drug. These plants are the ones you cannot eat and are poisonous to humans, if you really had your third eye open, like many are now claiming, you could see what they are and how many other plants they are connected to.



The Draconians and Cronians have accomplished this same "draining" method with electronics, technology, and anything else they can invent to fulfill the same task, especially T.V. Common sense once again says if the gods really had our best interest in mind seeing the disaster T.V. has caused our Species in foresight they would have never allowed it along with many other things such as the atomic bomb to come into existence, but again they are perpetuating all of this. To make this very simple when you see a Hollywood Star or Personality they have several threads connected to them from every individual that adores them because it is the persons desire and request to have them they can in turn pull the energy from the person. Many of these people have millions of threads to pull energy from and they in turn do it for what is connected to them, what controls their desires, which is already dictated to them in their initiations.

All of Masonry is Connections. The entered apprentice begins by making a pact with a lesser Spirits or ELs there are so many and they keep spawning. If things go well and the person is deemed assimilable which is determined by how much popularity or business venture growth they gain they are then moved to a higher degree in which the same thing is repeated. The entirety of it is Ego based, the person is looking for what they can get and in turn they are used in the worst ways. These Societies play the title game with the initiate this is why the titles given are so grand sounding. Master Mason, Divine Prince, Great Inspector of the East, etc. The selfish weakness within man and woman have finally cost them big time.


The Moon itself is a Lunar Trap for Souls and every religion corresponds to Lunar worship as the Moon is the progeny of Saturn or Saturn's Ship which houses inhabitants such as Allah, another Moon god. Long ago the knowledge of Demi Gods or Ghost Gods was already know. It was also know that they were of the lower nature below the navel or center point of consciousness. On Earth this is the Equator. 


These Beings which in many cases are perceived now as holograms have completed a long time plan to go from Lunar Demi Gods or Serpents to Solar High Gods. This is why God is still a Dog. These Dogs serve the Draconions as guards "guard dogs", "Sar"vara, (3) Heads, SERPENT DOGS.


They are part of the later brainwashed Andromedans that came to Earth a long time ago by way and passage through the Sirian Hyper-Gate. Long ago the Black/Brown/White man where united in cause by way of Sirius A,B, and C. At a certain point Andromedan and Sirian traitors fell under manipulation of the Draconians under the spell of Kingu and his "captivating" consort Venus who knew the science of the 5 or (Dodecahedron World Building) promising them that if they helped to conquer the Earth and wrestle it out of the hands of its powerful indigenous inhabitants through subterfuge, which did include the Black Race, they could share in the spoils of mainly the Crystals which contain immeasurable amounts of stored energy as crystals are compressed energy.


Again keep in mind that Black, White, and Brown man were already united in a pact to uphold Universal Law in this Sector of the Galaxy and only traitors from within bound by greed could have ever accomplished such a task as the Draconians have never been a match for true Suns. If woman wishes to know her place let us reflect again on the primary state of this Grand Being we are calling the Soul, it is Androgynous. When death or dieing came into the picture this no longer was the case Dying or Die means to split in 2 and thus the programming of the Bible begins with Woman being pulled out of man indicating that woman was already inside of man and such terms did not exist before then. The true term in the language of use during that time for the complete Being would be then MAN-NA which is looked at in the Bible as pleasing food sent by the gods to the already cannibal Canaanites.


The secret is water, rain, and dew are major bi products of Souls being recycled. This water is life and gives life to all things. You must now learn to think my people, what else can give life and sustenance to a Soul but a Soul?



In a nutshell this mostly Andromedan Solar Brotherhood which generally carry as remnants last names such as Ander"son", Thomp"son", Richard"son", Robin"son" etc. began to sell out everyone for promises by the Draconians, who are ever united in hatred, that they would be able to generate their own Planet/Progeny as they where originally non gendered also call Androgynous. It is a fact many of the Androgynous Andromedans became Androids under the  technology of Sim (Simulations) which is another name for Sin the Moon.The real Borg landing in France first.


Thus began the DNA/RNA manipulation and the lost of consciousness as these once Higher Beings became debased (Dbase - Database) through the powers of Mercury (Quicksilver) Brain deterioration, Brainwashing, and Confusion (Confucianism) "Bab"-el. A "BA" is not just a Spirit but a Dog Spirit and thus "AB" became the name for their Father. It was not long before these once grand subjects inherited their position as Lord or (Lowered) from their high positions. Know this the God Dogs are jealous, just like it says in the Bible that God is a Jealous God. The God Dogs have an instinct to mark their territory thus they have marked everything with their Crosses, Stars, Letters, or basically Symbols. SIM -BULL - Bull = Force as in the Popes Bulls or decrees throughout the land. A simulation or program for servitude and to further insult the human race they go about undetected.


Now back to the Soultrap. I have no time to be politically correct, democratic, or any of that nonsense as I know the Truth now and I can see. I will do the best I can for you but I do need your help. The only way to stop what is to come is to send out real Messengers that can go tell it on the mountain without fear and with the clarity of the knowledge and experience. It is apparent that the Universe in attempting to prep people for this mission have lost a great deal of them due to the enticing nature of the subjects and gravitational pull of their false light called the Moon which steals its light from the Suns. The Moon causing gravity succeeds in keeping so many permanently grounded.


There has been genetic breeding and manipulation going on since the time you are calling the beginning. The so-called beginning does not exist and there is no one Creator of this grand Universe its all a lie in order for one god to steal all the power and credit for something that it only had a small portion to do with. However the main project by the Draconians has been to build a slave race. Black, White, and Brown man proved to be failures at such a project. They may have served for a moment but realized that either they were not going to get what they were promised or that they even had more power than their so-called Creators.


This led to an endless amount of organizations forming with various agendas. Some to over throw the Draconians to take the spoils for themselves and some to once again emancipate the system to return it to  its original nature etc. Either way the Draconians remained one step ahead as they could watch, control, and attack from their ship they docked in our orbit from a bird's eye view. Marking things with Petroglyphs and Programming the masses who remained ignorant to such things through crop circles. This led to all but the extremely immune to be pacified. As for you controllers I'm still immune to Bliss you idiots and you will not get away with this as you have clearly trashed our world and our women with your Plastic and "Si"licon.



Now the final plan of these free loading thieves has been uncovered. While the skirmishes were being instigated around the world by real Secret Societies such as the Green Gloves in hopes of turning all of humanity against themselves with false causes such as "Peace" they ignited WWI and WWII so that a large chunk of the Earth defenses (Men) where eradicated or turned against each other or just turned back and confused. Never forget 12 Million Germans Died 12 Million Russians Died, 2 Million Greeks, Millions of Polish and a countless amount of Africans, Etc, but who is the perpetrator?




Well the Chinese are the best at telling their own story as they were the official successful hybridization of the Draconians and their Saurian Humanoid Slave experiment which alters the eyes just as it did the Ethiopians. Again all races have claimed some type of manipulation of their DNA/RNA by reptilians but I'm telling you in almost all of those cases it did not take. The "Humanoid Will", which has never been underestimated by the Draconians because it is the dominant gene, which would overpower the recessive Draconian gene. Not so with the Chinese however, it was a complete success and these people fell under the total domination of the Draconians and thus acted as their liaisons and operatives on Earth for the final plan of the extermination of all none subservient races. Case Closed.


I will say here for the record that if you are Chinese or part Chinese, or of Asian Descent which I also happen to be, this is not an assault against you just as the American people should not be assaulted for what their governments that they currently have no control of are doing. However if you are supporters of such regimes and choose not to heed the warning now being given there will be no explanation of what I can type to describe your spiritual state by the end of 2012.



Further a person by reading this has the duty and obligation to assist with the cause of total disclosure in any way they can about what is happening to our Planet. Failing to do so will result in a subconscious final determination that you are "totally infected" and non-redeemable for true life as it is impossible to help people who will not help themselves and think this is all some type of entertainment.


If you do not believe what I am telling you please do your own research especially in etymology and culture. In addition I am asking again that people help me financially as $20 barely scratches the surface. I have received now countless amounts of unfulfilled promises, everything costs here from Blogtalkradio, Ning, Hosting, Issuu Library, Vimeo, etc. they send me their bills every month and I feel like I'm on a tread mill with trying to make progress on starting a community that can truly awake people.


Lastly it is my duty to report that many individuals such as David Icke, Rense, Alex Jones and many others may in fact be remote operatives of the Chinese Lodge of Hong (888) through their Mongolian Hebrew Operatives and handlers using Psionic Programming Technology which speaks directly into a persons mind. The easiest way to tell if this is going on is many of these individuals do not have a complete doctrine which should include nothing less then:

  1. Updated and precise information about the Planet and its history/herstory backed up by etymology and ancient text.
  2. Knowledge of how to activate the bodies higher levels of consciousness and tools to eradicate mental, spiritual, and physical disease such as Frequency, Bio Cell Salts, Proper Diet Etc. 
  3. Many of these individuals are "hording" such as those involved in "projects" they have received large amounts of funding from their supporters and don't even have retreats, help packages, or anything of that nature.
  4. Codes and Rules of conduct for an Awakened Being on a fast asleep Plane.
  5. A real line of communication in which they can be contacted.





For those asking about protection and how to do such things they should know these basics. First Firewall your mind and stay cautiously aware of lunar related activities, cults, and religions especially those that bare the crescent moon and/or five pointed stars as their logos as it is a symbol of their level of knowledge which should not be underestimated.


Stay away from foods that you know you are not supposed to eat, mainly artificial foods as you are what you eat and to convert a human into a Borg is not as difficult as people are pretending, just look at some of those around you.


Choose your company wisely, it is better to be alone then to be with potential agents, you always have the Resistance and those of us here the are awake. I will do my best to keep this portal open but I'm saying sincerely I do not have the funds to continue, I'm sighting my brothas and sistas to help me as the enemy is agitated by my endeavors and disclosures and is seeking by all means to terminate my transmissions permanently.


James Evans Bomar III

Among the faithless, faithful only he;

Among innumerable false, unmoved,

Unshaken, unseduced, unterrified

His loyalty he kept, his love, his zeal for the people.


Oh and finally because some are already hovering over their "unsubscribe" button insisting that I have lost it here is one more peace to this puzzle of the Never Ending Story Part 4 they have most in waiting on the Empress*  to return.By the way a beautifully strong tree can always use a good pruning.


So here is a Fairy Tale for Adults. Once upon a time there was a very powerful Being with the duty to protect all its Brothas and Sistas throughout the symbiotic Planet, a marvel for its time. Many of these Beings were very advanced and saw the future and what dangers would come to their perfect place in balance 360 degrees. No matter how hard they tried to steer consciousness they could not divert this "Encounter".


In a great essence the Universe wanted this place to be the most expansive lesson ever learned a real school of the Universe but all this was hidden within the highest vaults of foreknowledge so it could not be changed.


The Beings knowing that the Earth was also watched with envious eyes from a distant cold Planet full of the takers of Life and Balance prepared themselves for the worst as the Planet was actually on a collision course with their perfection. It was very difficult convincing balanced Souls that they were about to become Unbalanced because the whole art of balance is to Know that you are Balanced. An anomaly, this place had many and it is because of those many anomalies these Beings became know as Afrits/Ifrits/Afriks or African this world later translates to freaks and even later frights.


Now we have seen this kind of behavior before in two settings. One when you are dealing with some type of bigot who is partial only to their kind. Most are not ready to meet anything that does not look like them as this has now been bred within them. The other case is when one of those biotic inclined X-Men comes across the established government. They have already reflected sincerely about how they feel about people with Powers. Again they are using force to make sure they are the only ones with real power.


So the Truth to this Fairy Tale is that when you see what Saturn has done to this Planet and how we have uncovered so much data about this viscous unbalanced Being what do you really think Afrite's were about and how smart were they really if they were geniuses? Can you actually trap a genius in a Arc or bottle forever?For those questiong if that is still Saturns Seal your last clue is given as Saturn's metal is Lead usually used to kill people and write spells as in a lead pencil. Really not future forward. Saturn is a traitor period no matter what color he is he should not be trusted.


Do the Jews/YHVH/Jovians actually think their Hermetic (Hermes) Seals will hold forever under the expansion of humanities Spiritual growth with such powerful Beings on deck? Indeed to kill a powerful human is only to unleash a even greater problem. Learn from this while I'm here, I know my history herstory and I'm attempting to teach you yours, we have all suffered atrocities but a great deal of how that took place will need to be revealed for people to get final closure and then great opening. Lost and confused people have almost no energy, this is how they are ruling over us. I can do this if I can stay functioning I can tell the whole Truth.


The secret is the most powerful of the Black Race was Sealed for a time under Solomon's Seal which is a Sheriff''s Badge. Since you have seen the Diaboli and how it behaves do you think it is a coincidence that so many black men are locked up behind bars? What do you think is really going on? Why is it so important to run operatives everyday on young black males just to ruin their life with a Feline/Felony? Could it be something much deeper then prisons/pre sions trading on the stock market? Of course.


The black man was the Earth's guardian and SOL Invictus - OM the Hindu god and ON who is OZ Zion stripped him of his power through subterfuge and then locked him away. Who's father do you think that is chained in the earth? Like I said the time is over, father time is done, We will Rise and show Earth that we always cared for Her and through chance we became the lesson for the Universe. Doubt it not or ye are blind.


P.S. The Moors are traitors as has been revealed several times that's why they hung the Seal up in their harems to trap women. Arab still means Pact or Covenant, and many have made real pacts with the bad guys, their is a way however, join the side of Truth.


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SEVAN We are greatly inspired by your crossing over, with all our hearts WE INDEED NEED AND LOVE YOU !
Crossing over from where exactly? I spend half my time trying to figure out what people are actually saying these days.

Brother, I sent you a donation to keep you on your journey. Stay strong my brother. These aliens who start to come after you already came to my door step. They gave me 100% disability Veteran check, Social Security and Department of Defense retirement just to discredit me from exposing them. I too have been to the moutain for an overview of the land.  I have seen everything that you have encounter and more. I very proud of what you have done and still doing. Contining, I will be mentality  in thought on the fifth dimension, senting you high frequencies, to protect you from the seen and unseen world we are now and have been in for some time now. My brother stay focus on your journey. I will meet with you in your dreams. They call me THE BLACK NINJA . Remember as you turn the combination to open the locks the genie will appear and you will know you have defeated them. Stay Strong I am very proud of what you are accomplishing!!!  WORD UP!!!!!!!

I just have to say thank you. My battle scars are healing. I got your back always
How many levels or dimensions does this all go . Very helpful message

sharing this same spot Brian, but how and where do we meet ?

we r in the High Mojave Desert CA and practically homeless ~
(Opensala is our art community)

What do you need from us Sevan? There is so much information, that I've not been able to digest much of it, but feel inspired by the intention to get to others to activation to see through the illusions and not get caught up in another religion, cult or ego trip.  That being said - I'm committed to help anyway I can, but have yet to find a clear concise request.


So please. Sevan, what do you need or want from me ?

Everyone that is contributing is doing so with what they feel they have whether that be finances, time, skill, etc. We only ask that one come forth and present what they can do as it all goes to the Cause as many of us are contributing all we can at every moment. We ask that a person look for what is most useful considering what they know so far even the most powerful people still need the guidance of the most brilliant minds, We are forming something as such and we are responsible creating for that.

very well said.  i also know for fact that the most powerful people are those who are aware of all others especially and foremost those entirely content and the iconoclast. including the weak and helpless.

about giving; first is give i from my heart. you should know my heart is mine again and we are more free and more.  can give you some images from the future, and i don't want to word them, they don't ask for words.
i can give or share much more stuff than any words put together can encapsulate or point to.

So, i open my heart to you, to what you say and what you mean and what you or natural glow or flow or the love there is suggesting, now and in all conscious dimensions \/ yosef

Hey Sevan!

I really appreciate and am very thankful for the work you do!

But what considers David Icke and your words about him, he at least is making a difference and making actions about heart words he is talking about!!

And that is everyday meditation across the world and everyday day for different area. And bless him for that! Even Vatican was part of that!!

Link: http://www.davidicke.com/articles/the-awakening-mainmenu-118/50759-...




Love This Post :)



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